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  1. Got it. I was able to edit the Watchtower PDF and get the larger image.
  2. There is a larger version somewhere else in another publication. Have to find that.
  3. Thanks! Maybe someday we'll have a search feature for images
  4. I'm sure the background with the Earth and the sky is from a publication. Does anyone know which publication?
  5. We can view it as "I like that you shared this with us"
  6. Some people keep insisting that the "Mark of the Beast" in Revelation is going to be a literal mark. Back in the 90s it was believed this would be a tattooed bar code on the forehead or palm Nowadays it seems the idea is an RFID chip implanted. As technology has advanced, these ideas hae advanced Even some Witnesses are starting to promote this thinking as if that scripture in Revelation about the Mark of the Beast has not been fulfilled or completely fulfilled yet After all, here in the United States we don't need to use some literal mark of the beast or profess our allegiance to the government in order to buy or sell merchandise. Therefore, they conclude, there must be a later fulfillment. This thinking ignore the composite nature of the the book of Revelation The entire prophecy takes place since 1914 and it has the effect worldwide. The "mark of the beast" and the implanting in the palm and forehead has been visible since 1914. The mark is also visible worldwide, including those nations that lack electricity, computers, barcode readers or RFID detectors.
  7. Every 4 years the political signs make it look like the wild beast took a dump in everybody's yard
  8. My wife's uncle can track his dog via GPS. Not sure if it is a chip or separate GPS tracker.
  9. How did that for the last states to try this?
  10. Will never be mandatory in the United States (or probably anywhere else). It's not practical or even possible to implement such a draconian law.
  11. One of our members has written a story about the New System and the resurrection hope. We've started a topic about it here:
  12. I personally have tried to draw the line on here when comments look like specific support of one person, candidate, or party over the other. Saying Trump is better than Obama, or Obama is better than trump, for example.
  13. Text for Monday, February 13, 2017 Monday, February 13 We love, because [God] first loved us.—1 John 4:19. In what way has God “first loved us”? The apostle Paul said: “God recommends his own love to us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8) Love is Jehovah’s dominant attribute, so we can understand why Jesus told one inquirer that the first commandment from God is: “You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind and with your whole strength.” (Mark 12:30) From Jesus’ words, we learn that love for God involves, first of all, our heart. Being halfhearted is displeasing to Jehovah. However, we note that love for God also involves our whole soul, mind, and strength. This means that genuine love for God is much more than just an emotional feeling of the heart. In addition to being heartfelt, our love for God must involve all our spiritual and physical faculties. According to the prophet Micah, that is what Jehovah wants from us.—Mic. 6:8. w15 9/15 5:1-3
  14. 2 inches of snow in last 24 hours. Supposed to be a low of 10F tonight. Saturday high forecast to be 52F
  15. At first I thought it was from the 2013 Calendar, but now I'm not 100% sure. 2013 Calendar: Turns out it's this one. Cant find the publication name at the moment