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The Makings of an Ape Man

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The Making of an Ape Man

The making of an Ape Man was built upon frauds and it reached schools, college text books, and encyclopedias and in USA Supreme Court in 1925 too. Here are some references that detail it.

The Java man was made from a molar tooth and a broken cap of a skull in 1891 by Eugene Dubois.  What is interesting that the following year about 40 feet away where the skull cap was found, workmen uncovered a thigh bone that was a human thigh bone. Maybe a human leg bone too. All of this was found on Java Island in Indonesia.

 Eventually, Eugene Dubois was spreading some of his findings  on his lecture and displaying his fossils to the International Congress of Zoology. Eventually his schemes came out.  The exhibition of Java man was displayed as a life size model in Europe as the “man’s oldest ancestor”. This exhibition was a fraud! Why? This model consist of an ape head on the body of a man! Not only that, he failed to display Human Skull bones in which he hidden under his floorboards.

The Nebraska man or woman was reconstructed of a tooth and later found out it was a tooth of a pig!

 The Piltdown man; according to The Encyclopedia Britannica 1946 Edition, mentions: “Among British authorities there is now agreement that the skull and the jaw are parts of the same individual.” It was later found out that the skull was a modern man and the jaw bone was an ape! The jawbone was “doctored’ by filing down the teeth and the bone chemically stained to suggest age.

The Peking man’s news was made around the world. It was supposed to be a man that existed 360,000 years ago. It bones was found along with 14 skulls, 12 lower jaws and 150 teeth It was later found out that his bones were find not far from the bones of modern man too. At was later suggested that the Peking man and perhaps of the Java man, were living beside each other in that area Choukoutien. People was known eating brains as a delicacy in that region in China.

 The Neanderthal Man was based upon a finding of a deformed skeleton and thought was a bent over Ape Man. Eventually, they found out this Ape Man was a man that had arthritis!! Where is the Ben Gay when you need it?

 So, it comes down to and that is Satan cannot built an Ape Man. He used his dupes of trying to build one and came out frauds! Satan has blinded others to see it and doing a good job of do this. Through schools and higher education, he wants people to think that we came from “Hairy Ding Dong Apes” in which it is so stupid to comprehend.


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That's how I've often seen these findings. One woman I know laughed at me when I said "some of these skeletons could just be deformed people, with years of estimate added to them, just because of a "label" attached to them". I followed with "if you took someone with dwafism today, and they died... then mankind in a thousand years or so digs them up, rest assured they will claim it's some evolutionary ancestor species which we developed from, or developed into."


And look at what we have here, exactly that same type of proccess.



And to think... these are "scientists" who "should" be above lies. I even had an evolutionist say to me "we have no need of lies, we just record facts, the science world would go nuts if someone proven evolution wrong! It would be a fantastic discovery that would open doors" and yet.. look at the story in the OP of this thread... clearly this is not the case.


Science at "one time" was about the discovery of truth, not the creation and forcing of a religious doctrine. But as I've wrote before (and is a point in a book I've been working on a little), all things found today are viewed in the lens and framework of evolution. When something contradicts it, they try to "force it" into the context (even when it makes contradictions in other findings, so long as it doesn't contradict the core teaching and belief of macro evolution it's self), rather than considering the entire context might be wrong altogther, as the "macro evolutions" are purely a figment of the imagination, it's never been seen in "any form" whatsoever.


Evolutionary Science is just another religion now.

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