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  1. Ok..Ok... we miss you ..come back :(

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      Maybe he broke his arm or hand and is in a cast.  He can only type with one finger in his non-dominant hand.  This would make typing very difficult. (Just trying to think of reasons.  This happened to me recently...I could read but not type much.)  


      I also miss his well-researched, well-balanced comments.  Very encouraging to me personally.  I hope he's OK.

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      @Gregexplore Do you have his number?

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      I'm glad you mention the brother, I missed his well thought out research too, I hope all is well.

  2. Neil, are you OK? We miss you on the forum!

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      No response yet? Hmmmmm

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      Maybe it's because of start of summer? You know...

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      It says he was here 6 hours ago.  

  3. Hi Sister Alexa, As Mandi mentioned, there are a variety of opinions on the issue of "higher education". In cases where there is a topic with various personal opinions, 1 of the best things we can do is to turn to see what exactly the Governing Body has stated on the topic. So you might enjoy doing this as a personal study project or family worship project by reading some of the various articles on higher education. Also, earlier this year here on JWtalk a topic was started about higher education and there may be some references posted that will be helpful. Here is the link below for you.
  4. Hi Brother Dilip, You brought a smile to my face with those cute pictures of you and your wife. How wonderful to hear your expressions of love for your wife and showing gratitude for her wisdom and love over these past 12 years. You and your wife are good examples to all of us! Here is Dilip giving his wife a kiss
  5. Sister Cheryl I liked your word picture! "This isn't my first horse ride on crazy town but I wish it was my last."
  6. For myself and others, math and numbers can seem very difficult or boring. But math and numbers becomes very interesting to me when I can "see" these numbers showing exact precision in the architecture and design of the universe, thus revealing the grandeur and wisdom of our Grand Designer! So here are some very intriguing points taken from an article I just came across that helps me to appreciate what Galileo famously wrote saying that the book of nature is “written in mathematical language” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a neutron slightly heavier than a proton? This article appeared in Cosmos 74 - Autumn 2017 under the headline "The power of 1.00137841887"
  7. Good points you found in that article Carlos about the "Pentateuch as one of the sources of the concept of "innocent until proven guilty", also known as "the two witness rule". Here is an interesting article I found that shows how the Pentateuch or the Mosaic Law has had an impact on today's law here in the U.S. and also shows another specific Bible law in addition to the 2 witness rule that emphasizes the legal concept of "innocent until proven guilty" . (Numbers 35:12) . . .These cities will serve as a refuge for you from the blood avenger, so that the manslayer will not die until he stands trial before the assembly. *** g81 1/22 Searching Out Legal Roots *** MOSAIC LAW PRECEDENTS IN AMERICAN LAW— Two or more witnesses for conviction of serious crime—Deut. 19:15 Punishment should not extend beyond guilty party—Deut. 24:16 Even ruler is subject to law—Deut. 17:18-20 All citizens equal before law—Lev. 19:15 Right to an impartial and public trial—Deut. 16:18-20 Protection from perjury—Deut. 19:15-21 No cruel and unusual punishment—Deut. 25:2, 3 Murder distinguished from manslaughter—Num. 35:16-25 Protective custody for accused murderer, hence, presumption of innocence—Num. 35:12 Judges with high qualifications required—Ex. 18:21, 22 [Box on page 19]
  8. I just looked at "" and it is on sale for $3.33 a month or only $39 a year. Pretty good price. But why did you choose them? Did you research before choosing or did someone recommend this? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi Sister Skyler, We are very glad you joined us here, you are already making very good contributions and I definitely appreciate your good spirituality! And I like this topic about VPNs and protecting ourselves on the internet, especially since I understand that there is a law that is about to be passed here in the U.S. or has just been passed allowing providers to sell our data, major companies like Verizon could be selling our data if this bill passes. But I think many do not use VPNs because of a variety of factors, such as not knowing which are good quality VPNs or the slowness that comes with many VPNs or even the cost is a worry. If you have expertise or experience with VPNs, I think many here would appreciate any further advice or recommendations, I know I would. So thank you.
  10. Thanks Brother Antonio for your kind words. I also have appreciated your posts. You are in Venezuela correct? I was grateful for your posts about the situation there. You brothers and sisters are also facing a terrible situation and you are not forgotten. When I pray for our family in Russia, I have also been praying for our family in Venezuela and also Peru with the flooding. And I know many others that remember all of you in Venezuela, even some brothers remember all of you in their public prayers at the meetings! Please keep updating us on the situation where you live whenever you get a chance, thanks.
