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  1. Booked until the first part of December
  2. Referring to the increasing violations of rights, Novakov says: "Moreover, if the Court makes a decision on liquidation, this will produce even more tragic consequences throughout the country. Any Jehovah's Witness may be considered an extremist with all the ensuing consequences: widespread religious violence against Witnesses: from destruction and damage to property and attacks, to causing serious harm to health and killing peaceful religious citizens on the grounds of religious hatred. At any international level, blame for the connivance of violence and prosecution for far-fetched circumstances will be vested in state authorities in Russia. "
  3. Zhenkov: "What will happen if the court satisfies the request of the Ministry of Justice? A respected court, if this is the will of the state, then the country successfully acquires 170 thousand prisoners of conscience and a corresponding reputation. If the will of the state is to comply with the law, then the court's decision can be only one thing - to refuse the Ministry of Justice in satisfying the administrative claim. I won't give up, I will not give in to panic. I will wait on my Almighty God Jehovah
  4. Being labeled extremist they are able to be jailed at Russia's convience as well as all personal property subject to confiscation
  5. No conventions, because no meetings are allowed. was already banned in Russia.
  6. No I don't think they will. They were already trying to before the court even convened
  7. Someone want to send me a one way ticket to Russia! i want to be with my spiritual family.