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Ok, it's that time again, Eurovisionphiles!


Australia is again in the mix, and the location is Tel Aviv (also non-European), and Madonna is going to perform.  A real global event now.


Here's a question I've been pondering.... How does Eurovision work from Israel on the Sabbath?  There's been some "interesting" ways to work around this, and fulfill the Torah's requirements with the Rabbi's blessing.


Located in the Israeli settlement of Alon Shvut in the West Bank, the institute works with both scientists and rabbis to create everything from medical devices to ballpoint pens that can be operated without human intervention.

"In Jewish law, what counts most is not the result but the path you take to achieve it," they explain in a video report on their website.


Enjoy!  https://www.euronews.com/2019/05/09/eurovision-song-contest-2019-takes-place-around-shabbat-how-will-this-work-in-tel-aviv

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2 hours ago, hatcheckgirl said:

Have you checked out the line-up?
Any favourites yet?  

Who is the act to watch out for?



My Eurovision season began from the begining of April, but probably I listened to these songs too much that now I need to rest a little bit... But nevermind, it's always a good time for me while waiting for Eurovision!


So, what's my favourites... I can name the one and only favourite no more, but can name a few of them (not from the biggest to least favourite):

  • Sweden. That gospel vibe... Very catchy and upbeat song that I could listen every time. By the way, I didn't like the studio version really, because there is used so much auto-tune and I personally can't feel the energy from the singer. Live version is much better!
  • Russia. I love epic songs like this, and Lazarev has a really strong voice for that. Live singing is fantastic!
  • North Macedonia. Very strong and emotional song and lyrics. Very good singer also.
  • Armenia. Such an angry and energetic song, and I like that atmosphere.
  • Azerbaijan. I love that most because of the instrumental and melody. Just wow! There are 2 of 6 producers (Borislav Milanov and Trey Campbell) which also composed or contributed in producing of last year's "Bones" (Bulgaria, they sang aswell) and 2017 "Beautiful Mess" (also Bulgaria) and I just loved both songs because of instrumental. Really dark, deep style, so good production, just perfect for me! 
  • France. Again, good production musically and beautiful voice.
  • Hungary. Nice lyrics, so refreshing and relaxing song.
  • Italy. I know, there is one F-word, as I checked translation to English, but overall, it's song with meaning, with emotions, not just typical song about nothing.
  • Romania. Simillar to Azerbaijan, most like the melody and the style, but don't forget the voice, it's really good!
  • The Netherlands. At first time listening this, it appeared me like a mediocre song, and I couldn't understand why so many people are just loving and praising it. Now, I like it more, certainly, but not my most favourite. And lyrics, so meaningful!


What about Lithuania? Meh... I guess it's not going to qualify to the final, and I was really dissapointed watching the national final because my favourite was singer Monika Marija with the song "Light On" and I thought that could be better option in Eurovision just because of her voice and lyrics of the song. But let it be, what to do now...


So, it's my talk :D What about you, Lucy? Australia's entry it sooo interesting and unique, and... What a staging! Woow!



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Oh Wow! Irmantas you gave a great rundown.  I didn't even think of looking at the musicality of the acts like you did.  For me it's the voices and the overall performance.  From memory, Finland and Romania I liked the most.  Not sure if they're winning material.  Big no to Iceland.  Weird, just weird.  I have to re-watch the contestants again from your point of view.

As for Australia, she is an opera singer, but this is more popera.  But I don't really go for this sort of music either.


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1 hour ago, Dages said:

No comment about France... Sorry about that thing :D 

Oui, tant pis!  Thought it might be a reasonable song.... til I saw the video clip 😱


First Semi-Final complete.  Spoiler!


These countries made it through to the final:
Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, San Marino, Slovenia and Australia


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United Kingdom never win now 😥


Ok nationalism put aside 😉 its weird how countries always vote for certain other countries and Eurovision has certainly become a show less liked in the Uk.


I love it personally and my all time favourite song was from Azerbaijan singers Ell and Nikki "Running Scared" !


I also liked the Latvian entry a few years ago "Wolves of the sea" cannot believe that didnt win 😣

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