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  1. Parents of Chardon boy with developmental disabilities say he was baptized against their wishes CLEVELAND - The parents of a developmentally disabled boy in Ohio have sued his former court-appointed guardian, a minister and the child's mentor claiming he was baptized at an evangelical church last year against the couple's wishes. A Geauga County judge on Wednesday said the family's court involvement ended 14 months before the baptism, something the lawsuit failed to note.
  2. (Haggai 2:7)  "'And I will shake all the nations, and the precious things of all the nations will come in; and I will fill this house with glory,’ says Jehovah of armies."
  3. Did the articles say if these people wrote Putin any letters first?
  4. We're touring all the North American Bethels in September. I have my first passport so I can go to Canada.
  5. Turn to your BE book (the ministry book we use on the midweek meeting). There is an example of what a formal letter looks like on page 73
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll close this and we can continue the conversation there
  7. It's official. We're going to spend a day (April 29th) working unassigned territory about 2 hours from home. Looks like we're a group of 20. Just for one day but still kinda exciting.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I agree. A wonderful theocratic adventure! 

    2. Bob


      Yep, good stuff bro. My wife and I did thus a couple years ago, and we always try to do it. I missed last year because of my work schedule, but I want to do it this year.



  8. So will some humans. That doesn't negate those people from having personality. LOL
  9. John made his point. Let's move on from discussing the proper etiquette for capitalizing Bible.
  10. Quran, Koran, Bible, bible... you say tomato, I say potato...
  11. Now you are sounding like a witness. Don't fall into that trap in this case. Amish are part of Christendom yet their religion has dictates, impositions or requirements that go beyond the Bible. Dress, grooming, stunning of modern technology (unless it makes them money). That's what I keep stressing. Except for witnesses, all religions followed dictates that are beyond and they feel superceed the Bible. That still makes it part of their religion. Good Catholics don't eat meat on certain days, give up something for Lent, go to Ash Wednesday, shun birth control, etc
  12. Sounds a lot like Christendom. A Catholic guy I went to school with flat out believes that is what you should do. You and I do not undstand Constitutional Law because it's too complex, we listen to and trust a lawyer. Same with the Bible. You can't fully understand the Bible until you read the various Church Fathers... And even then it's best to just leave the understanding to the priests and just do as they tell you.
  13. In the name of religion. Therefore, their religion requires it. Catholic religion requires them to follow man-made customs and traditions that other Christendom denominations do no follow. I agree it's man-made traditions and customs. However, ask them to explain it to you and see how they feel. None of us are Muslim so it's not like we talk from first hand experience. Bottom line is the court felt the scarf was a religious expression. Religious.