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  1. I was very happy to know this. Because, I confess, I was very sad to think that the Russian brothers and sisters could not enjoy the rich spiritual food presented at JWB and Now I feel more relieved!
  2. I thought JWB was banned in this part of the earth. How you do it? (I do not know if you can say this publicly in this forum. If this is the case, I content myself with being curious).
  3. The Governing Body gave an announcement to the US bethel family at lunch today that we have been Banned in Russia and then gave a prayer that our brothers can endure. Brother Morris said the announcement and the brother Lett said the prayer. He said this shouldn't surprise us and that we have one month to appeal and we will.
  4. From what I saw in the video the brothers reacted quietly when the verdict was read. Surely they had already prepared the heart to maintain loyalty to Jehovah before any decision. The Russian brothers have gone through many tests in the past and their determination to remain faithful is the same! In fact, before the decision was taken today, the most important decision had already been taken: it was when each of our brothers decided to dedicate themselves to Jehovah. And this decision the Court can not revoke!
  5. Улица Поварская в Москве (Povarskaya Street in Moscow)
  6. I have a program for translating my page into Portuguese, but I would not have imagined that it would automatically translate a quote from the site page.
  7. The Devil is trying to divert attention that the media began to give to Jehovah's people, the true Christians: first with acts of terrorism and attacks of war and now with the news of persecution of "Christians."
  8. It may be the wrong idea, but even so I'm anxious to know what sort of of failing arguing the accusatory witnesses could invent ... And how that could change the direction of judgment.
  9. Holocaust Museum Statement on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia: