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  1. Here:
  2. Download a tour brochure:
  3. Are not we going to have a Bible movie this year? From what I've noticed it will be a modern movie showing only excerpts from Lot's story.
  4. Quote from Sister Poetzinger spoken by Sister Sandra Malenfant:
  5. Yes, he is an excellent speaker and delivered a speech on the theme: "Everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved". He did it in English with an interpreter. He began speaking in Portuguese, transmitting the Christian love of the brothers of Peru, but the rest was done with an interpreter.
  6. Yesterday I took some time to follow the lyrics of various songs, and really, practically all of these have very, very significant changes. The lyrics are much more personal, easy to sing, in a simpler language, maybe even a little more poetic. I'm loving the new lyrics!
  7. I'm sorry, I had not seen your response and I ended up repeating the post.
  8. Donald Gordon, from World headquarters and Lorence Shepp, from Peru Branch.
  9. Today we had here in Brazil our special meeting with two representatives from the world headquarters. And it was announced the released of the new songbook in Portuguese, first available in digital format. Already available.
  10. Enjoyed your playing of Music Box - Song 52 (007) —Christian Dedication - Thank you for sharing.

    I have been trying to learn to pluck the notes on a classical guitar.  I am pleased I have a thousand years+ to  get it right.  I'll need it.


    1. Araujo JW

      Araujo JW

      You're welcome, my brother! It's a pleasure to share.

  11. Would it be okay if I use one of your music box tunes as my Iphone's ringtone? I really love this!

    1. Araujo JW

      Araujo JW

      You can use the will! :wink: ^_^

    2. cricket246


      Thank you! These are really pretty!

  12. First picture: October 1, 2011 Annual Meeting of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania at the Jersey City Assembly Hall: Brother Mark Sanderson conducted a memorable session. Sitting in 5 chairs facing the auditorium were 5 widows. All 5 of these sisters had been married to members of the anointed. They were Sister Barber [Carey Barber], Sister Suiter [Grant Suiter], Sister Jaracz [Theodore Jaracz]. Sister Berry [Lloyd Barry] and Sister Sydlik [Daniel Sydlik]. Each sister talked about being married to a very busy husband who worked tirelessly in behalf of others. All commented on how their husbands took time with them and helped them grow spiritually. Sister Barber met Carey while at the Gilead missionary school. They worked 20 years in the circuit work before coming to Brooklyn Bethel. They were married for some 51 years. Before Sister Barry married Lloyd she had served a company servant [presiding elder] in a congregation in Australia. There were no baptized brothers in that congregation for awhile. Later after she married Lloyd, she and Lloyd served in Japan for a number of years. When they first came to Japan there were only 3 baptized Witnesses in Japan. They shared some 72 years of full time service. Next was Sister Jaracz. Sister Jaracz is from Canada. She married Theodore Jaracz in 1956. Eight weeks after their marriage they were assigned to the circuit work in the US South. Ted was invited to be a member of the Governing Body in 1974. Sister Suiter now spoke. Sister Edith Suiter started pioneering in 1946 and married Grant Suiter in 1956. She mused that she never heard him complain about anything. The last sister to comment was Sister Sydlik. Her part was very moving. She stated what most of us know and that is that Dan Sydlik was a kind, warm engaging person. She said that she missed the quiet times they had together discussing spiritual things. As he was dying he became a little difficult, but she said that her reassuring words of love and firmness was comforting to him. She said that women married to spiritual men have an immense influence on such men and that their words of love and support can do much to encourage, strengthen and comfort them. ‘ Wives, commend your hard working husbands !” Tears could be seen in the audience. At this point, there was a pause as all stood and sang Song 86 “Faithful Women.”