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Our Organization: Promoting Engagment and Enthusiasm!

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Evening all,


A brother and I had a good, lengthy discussion the other day about religion, religious apathy, and of course, our organization. So the topic came up about religious apathy and how the organization combats apathy by keeping us excited and engaged. What are ways you personally think the organization keeps YOU engaged?


Over the course of the past perhaps 5 to 7 years, there have been some tremendous initiatives that the governing body has undertaken: In 2012, our website was completely overhauled and revamped. It is now very attractive, modern, and easy to navigate, and we can find up-to-date news concerning our brotherhood easily. But to me personally (and I will keep my bullet points to just one point so not to steal anyone's thunder), the new mid-week meeting is my personal gem that has really helped keep me excited, eager to be a participant, and prepared.


Anyone else? What has helped YOU personally become, and/or remain engaged and enthusiastic?

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6 minutes ago, Phyllis said:

Just loving the study Bible especially now we are studying the new book.     By the way at the top it says ..profile 50% complete . can I become a full member?


That's a good one. As to your question, it appears you are a full member. It is just referring to your personal profile only.

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I like it when there is a recent experience in one of our broadcasts. When a missionary urged others to do preaching work, surprisingly the next day the missionary himself was not present. Brother Jackson said its the difference when someone is taking a lead by example and also by term of office. I search out apathy it means lack of interest and concern. It ties for me to feel that the organization is leading us with such interest, thinking best styles, techniques and principles to do sample presentations, magazines, broadcasting and more each month brother bob :)

All glory and praises goes to Jehovah :) 

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1 hour ago, Bob said:

What has helped YOU personally become, and/or remain engaged and enthusiastic?



Great question!  Well, besides my increased faith in Jehovah and His Kingly Son, the revamped website which keeps us up-to-date on the brotherhood, JWB monthly programs and its' original songs, the 19 new songs to "Sing Joyfully to Jehovah", the JWL app and our revamped mid-week meetings and visuals, along with the audio Bible readings to assist in my PS and meeting preparation...I can't think of one single thing!



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Study. Deep, personal study. The more you study, over time the more you develop a love for it. Why? You learn more about the truth of the Bible. When you study and meditate on the Bible reading, you put the pieces together yourself and that helps solidify the truth in your own mind and heart on a much deeper level. Then you've discovered this gem that just makes perfect sense to you, because you figured it out. Then you feel zealous to share what you just learned with others. Maybe it's somthing that pertains to the friends, maybe it's something that could be used in your preaching ministry. 


Now days the FDS has given us such a fine tool-set for personal study that makes the whole process much more fluid and enjoyable.

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