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  1. Hosting unmarried couple.

    My brother who lives in Germany wants to visit me along with his girlfriend.

    Do you know best ways of dealing with it?

    I don't want to be blunt saying "sorry mate you both are unmarried therefore you can't stay in my place...etc.

    Have you had similar situation to handle? 

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      I had this same dilemma when my not-in-the-truth daughter came back from Germany with her boyfriend, and here is the thread if you want to have a look:

      I was able to discuss this with her and it worked out well.  But she was brought up in the truth, so she knows my standards.  May be difficult to discuss with your brother, but honesty is the best policy.  All the best!

    3. cricket246


      I kind of look at it this way. If a couple was courting in the truth and a group were invited to stay in someone's house and they were both included, that couple would stay in separate rooms. Could they perhaps stay in seperate areas of the house?

    4. Lance


      Yep .. 

      Don't make a big deal about it .. 

      i always say

      ' we would love to have you and your girlfriend stay with us 

      Just  say we have a couple of visitor rules in my home ..

      unmarried people sleep apart .. and you do your own laundry



      if they find that house rule too old fashioned they can always get a motel ... and they can come and visit you for the day or you can go to see them