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Football matches

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Hello I need advice I got my meeting last Sunday but also I feel like am Being distracted by entertaiment but especially football I went to a certain team Last week to see them win the league but I feel am going over my head was even thinking of getting a season ticket for next season but it can feel like your putting first ahead of Jehovah even got a ticket for a cup final but I feel it Will take over my worship of Jehovah as you can pretty much worship a football team and allow it to become your God I have to make sacrifices?any advice





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Matt 5:30 comes to mind.


Each is us may have our own weakness that Satan will exploit. For me it was time spent on programming computer games and working out problems with the new technology (it was new back when I was younger) .

I remember sitting in the mid-week meeting working out a payroll problem in my head for a large company.

I realised that I had to do something.

Spiritual things were now in second place. This is what you may be experiencing as well. The zeal for your team should not exceed the zeal for your God.

For me, I walked away from the industry and I didn't touch a computer for 10 years.

If you can set boundaries to control it, that would be good. Give spiritual things priority. Then allocate a specific amount of time to your hobby.

For me, I could not control it. I had to walk away. I still enjoy it now, but I have learned to control it. It took many years before I could ease back into it. Matt 5 helped me.


Just Older





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Dear brother, I can understand you very well, as I feel similar about football:




However, I try hard to keep football in its place and always Jehovah and our meetings first. I watch every match of FC Barcelona on TV (and some of them live in the stadium 😉), but when the match is at the same time as a meeting, there is no question where I will be.


Also,  as we have our midweek meetings on Wednesday, I often miss the champions league matches (or at least most of the 1st halftime) which I really love to watch. But theocratic items obtain priority. 

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Hi Lee,


Myself and other brothers I know have attended some games at the stadiums over the years. But we never have bought season tickets, we just selectively go to specific games that we feel will be very good. If we bought season tickets, we would feel more compelled to attend more games since we had already spent the money buying season tickets. Plus, with season tickets, you have purchased tickets to some games that normally you would not care to see, such as teams that are at the very bottom of the standings.


But 1 of the most important reasons we have never bought season tickets is because we feel the same as you, "I feel it Will take over my worship of Jehovah". Many brothers enjoy sports and have favorite teams, but it can be addicting if we get too involved. There are whole-souled sports fans, but we are trying to be whole-souled to our Father Jehovah. And here are some good principles that are helpful to us who enjoy sporting events:


*** g 6/12 p. 25 EURO 2012—A Historic Event ***
A Balanced Viewpoint
Sadly, many spectators take their interest in sports to an extreme. “My life is less happy and less fulfilled if my [soccer] team is doing badly,” states one fan. “I honestly believe that if nuclear war [were] a distinct possibility, my biggest worry would be if the next weekend’s matches would be affected.”
By contrast, consider the balanced view of recreation that we find in an ancient book of wisdom—the Bible. It acknowledges the value of wholesome diversion in life, stating that there is “a time to laugh . . . and a time to skip about.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-4) The Bible also encourages moderation. (1 Timothy 3:2, 11) Thus, when deciding what to center our lives on, we are wise to follow the Bible’s advice to “see the difference between what is important and what is not” and then to “choose what is important.”—Philippians 1:10, Easy-to-Read Version.


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Tomorrow, we are going to watch the Champions league final in a pizzeria with almost 2 dozens of friends... I think that's the first time I'm going to watch a football (soccer :D for americans) match since... world cup last year maybe.

Anyway, the goal is to spend some nice relaxing time with the friends (and eat pizza) :D 

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