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  1. Just small quality version. Better quality - maybe by suppertime EDT
  2. Saves whole page with words. If want without words -Sumatra PDF and Irfanview works quite well. Sometimes you may have to stitch picture together - can be done with Irfanview -Edit/paste special.
  3. I use Irfanview ( freeware ) as image viewer/editor for light duty stuff. In Sumatra PDF ( freeware ) - right click on image - copy image open Irfanview /edit paste - save as - in folder of your choice. That is how I got picture above.
  4. Sumatra PDF works better for just pictures. It even removes the words over the pictures. See below - 1 is screen shot, 2 is Sumatra PDF copy image.
  5. 2 great Canadian exports found around the world ( especially for Canadians )
  6. I wonder why they have a polar bear license plate? Different country, different term for same thing.
  7. What we call text messages in Canada.
  8. Yup. Look at the calendar.
  9. People's impression of Canadians
  10. This box is making a noise.
  11. Coming in for crash landing. All four legs extended. Grabbing hooks ready.