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I learnt something the other day, I want to share with you all.

This, of course will be old news to those who live in Italy, or have visited Italy.


Confetti ... This time last week I thought it was bits of coloured paper we throw (well not we, but people) at newlywed couples. Aaah but the ORIGINAL confetti are in fact ... CANDIED Almonds.Each different colour is basted with liquid candy in a huge tumbler over the course of four days.


Then they are assembled into pretty daisy like candy flowers - made into bouquets or single flowers - each colour representing different occasions like white for weddings. - and then presented. 


I think it's so cool. Makes perfect sense. Conf - confectionary - etti - very Italian.


If anyone knows more about this I'd love to hear.



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3 hours ago, Beggar for the Spirit said:

I would never throw confetti!!!

I would eat it :D

That's where I'm at with this, I would throw the shell husks but I would be munching more than tossing.


Interesting timing Sis, we are planning on a wedding tomorrow,  Denices niece is getting married at 5:00PM, here I sit in a hotel room at 5:30 AM and I can't sleep.


It should be fun. It'll be a great wedding,  Lyndsay is 32 and has been entreating Jehovah for a proper mate, He really came through for her. Bryan is a nice guy. It's going to be great...


There's supposed to be dinner and dancing afterwards and whatever else happens after weddings.  Saturday Denise and I are going to do a little sightseeing during the mid morning,  we check out here and then are gonna meet up with Rich and Linda for some Mexican food in Fairfield area somewhere.  It'll be a good weekend. ...confetti or not---😁

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Yes, growing up, I enjoyed eating the confetti when going to the weddings.  It was normal to also wrap a handful of confetti in a mesh doily and leave them at the tables and /or also  attach it to the thank you gifts.  During the dancing part, the children would go around asking for the ones left on the tables. They were to yummy to ignore. images.jpg.c4c7b9b5a9f9456545f78033b1bfb4ce.jpg I'm sure there are many Italian bakeries that even just sell them in bulk.   Ahhh, memories.

Edited by Vinnie
never edit the good memories :)

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