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  1. So disgusted.  Justice Jehovah, I call out for justice.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Be patient, sister, be patient. It will come, and it will be decisive. This will not end in some Russian court room. It is as good as settled. And we know the outcome. Jehovah is allowing them to show them selves. As did Pharaoh! 

  2. Many are the hardships of the righteous one but Jehovah rescues them from them all.  Husband lost his job today, just when the part-time opportunity that I was wanting to apply for to go back to pioneering has come back up.

    1. kejedo
    2. hatcheckgirl


      Hope this is only a short term hiccup.  

  3. Court for me today as well.  Oh Jehovah, hear our prayers.

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    2. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      Not Russia, just a different court case .

    3. campanula


      "Be strong and courageous" my dear... I love you :)

    4. hatcheckgirl


      May it go well for you sis!  I know Jehovah has it all in hand, whatever the court case - big or small by comparison to the Russian one - he has his eye on you as a faithful sister to have the best outcome.

  4. I included my experience in another thread, but I thought it interesting how it opened up the way to speak more about Jehovah. I had written my letter, said I was going to mail it. Other admin offered to give me postage, but I politely said thanks but I don't think that'd be enough to get it to Russia. She responds RUSSIA?! I gave her the brief gyst of what I was doing. I said yes, and then left it at that. Then in our team meeting later in the day the subject came up again and she pipes up and says about me sending a letter to Russia, so I get to explain to 3 others about this letter to the Minister of Justice. Each of us wondered if I would get a reply. I haven't checked on my package today, I'm going to do that tomorrow morning after all it is a special day tomorrow for all the parties who are trying to prevent Jehovah's work from being done
  5. I can confirm this is the same in Canada. When I initially went to mail my letter, I asked for delivery prior to April 5. I was told that it was $83 and that it was mandatory to have a phone number for the recipient.
  6. Jerry, if you need us to start writing letters to her........ this could be arranged
  7. 1 for a total of 512. Joan that post was actually kind of interesting it had 10,000 views, and 86 comments. By our supermodel sister. She's using her influence to spread the word!! Maybe those 10,000 people will write many letters too......
  8. I started a thread on it. I had a hard time getting going too. However, after reading the example in the proclaimer's book, and Brother Underwood's thoughts, I prayerfully came to the conclusion that I wanted to write something which stood somewhat in the middle of those, something from out of my heart and personal. Yet arose from following the guidelines and facts found in the download, I also included my return address. I was thinking too, to include a snippet about how the brothers from our governing body would meet with them, but didn't feel it my place to do so. Plus Brother Sanderson had said the same thing on tv.jw.org the next day...if memory serves so... I'm sure these men are used to dealing with our brothers too.
  9. Agreed. Problem is we're all still human and often common sense is lacking lol. Thankfully this place isnt like facebook though. Which seems to attract the over sensitive and highly pious *cheeky grin*
  10. Even more interesting is that I wrote my letter on my off time at work. I put it together, and then said I was going to go to the mail at lunch time. When asked why I said I had to mail a letter to Russia. She of course said RUSSIA? Then I went and did such. Today we were called for a group meeting/office coffee by our manager, and the topic of this came up, I got to speak about how the persecution of the JW's in Russia were the reasoning behind writing the letter to the Minister of Justice. The woman I had told brought it up, that I was writing to men in Russia LOL!!! So herself, and 3 others got a witness about why this was happening.
  11. I love that so many are writing multiple letters, myself I could only do the one. I was thinking maybe to write a couple more tomorrow, but haven't yet decided. I kept dwelling on proverbs 25:15, I also went to wikipedia and looked up the man I wrote to. He attended law school and did political science in university. I hoped to appeal to his sense of justice and that of right and wrong. Many don't study law unless they want to help others with it. I think each of us starts out altruistic but through life and experience we become jaded.