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  1. Are you sure it was FMS and not your ordinary west coast fog? "Welcome to my world" On 2nd thought. Get out. It is crowded enough in here.
  2. In Newfounfland, You could buy a mini Newfie 2 seater outhouse. One seat Above the other.
  3. Stage name Jay Silverhills. He was from reservation near Brantford Ontario Canada. His last name probably was Hill as there are lots of Hills there ( some are witnesses )
  4. Bear poo really stinks. Had a bear leave his calling card 15 feet from house - on my septic bed. He could have used Charmin.
  5. Looks like a car scrap yard. Say, you are right. Every American redneck's dream.
  6. Hello. Bird Feeder is Empty!
  7. Deer 1 Rollar skate car none!
  8. Ain't I cute laying among all these pretty pieces of....?
  9. Dedication to work. One more ticket to make my quota!
  10. My wife - who is American calls American Beer "eau da commode" 2nd pic is wrong. We call it what you make yellow snow with!
  11. If you want to be a millionaire you have to give up 5 things. I see 5 women in the picture. Does that mean that women spend all your money?
  12. Go and try the treat and report back ( but not 100 lbs heavier )