  11. We all have a variety of emotions and feelings about what is happening in Russia with the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice. We feel very sad about the liquidation of all of our Kingdom Halls and properties and we are worried about each individual brother and sister in Russia, they are our family and we love them! Even if we have never met them! And Jehovah is glad that we are so concerned and that we have such deep feelings for our family, because we know that His feelings were also affected by this injustice against His own people. But in all of this sadness, there is a very uplifting thought that can be like a beautiful rainbow appearing in the midst of terrible hurricane. That thought is a verse in MT 10 and are the powerful words of Jesus. We may have read this scripture many times, but please notice the way the FDS wonderfully explains this verse. When you read this article, we see clearly Jehovah's wisdom for allowing such an injustice to occur against His own people. These powerful words of Jesus were repeated several times by Brother Mark Sanderson of the Governing Body in the new special video on JW Broadcasting entitled, "Russian Supreme Court Renders Unjust Decision!" These words of Jesus were really uplifting and strengthening to our lawyers in Russia during the entire trial! And these words definitely are uplifting for me and helping me to see the bigger picture! (Matthew 10:18) . . .And you will be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations. . . *** w16 September p. 16 Defending the Good News Before High Officials *** Jesus told his disciples: “You will be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations.” (Matt. 10:18) It is a privilege to represent Jesus in this way. Our efforts to defend the good news may result in legal victories. Of course, what imperfect men decide does not ‘legally establish’ the good news in a complete sense. Only God’s Kingdom will bring permanent relief from oppression and injustice.—Eccl. 8:9; Jer. 10:23. Yet, even today Jehovah’s name can be glorified when Christians make a defense of their faith. As Paul was, we should try to be calm, sincere, and convincing. Jesus told his followers that they would not have to ‘rehearse beforehand how to make their defense, for he would give them words and wisdom that all their opposers together would not be able to resist or dispute.’—Luke 21:14, 15; 2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Pet. 3:15. When Christians defend their faith before kings, governors, or other officials, they can give a witness to people whom it might otherwise have been difficult to reach with the Christian message. Some favorable court decisions have refined legal codes, thus protecting freedom of speech and of worship. But whatever the outcome of such cases, the courage God’s servants display under trial makes God rejoice.
  12. 1 of the big concerns now is what Sister Elizabeth asked: "Do the authorities have to hold back the liquidation of the Branch and KHs until the appeals are over? " Sadly, I am thinking that likely the authorities are right now starting the process of liquidation after the verdict. The Ministry of Justice likely had already asked the police to be fully prepared to start the ban and liquidation immediately as the soon as the Supreme Court's decision was read. Kingdom Halls and the Branch Office will likely now be shut down as fast as possible. I am thinking that this is similar to how in the U.S. and in many other countries when a court renders a verdict of "Guilty", the accused is immediately sent to prison, he is not free simply because an appeal was submitted. So likely the same in Russia with the verdict of this Ban and liquidation - effective immediately. Adding to this sadness is what may happen in the days and weeks ahead throughout Russia by supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church. They may start causing serious problems for individual brothers and sisters, from possibly damaging their personal property and homes to even attacking them physically. I am not trying to be negative, but trying to be fully informed of the possible situation that our Russian brothers/sisters may now be immediately facing and for us to meditate and consider what to specifically ask our Father Jehovah's help for concerning our Russian family. So I know that I am going to try and be even more specific in my prayers, including asking Jehovah to please give our Russian brothers & sisters the "power beyond what is normal" starting today to help them endure this possible persecution while an appeal is pending. As well as asking to help them spiritually as they will no longer be able to have any meetings or ministry publicly. In Court today notice what 1 of our lawyers stated as 1 of the major concerns if the decision was made by the Supreme Court to ban Jehovah's Witnesses.
  13. I am trying to understand how sub-atomic particles like a proton have "spin"? I have come to understand that this term "spin" is just an analogy for scientists as the proton doesn't literally spin like a ball or a planet. Spin apparently means that it is just the intrinsic property of the particle which makes it behave as tiny magnets even when they are at rest. So in classical physics, if we take an electrically charged object and spin it, we get a magnetic field. But apparently a proton or electron doesn't need to physically spin to create magnetism, physicists say that this is "intrinsic" in the particle, like it's mass. But this raises for me several questions and I was hoping that some of our excellent scientific minds here on JWtalk could help me, please. 1) What does it mean that the "spin" or angular momentum is "intrinsic"? In other words, how does a particle just automatically behave as a magnet even though it is as rest? I understand the word intrinsic, but I don't understand how a particle just naturally would have magnetism at rest 2) This statement below by this professor of physics just amazed me, I had never heard this before. So is this professor saying and is he correct that the "spin" of a body like the Earth is made up of the total sum of every single spin of every single elementary particle that exists within the Earth? If so that is mind blowing! Victor J. Stenger, professor of physics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, offers another, more technical perspective: "Spin is the total angular momentum, or intrinsic angular momentum, of a body. The spins of elementary particles are analogous to the spins of macroscopic bodies. In fact, the spin of a planet is the sum of the spins and the orbital angular momenta of all its elementary particles. So are the spins of other composite objects such as atoms, atomic nuclei and protons (which are made of quarks). So any help, explanations, thoughts that anyone could share on any of this would be great, thanks!