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  1. A closer look:
  2. Green Bay, Wisconsin USA May 26-28 The Resch Center 6300 and some attendance 21 new Brothers and Sisters
  3. ++++= Sometimes, we might have to re-meditate on certain points in order to gain a true understanding of what we have heard.
  4. Man's inhumanity to man.
  5. SpaceX founder wants to see people living on Mars? Under Satan's rule, mankind can't even survive life on Earth. Wonder how long they'd be there before some malcontent drove a Mars Rover into a crowd of colonists?
  6. Thanks, Nancee! Yes. When you put the last piece in place, the jigsaw puzzle turns into a beautiful photo. It's pretty neat. Plus, it's free and loads of fun. 300 piece ones usually take me about a half an hour to put together, if there are no interruptions. But there is a save feature and a pause button, to handle those. There are thousands of puzzles to choose from. Or you can upload your own. You can also choose the puzzle piece shapes and amount--from 20 to 500.
  7. Dutchsinse seems to think it must have been a giant chunk of ice breaking off into the ocean that caused the big wave. According to him, a 4.0 is incapable of creating a tsunami.
  8. I just finished working this 300 piece puzzle. I think it ended pretty well.
  9. And daughters, too.
  10. Then you could see it in all four seasons. Love this Springtime view, too:
  11. I hope and pray that I make it into the New System, and that, wherever it is I end up living, there will be a waterfalls nearby. Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls, Luang Prabang, Laos Summer view: Autumn View: