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New World Translation In News Segment

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This is incredible lol

I am very curious as to why they are using our Bible as a representation of passing this Bill. Don't they realize the BIble they are showing is an evil-corrupted-jehovah-witness Bible? lol Speaking from the viewpoint of many of our opposers.

Ok it could be one of five reasons.

0. Maybe these people who put the video together know our history of being persecuted and fought against by the law and authorities and so they figured "Hey! we should use the JW Bible because they are an example of being hated and attacked for believing the Bible.. so we can use that Bible to represent our Bible Class Bill video to show that YES it really IS ok to read the Bible! And these classes would be completely religiously neutral! What better Bible to use on our video than the NWT?"

1. The ones putting this video together have literally 0 knowledge of Bibles and religion and had no idea the New World Translation was our Bible and didn't even think past the point of offending anyone. They simply just needed a Bible not knowing who's Bible they were using!

2. The ones who put this clip together just grabbed the nearest free BIble they could find to put on their video and thought "oh look it's a Kingdom Hall! They have free Bibles we can take to use in our video"


3. They're possibly making a subtle point that "Jehovah's Witnesses have an outstanding reputation for teaching the Bible, so why not set up our own non-religious Bible study classes in our public schools? Afterall, Jehovah's Witnesses are an excellent example in this respect."


4. They used our translation to prove that these classes can be for "anyone"(Including us) and are completely religiously neutral, and see here! We will use the NWT to prove how neutral this Bill will make these classes! We are using the NWT to show how impartial or neutral they really will be. See? Even JW's are included.

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If news producers are anything like movie producers there was a reason the NWT was given prominent position. When they used our home to film a movie the spent 3 weeks with lierally 100's of people each day working to prep the house for filming. It was fascinating to observe the attention to every minor detail. When the set crew came to empty our kitchen they came in with a camera crew and first photographed it from ceiling to floor. Every drawer was opened then photographed while someone came behind them and wrote down the contents and placement of everything contained in that drawer, cabinet, pantry and shelf! This was all caterogarized in a book entitled kitchen contents with photos. This was done to every room of the house! When filming was complete and all their set decorations removed they said we could have the option of having the paint restored to the original colors or keeping it the same or pick a new color and their paint crew would redo it. After this was done the moved all our belongings back in and referred to that kitchen book documentation and every drawer, shelf, cabinet and pantry was retuned to the original condition---right down to 8 forks mixed in with the spoons instead of in their own divided slot! Amazing!!! Now you know why Hollywood gets a bad wrap for overspending!! All the waste and pampering on those spoiled stars. Someone carried a parasol and ran along one blonde starlet in the movie Cellular just to keep the sun off her!!! Another main actor refused to do any filming until his portable gym was brought to location ( we were 1/2 mile from Sony Studios- you think he could have had his chaufer driven limo take him to it during break). But no filming was held up till the semi containing the gym was delivered to him! I have never liked CSI after seeing his tantrum.

So I definitely believe it was with purpose the NWT was there. Afterall, location location location!

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