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  1. I tried that one night. The next morning, all the tins were shredded. Was thinking I had some BAD slugs, until a skunk came staggering out of the bushes. The skunk had eaten the inebriated escargo, or drank the beer and shredded the tins. I figure that is where the term 'drunker than a skunk' came from. Gotta love that old Mother Earth News garden tip about drowning your garden pest woes in beer.
  2. Reminds me of the 'Air' song from Hair:
  3. Hi Big quake strikes just offshore in Chile. "A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the west coast of Chile on Monday Chris Graham 24 APRIL 2017 • 11:51PM Earthquake recorded near Santiago in Chile Buildings shake in capital No damage immediately reported."
  4. Huh?
  5. An all time fave:
  6. Nobody turns the lights on and off like Jehovah...nobody:
  7. Back in college, I read Commander Bucher's book about The Pueblo Crisis. The inhumane treatment he and his men received at the hands of their North Korean captors, chilled me to my very core.
  8. I love how the Special JWBroadcast points out that evidence of our guilt had to be fabricated, and that evidence of our innocence was refused submission. Which proves that the entire trial, from start to unjust verdict, was both a sham and a shame. Still, a great witness was given, and the bonds of unity were strengthened in our worldwide brotherhood. What affects one member of the body truly does affect all of its other members...and Christ, its head.
  9. Network TV news in USA reported on the violence in Venezuela, but not word on the ban. At least, not on NBC.
  10. If being banned is favorable, I don't ever want to know what unfavorable is.
  11. Judges chose a travesty of justice, rather than a lethal dose of radiation, and now they can hop right out of the courtroom, like the good little kangaroos that they are.
  12. Two outcomes: Jehovah's people in Russia declared NOT extremists and the ban is abandoned. Jehovah's people in Russia declared extremists and Jehovah gives them power beyond what is normal, to cope with all that miscarriage of justice would mean for them. Either way, Jehovah's people in Russia will go forward. Russia may abandon justice. But Jehovah will never abandon his people, or allow them to have to face more than they can endure. Reminding myself of these facts helps my heart not to hurt so much.
  13. 15:02Examined color photographs - still images of video, testifying to the planted of extremist materials in the service building. Novakov representative drew attention to a single scheme, for which the whole country is covered by planted. 15:07Another characteristic feature of planted - false witnesses. One example - a notarized certificate of friendship of one of the witnesses to an FSB officer in the social network.