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Amazon.com's Acquisition of Whole Foods

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I've been reading articles about the merger/approval of Amazon.com and Whole Foods (WF) over the last couple of months.  Since there's a WF's store in my area, I shop there mainly for fresh/organic fruits and vegetables (when I can afford it) to prepare my meals.  However, this merger gives me some concern as well.  Notice what one WF's shopper said about the acquisition:



[...]Now I am not saying that I want to go back to the local grocer days, because I really enjoy the exotic fruits and vegetables that I get from the big grocery stores. But there is something that doesn’t seem right about "ordering groceries online". Have Americans become so unsocial and disconnected?

I like it when the person at the checkout counter remembers that I like [a particular food] and tells me about the special on my favorite ones. Sometimes the other customers would give me a good recipe. Connecting with people and connecting with your computer are not the same.


I tend to agree.  I enjoy going to the market, choosing my own food, connecting with the workers, asking questions (What are the specials this weekend? When is your next shipment of ?; and the like.)  Amazon.com food automation sounds unusual. (i.e. choose online and they deliver.)


For those of you who grocery shop, would you buy your food online?  Do you have a Whole Foods in your area?  Or is this merger irrelevant because you shop elsewhere? 

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We are blessed with farm beef, chicken and pork. We get veg from the co-op or organic section of the local market. After that I scratch make everything except mayo and mustard and ingredients go so much further than individual items.

Some ingredients are so much cheaper from Amazon I cannot help but order online. Additionally I'm appreciative of not needing to walk 4 city blocks to get the few things I need because they're all strategically placed in the mega-store to force people to wander and impulse buy. One of my pet peeves.

My SIL works in a small family market. They specialize in selling locally grown meats, local sources of as many other things, like honey and veg. And it's a nice size store with decent prices. So I'm thinking we may still have places like this to go to, not so gigantic. It's supported by the community very well. Having seasonal BBQ's in the parking lot. Nice.

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I've been a happy customer of Amazon Prime for groceries for a couple years now -- I love the convenience.  Especially when I didn't have a car.. it's a drag to ask people to take you shopping. :(  And it helps me to be more judicious in my purchases... much less impulse buying.


However -- the nice grocery story they currently use is New Seasons :wub:  I'm not the biggest fan of Whole Foods -- more expensive and actually doesn't have some of the items I like to buy... like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese... all their stuff is sooo fancy... :uhhuh:

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I guess it all depends on where you live. Where I live the "shopping experience" does not really include the people at the store knowing the customers. All the stores in the area are Major Grocery Chains - and you do not get "personal service" form them.


There is a new shopping "mega-area" that has just opened .... well, it has just expanded to become a mega area. It already has Publix, Walmart, SAM'S Club, and Aldi. This is where the a new Whole Foods is planned to open. The town also has a Lucky's and an Earth Fare as well as a locally owned Grocery store that specializes in "fresh foods".


So, I am not sure that, for us, the merger of WF and Amazon will make any difference.

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