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Using Colours when highlighting

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I just received my new Large Print Bible. This means I have to copy all my notes from my older Bible. I want to use coloured pencils for highlighting but I am looking for a good system.

When I study my Publications, I use Red for the A Question, Green for the B Question, Blue for Bible Texts, Yellow for Questions and Quotes and Lavender for beautiful/important/encouraging thoughts.

But I am looking for something to do likewise in my Large Print Bible. So far I have used green, red and Lavender but not systematically.


Do you use colours when you highlight in the Bible? What system do you use?


I am thinking about:


Blue            Bible explanation. When there is a deeper thought from the Hebrew or Greek

Lavender   Verses that say something about Jehovah

Red             Things we should stay away from

Green         Things we should do 

Yellow        Interesting / encouraging thoughts


Looking forward to your suggestions and your way of studying.


Gr. János

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Hi Brother Janos,

Some of the colors & their meaning you are considering I actually use, we must be related. :)


Dark Blue - Jehovah - wonderful things I want to remember about Him

Light Blue - Jesus -  wonderful things I want to remember about him            

Red  - Warnings, Wrong thinking, mistakes, errors, things we should stay away from

Green - Green for Go! Things that I want/need to apply. Green for me says, "Go forth Neil and do just as Jehovah asks!" :D 

Yellow - Interesting thoughts, new thoughts, or a verse I want to meditate/research on


However, I don't use pencils or highlighters anymore as I highlight electronically on my iPad or phone. 

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55 minutes ago, UpstateKate said:

Well, you can tell I'm a sister! I thought you were talking about sisters highlighting their hair with unnatural hair colors (pink, purple, etc). 😂 Carry on...

That beats my 'China launching a gigantic weather machine into space'. :D

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20 hours ago, molnarj said:

Looking forward to your suggestions and your way of studying.

Thank you for this question, Bro János. I love books - the weight, the feel, the smell and the excitement of opening a new book. Even so, when  it comes to study I'm a pragmatist, I need to utilise my time, energy and resources to best effect.


I use an iPad for all my studying, Bible reading and personal reading using mainly a combination of JW Library app and PDF Expert app. Have not used a paper Bible, paper Work Book, paper magazines, paper anything for three years - [excepting field service placements]. My wife, for whom studying was a chore, now loves her personal study times using her iPad.


Backing-up all my notes etc from my main iPad to the Cloud is a simple tap-tap on the screen. I then restore these notes for use on to my iPhone. Later this year, when I upgrade to a new iPad, I'll use the latest back-up to restore all my notes to the new device. Again an easy tap-tap process on the screen.


I've just been looking at my first ever study book, now looking old and somewhat battered with use and age. Mother came back from an assembly where she was baptised and gave me a copy of 'Let God Be True' 2nd edition, the one with the brown cover. She wrote in it a scripture: Prov 2:1-5, my name and the date - 6th June 1958. It was a month shy of my 7th birth date. Over the years I've come to appreciate the wisdom of that scripture.


I can see my first childish attempts at underlining and marginal notes, written using what ever pen or pencil came to hand at the time. Mother encouraged me to list important scriptures, using headings, on the blank pages at the very end of the book. None of these, and all the subsequent notes made in the many books and Bibles I've used over the years, would be transferable without the laborious and time consuming process of hand copying - a chore I never attempted.


Okay, iPads may or may not be around for long in the New World, but for now many of us are taking full advantage of these electronic devices to make best use of our time and energy resources.


You seem to be a studious brother and you have worked out a method of keeping notes that suits you.


It's good for us all to keep in mind whatever means we use, notes are a means not an end: Prov 2:10 remains true whether we use paper, iPad or an combination of the two. '...wisdom shall come into your heart and knowledge be delicious to your soul.' - Byington. long may you

enjoy the feast!


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5 hours ago, DavidMc said:

Okay, iPads may or may not be around for long in the New World, but for now many of us are taking full advantage of these electronic devices to make best use of our time and energy resources.

Will be interesting in the New World to find out how Noah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah. . . etc highlighted their scrolls ( chalk or charcole maybe?)

. . . . I don’t think their scrolls had chapter & verse references either, so they probably didn’t have to remember to quote those . . . and don’t even get me started on how we will explain photos, videos, films and ipads to them. . . gonna be some interesting conversations. . . ,!!??

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