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Ashwagandha Supplement

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I use alternatives a lot.  I recently got some Ashwagandha supplements which are said to be good for stress.  I have a lot of it right now due to dealing with the affairs of an unbaptized relative outside my household.  Anyway, Ashwagandha is said to helps you handle stress better.  It's supposed to be subtle.  I've only taken it a few times so I can't say I feel anything physically. I will have to take it consistently and see how I deal with stress. 


Ashwagandha  is also said to help with adhd, emotional related issues.


I have seen major changes in my 17 year old daughter's mood/energy level last week when I had her take it.  She (I'll call twin 1) and her twin (I'll call twin 2) was diagnosed with ADHD as toddlers and were on the medication called Concerta for a little less than a year.  She (twin 1) complained her heart was hurting and they were like zombies not their bubbly selves.  They ran a lot of test and could not find anything wrong with her heart.  We had them take them off the medication and I used a few supplements and diet to help them as they were growing up.  As they got older they don't take anything for adhd and I try to encourage them to eat right (limited junk food and eating fast food).  Her twin (twin 2) has blossomed into a social butterfly but she  (twin 1) is a little shy and shows some mood/emotional issues and has poor sleep habits.  She has started to like being by herself more and needs to sleep during the day a lot.  


Well last week something (twin 1) experienced and said after drinking a caffeine drink from starbuck for the first time caused me suggest she take 1 Ashwagandha capsules daily (1/2 the recommended dosage) to see how she felt.  Caffeine can be mood altering I explained and it may help with energy also.  She took it and boy the next day did we get a new person in the home.  She  (twin 1) was bubbly, talking a lot and was around us more and had lots of energy.   After a few days I told her to try 2 Ashwagandha capsules as it was the recommended dosage on the bottled.  Taking 2 was too much as she had trouble falling alseep.  I also noticed it helped with her attention.  She was also giving well thought out researched comments at the meetings whereas before her comments were brief and sometimes she'd stumble on the words.


Yesterday and today she (twin 1) was back to being moody, sleeping late, and snapping at her twin (in her defense twin 2 can be annoying sometimes and she's overly bubbly and overly talkative all the time🤣).  I asked her (twin 1) "did you take your supplement" today.   She said "no".  She also said she didn't take it yesterday.  We told her we can tell. 😟  I explained that the Ashwagandha seems to helps her with energy and balances her mood so she needs to take it everyday. She said she would.  


Seeing her success I'm going to go back and try it for stress.  I'm going to be consistent and see how I do with stress. 

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I take ashwagandha daily and have for approx a year. I read that it's cumulative in your system so I'll continue. I used to get very stressed when I heard my husband's car pulling up after work. Not so anymore! Amazon has lightening deals on the one I take . It gets good reviews and it's very cheap that way. 



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