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  1. Very nice scenery for this part of your commute.
  2. You hit the nail on the head Luezette...keep them (people) all cost....that is Satan's game plan...generally's working!
  3. Lisa thanks, Amen!
  4. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your pictures and memories of your hometown...I looked up the Jewell, Or and saw more really takes you back to a different time and place....couldn't be any more dissimilar than the circumstances we find ourselves in today!
  5. Thanks Rosy...this was very informative....and eye opening. Do we ever need Jehovah's new world!
  6. I had a hard time deciphering the lyrics....the instrumentation overwhelmed the words for me...oh phooey! p.s. is that a euphemism?
  7. Reading his Wikipedia page...I found this statement...."documentary film Knocking explored how the (unpopular)...religion of Jehovah's Witnesses played a major role in First Amendment history." It's somewhat weird to see in print us...JW's...called unpopular...I imagine we deduce that...still, it's a bit jarring...well, this too shall pass!
  8. Rosy, found the proper thread for your bad joke nanceebgd...hehehe
  9. I am having a difficult time shaking the fact that approximately (79) humans died in that's impossible for me to just ignore what happened to these folks....just move on...NO, their unbelievable suffering sticks with me. It's almost incomprehensible!
  10. p.s. to my above post.......can I get a consensus, that in the new world, we will be able to eat all the ice cream we desire to eat, and we won't gain an ounce of weight...right, right?..........HOORAY!
  11. I can't wait for the new world...for multitudinous the top five cream in all of its deliciousness...bring it on!
  12. Ohooooo, Jehovah...Please stop this madness!
  13. I wonder if the child molestation and abuse issue...could be a final catalyst for turning on all religion?
  14. Thanks a lot Ben for all the great pictures you have downloaded.....and the messages that accompany the pics are really funny!
  15. Thanks Marcus for letting us know that piece of information....that is scary, for sure!