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  1. We now have a countdown timer display on the monitors, along with the text...
  2. That's a pretty area, it looks really nice. ..thanks for the picture. .
  3. So, your own personal eyewitness account is in agreement with the majority of the other eyewitnesses? I have seen a few accidents, I hope that I never see another one. Every thing happens so quickly , in an instant a life is changed. .. What was your vantage point when Mz Williams ran the red light? I hope you weren't in any danger. .. Will they provide you with traveling expenses and rooming? I would certainly hope that they would want all the eyewitnesses there as soon as possible, some memories can fade quickly.. As for reading the news, this particular piece didn't come up in my radar, I don't care enough about it to look..sorry. ..
  4. Let's not presume to judgment, none of us know exactly what happened, it's not our place say anything about this accident except that it is tragic. There is someone that does know what happened, let's leave it in his hands. ..
  5. Sister, your compassion is commendable, it's a large part of how we all feel. That is our assignment, helping people flee this burning system that the biggest loser has created. ..it is not surprising that you feel pain at their loss... Try to find comfort in Ruebans comment above and also the fact that Jesus is in charge of the Resurrection, all those poor people have a good chance of coming back, they may not have survived Jehovahs day of wrath. ..they are actually in a better position now than if they survived the fire....
  6. My Sister, this is a wonderful place, very well moderated. Credit to the whole hard working crew for keeping it this way. You will notice, and come to....um...appreciate the wide variety of personalities to be found here. Just like in real life, some are fast, some are slow, a bunch of us are way out in left field somewhere. We all need to keep our Kingdom Hall smiles and personalities firmly in place as best we can, sometimes the new person we are may use a character trait that we are familiar with but don't really want to use, it's a temporary hitch in the giddy up and we all want to be kind to one another. .. Love having you here, have enjoyed your threads...and you, or all y'all, can call me Tim...
  7. As a new member perhaps our dear Sister isn't fully aware of all the ins and outs of this forum. We enjoy her posts and if we choose to respond we want to make sure that we have used enough salt..Col 4:6
  8. Hmmm, almost like 'somebody' knew what was coming..
  9. Oh, no problem Brother..I enjoy the seeing the diversity of the brotherhood and all the comments, I agree with you on the putting up with the government and all that...thanks for posting this up..
  10. Thanks for posting this, I read it here yesterday when it was posted, thanks for keeping it current, we all need to be concerned, and prayerful. ..
  11. Hi Kristian, welcome to the forum. .. I agree, those lyrics are pretty dark....
  12. We have watched it all, right up to waiting for the next season. I wont tell Denise but I did, sorta, a little bit, enjoy it...
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much how I think. . The 'Church' doesn't care about the young abuse victims, they shunt them aside in their neverending quest for money. ..
  14. I think there was another toy, it ran on Alka-Seltzer tablets, I think. ..