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Which Biblical Name You Would/Would Not Like to Give Your Children

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Inspired by some Bible rea..err..listening at Exodus and 1 Samuel as well as considering that many Witnesses give their offspring names that have roots in the Bible, I decided to start this topic. Also, in some cultures people's names consist almost exclusively of biblical origins/thoughts (= cultures where names actually mean something).

Can you come up with names you WOULD or WOULD NOT want your children to have?

I've met briefly one lad called Mor′de·cai, and I know of a family who gave their son name Ma·nas′seh, but as for names that do not have such a positive clang in my ears... :coffee:



Jan′nes and/or Jam′bres (okay, Egyptian names :detective:)


Previously I did think that should I ever become a father, Daniel's a pretty good name to combine with names from male relatives, but unfortunately now I connect 'Daniel' to one fairly inactive brother :surrender:

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I named my son Michael, and if I had another son, I had planned on naming him Samuel. I wanted to name my daughter Hannah, but my husband vetoed it, lol.

Boys names from the Bible I like:







Girls names from the bible I like, I'll have to think on that. Hannah though is probably my favorite.

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My youngest son's name is Kaleb. I chose it from the Bible but didn't tell hubby right away. Funny thing...he tells me one day that he heard the coolest name on TV that he'd like to use if we had a boy....Caleb. ROFL! :D So during labor/delivery he asks what I thought of spelling it with a K instead of a C so they'd have the same first initials. (His name is Kirk) Therefore it's Kaleb with a K.

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Imagine the horror of your child when you name him after the king of Babylon. hahahahahhaha

I find it fascinating having a french biblical names like

Peter = Pierre

James = Jacques

Joel = Yoel

Micah = Mika

John - Jean

Luke = Luc

Enoch = Henok

Mary = Marie

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I have a Samuel I almost named him Seth,I love that name.

When Sam was 4 he was all teary eyed one day and he said "Mom,why didn't you name me John?" I said because I like Samuel." He said "Well I don't." and he was crying about it,so I held him and hugged him .Then after that he named his cat and every stuffed animal he had John ,and he'd write it Jonh...lol...backward. I never found out why be wanted to be named John .

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I had a classmate name Jezebel ( in Philippines, this is a mythical creature, a mermaid) and my cousin's name is Dinah which turns out in later life followed the same lifestyle as Dinah in Genesis 34 and got pregnant without father.

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I have a daughter Hannah.

I would not use the name Dorcas though. She was a wonderful woman whose deeds were recorded for us to read but a girl going off to school these days with that name would not last a week.

LOL! I always have a giggle when I read the name Dorcas, it does sound like a humiliating name, I'm pretty sure it was an insult at school when I was a kid like a dork but with the us on the end!

Well both my boys kind of have biblical names but it wasn't planned, my first son is Jayden, there is a "Ja'don" mentioned in the bible but I think he got eaten by a lion?! And my youngest is Jeremy, my grandmother calls his Jeremiah in Portuguese lol it's cute but I really love the name Micah for a boy and for girls I really like Hannah, Abigail or Leah :)

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LOL! I always have a giggle when I read the name Dorcas, it does sound like a humiliating name

Well, of the few friends I know of worldwide, perhaps that's just the reason why in German-speaking countries form Tabitha is so popular--instead of Dorcas ;)

There were two sisters called Tabitha on the same language course of the organization with me, both Germans. In Finland there was an Austrian sister called Tabitha in the congregation I used to belong to.

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If I were to have more children. That is for the new system though.

I love the Name For a son, Micah, I have some friends with their sons name is Micah it sounds nice.

Amos, Zechariah. They sound manly. and for daughters. I would like to find out what Jepthah's daughter's name was

she was a great example. Jael . Naomi, Leah is pretty. They are a lot of nice names..

But it is said a name has a certain out come like naming your son Cain, or Saul. is not a good thing I have friends who have

named their kids after certain characters in the bible and you observe there behavior and how they turn out. You get to see

why you shouldn't use those names.

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My wife (ex) wanted a name that we could use 2 letters for a nick name, (she didnt like my choice,billy joe jim bob)I suggested Jeremiah Jacob.(jj) when we researched it it means Jehovah has caused it to loosen (possaibly from the womb).

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We were considering the Bearing Thorough Witness book tonight and I thought the name Bernice is nice, but then I read about her ...

Of course, her sister's name, Drusilla, is not a very attractive name either.

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It is funny how we view people based on their names. They could be really good people but because of their names we can make an instant like or dislike for them.

Hundreds of years ago the name Fanny was quite popular but now especially in Australia we would never use that name.

As mentioned before we would never call our daughter Jezebel or our son Judas

But if we never knew those wicked persons 'deeds would we react differently if we met a person by that name.

I had a good friend at school called Gay but you would never use that name now.

Different cultures called their children names that we wouldn't.

We had a brother from Korea staying with us for about 18 months his name meant son number two. His brothers' name meant son number one.

I find it interesting girls can be called all kinds of flowers or bushes like rosemary, heather, but only one kind of fruit Peaches I mean you can't call someone Banana or even Apple.

Why is Willow the only tree name that we find acceptable.

In Bible times the person would try to be like their name . The name would be like a blessing usually something to do with Jehovah.such as Jehovah is with you. He who is like Jah

Hundreds of years ago children were named after other family members.

Today I think and I could be wrong most parents name their children simply because they like the name.

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My name is Nicolaus (we call Nikos) one of the seven ministry servant, or is from “The sect of Nicolaus” which means "Conqueror of the People".

My wife's name is euaggelia come from eu·ag·ge′li·on which means "good news"

My daughter's middle name is Han′nah

Few names from my cong.



Tim′o·thy (the most popular for brothers)


Ha·ra (joy)

so·phi′a (wisdom)

ei·re′ne (peace)

A·ga′pe (love)





Personally, into the new system when I would have again children I will give a name associated with a property.

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