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  1. Sandra, You can make then bake classic lemon can google...Betty Crocker Luscious Lemon Squares for the me....they are scrumptiously delicious! p.s. there are a lot of different takes on making these bar....but basically they use the same ingredients.
  2. If the truth be known....I believe any number of us would mightily agree with Sister Van...from my perspective...we are far from the phase of life where we were tiptoeing through the tulips-----not's more towards the finish line! p.s. With a lot of help from Jehovah.
  3. O.K. My score was 1-3.......NOW.....the questions were structured to elicit answers that were not in the to speak....they were either black or white....light or dark...narcissist or a, there was no third choice to choose from....on many of those questions, I would have picked an answer between most of the 40 choices. Does that make any sense
  4. (Sea)....weed
  5. excavation; usually a quarry or mine - something that has been dug, such as a ditch. pit, mine or grave.
  6. mustard, ketchup, relish = condiments
  7. Forbes Opinion / TrumpsAmerica Jan 20, 2017 / Ralph Benko, Political Columnist & Commentator "How President Trump Could Bring About A Safer Greater World Peace" This whole article was very interesting, but, I am only going to quote a few pivitol paragraphs. "We enter a moment that Trump's many detractors may find paradoxical, confusing and incredible. Yet Trump shows many credible signs of a commitment to world peace. He credibly expresses ardor to achieve deep reduction in the world's nuclear arsenals. The deciding factor in whether Trump succeeds just might be whether the left can tactically put aside its visceral detestation of Donald Trump. Will the left invest its money, time, and street energy to create a climate wherein our nuclear weapons can be halved, maybe even dropped by another 90%, maybe even prohibited and effectively eliminated in the same manner as chemical and biological warfare agents? Working with, rather than militantly opposing, Trump would be better for the left. Yet this end certainly justifies this means. It's not clear that Trump can do this alone. There is a story, probably apocryphal, attributed to FDR upon his being approached by a group of activists. FDR supposedly replied: "I agree with you, I want to do it, now go out and make me do it." Will the American people, especially the left for whom scrapping nuclear weapons has been a perennial issue, now step up and make Donald Trump do what he wants to do: creating a world with fewer ....perhaps no.... nuclear weapons? A window of opportunity opens.
  8. Thanks Richard for the update.