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  1. I have that Knocking DVD. If I remember right he says that he is not a Witness even tho he was raised a Witness.
  2. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with every one of these comments. The quoted comment is my feelings exactly. A big thank you to everyone of you and my heartfelt love to all. I love it!!!!
  3. A friend of mine mentioned "JWTalk" and I asked what that was. She told me some about it, so I looked it up and liked what I saw. I joined quite some time ago and I love it. It is "my congregation" since I am house-bound and rarely get to the KH any more. What we get is "electronically". I listen to the meetings on the phone, and we have to "attend' the conventions by computer, thanks to our elder body. My elderly elder husband has had to join me listening on the phone. It just appalls me when when someones makes an accusation about something they know nothing about, case in point, as I was listening to a meeting on the phone, one of the elders cautioned about stuff we could get into on line "such as apostate sites like JWTalk." I wanted so much to counter what he said but I couldn't contact him so I talked to the COBE about it. I didn't feel like my point got across but I had to think of the Proverb that we have to know of what we speak.
  4. I don't know if any of you saw it but some time ago I opened Youtube to find an imposter saying he was a new governing body member. I about dropped my teeth (which would real hard since they are all attached!!) I was wishing I had some rotten eggs to throw at my computer! What gall! I didn't stay long enough to even find out what "brilliant" new light he had for us. Right at first he did say he was he first hispanic on the GB.
  5. We are having beautiful weather. We had lots and lots of snow this winter but its almost all gone. Greenup day is little late. we always look forward to that. up here the forest will turn green overnite and be in full leaf by a week later. The ice is gone out of the rivers.
  6. Some of these fit so well they should be in the dictionary!
  7. Some of these fit so well they should be in the dictionary!
  8. Feel so bad about what this sister is going through. I have another cautionary tale about a problem I am dealing with. In Oct. 2008, I had a fusion done in my lower back because of two failed back operations that had been done. After the fusion, I had absolutely NO control of my bladder. the urologist said he had the answer. Another operation to put in a stimulator and that didn't work either. I was allergic to the device so back in the hospital to have the operation to remove it. I have had all manner of supposed remedies but no relief. Along with all this I have this untreatable bladder infection. I have lived with terrible pain for the last ten years and I live on pain medication. There seems no answer. What is one to do? Our only hope is the new system. One sister was telling me to rely on that hope and I do but how do I get from here to there? I know there are many others in much worse condition than I am in. I also know we have to rely on Jehovah and that is our only salvation. In the meantime, pass me some more pills!! PS. When I went into the hospital the last time, the nurse said "Oh, Dorothy, you're Back" My daughter said "It's not a good idea to be on a first name basis with the hospital staff!"
  9. We have finally got our usual winter weather. We got a lot of snow-more than we have had in several years . Our temps are in the "basement" . Here in Fairbanks it was -52 below last night. This is the actual temp, not wind chill. Our high temp today was minus 40 with thick ice fog and tomorrow will be more of the same. Temps like these are very dangerous. Yesterday was the first time I had read Jack London's writing "To Build a Fire". Pretty scary stuff. One can not imagine these temps unless you experience it.
  10. These untreatable "bugs" are real scary. I have been fighting a drug resistant UTI for almost a year. I have been in the hospital several times (in isolation, to boot) but still at this time I still have the UTI (along with several other maladies.) Once I had sepsis as well. Sometimes I get very near the end of my rope, but what is there to do except motor on and do the best I can until I can't anymore. The good advice from the FS is all we can hang on to. Let your Kingdom come!
  11. This is nothing new. I started school in 1940 and we had to pledge allegiance to the flag every day. I would not do it, so everyday the teacher gave me a spanking. That kept up for two years, but I never saluted. I never told my folks out of fear of getting in trouble at school. When my dad heard what was happening, he went to the school board and that put an end to the spankings. At that time there was so much patriotic fervor, I was pretty much shuned by the kids in the school, but after the Supreme Court said we didn't have to salute, it got much better for me. I was very shy so it was very hard of me.
  12. This discussion reminds me of something I seen on the 'net recently. The question was asked "What do men want more than anything?" Hummm maybe I should look at that to see what I haven't been giving him all these 64 years! The answer was RESPECT! Well sure! The "Word" says we have to show deep respect . Maybe that is why we are still together and alive after all these years. The world has just now figured it out!! I think it works both ways. Just mho.
  13. For the lyrics- go to jw org, then to publications, then to music and there they are.
  14. I heard a funny one the other day. The candidate was trying to show that he could quote the Bible because he has said many times that he believes the Bible. The scripture he was going to quote , " At Two Corinthians it says............" Then one of the guys on late night TV said in regard to him. "he's 2 Corinthians shy of a Bible!!
  15. I just read recently that our health is governed by our gut. This is why!