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  1. That's how I understand that. He is saying that now our Brothers will be free to follow their heart, to find the best life for themselves, to follow a way of life that is truly happy for them and their families. . . . Where's that sarcasm button when I really want it?...
  2. I understand that but at the same time I'm thinking that would be a different scenario. I'm thinking this would be more in line with a self defense case. There was a QFR or something on self defense a few years back, it dealt with hunting and firearms use as well, if I remember correctly. And, I'm not arguing with you. ..I just would be more inclined to choose a section of wall, instead of a window. ..
  3. That was a good read, thanks for the link. . There are a few things in the article that are not quite correct but it's ok. A personal peeve of mine is the 'pacifist' label that some folks put on us... We are not pacifists. ..
  4. I dunno, there's just something about this: (RATSIRS) I apologize, but I must laugh. .. . I guess something gets lost in translation
  5. If you can get YouTube check out some of the educational channels. One of my favorites is 'Smarter Every Day '..Dustin does some cool stuff, and he knows some neat people. Do you ever wonder why a cat always lands on its feet, or why balloons in a vehicle act the way they do?. Maybe a spud gun made out of clear tubing, powered by hair spray, filmed at night, in slo-mo..?
  6. Awesome. .and cold. Thanks for this...
  7. I think there are penalties associated with this, I don't know if Dismal_Bliss changed the autosettings when he updated the site, let me check the log books.. To make my search easier, and to make the accounting officer happy with you, please confirm your email address/s along with your bank routing and account numbers. We also have you as ***-**-***9, is this correct? We await your prompt attention to this very important, and delicate, matter....
  8. quite right, and justly deserved.....if that man lied and got our Brother locked up for 6 yrs he will most likely deserve what he gets..
  9. Oh, don't be shy around here Sis, if you see an open door you should run right thru it----what could go wrong, right?
  10. Not to worry, you can get a tune-up! I found out first hand that radiation exposure for 42 days straight will definitely brighten your surroundings at night. The only issue is you have to walk around naked to take advantage of it.. Some stores may have issues with this. .
  11. True, they do, for the moment, have some rough trials but don't feel sorry for them, be proud of them. As was illustrated once, every faithful act is a slap in the face to the wicked one, the Russian branch of our family is being used in a large way to answer the taunter. We will have our turn...
  12. I do this all the time..I have a tendency to get that a little mixed up.. Actually, she has fallen, we're just waiting on her destruction. .
  13. Didn't know it got that hot, there..ours was about 80F or so, it really didn't bother me enough to be watching the thermometer. It's supposed to drop significantly Thur/Friday, about 20 degrees. There is also a chance of thunderstorms in the area I was casting a longing look at our kayaks tho...maybe Thursday during the thunderstorms. Hardly anyone will be on the lake, I'll have it mostly to myself. ..
  14. Haha, just like the rest of us... You know what? ..we all love you anyway. ..you're family, one of Jehovahs kids amongst a large number of His worshipers.
  15. I have used cable climbers in the past, they clip on the safety cable and only go one way. If you fell while climbing a ladder they would lock in place and you could get back on the ladder and continue, up. I don't know if you could use them for a rappel type thing or not. It might be fun to try tho.. I would rather have that (proposed) balloon suit, it inflates as you fall and you just bounce a couple of times. ...sounds like fun!