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  1. Well, I've been watching for over five hours now and I must say, those zookeepers' ideas of 'giving birth' and my idea of 'giving birth' are two different things. Mama giraffe is currently sleeping. I seriously doubt she will be 'giving birth' in her sleep. So I am going to sleep, too.
  2. She is going to have it tonight...hopefully, whilst I am watching. She is finally lying down and she has stopped chewing her cud. I am more nervous than she is. Boy! When that baby kicks, it looks like a truck is trying to drive out the sides of her. Must be those incredibly long legs.
  3. You are alive. I am so happy!

    1. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Not nearly as happy as me. 58b0ee739a1b0_LaughingCrackup.gif.a3b791d6670fdba267cfe2de94c50d7c.gif

  4. I am currently waiting for/watching a giraffe give birth:
  5. And, it's 260 down. Another deep one. Which means, even more bigger quakes.
  6. Dutch's earthquake report tonight sounded pretty dire. A strong possibility that 7.0 and greater quakes may be coming caused by many many many deep earthquakes around the globe.
  7. I check at night to see if the deer are coming into the yard to eat the turkeys' corn. One of these little nocturnal flying squirrels is usually out there on my feeders, munching on the sunflower seeds. He doesn't seem to mind the porch light.
  8. Anyone familiar with this bit of lunacy? A couple of our elders recommended this for a bunch of big belly laughs. I purchased the movie and found it only mildly amusing. Must be a guy thing. I heard they made a sequel, but I haven't seen it yet.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing these transcripts with us. I discovered the lack of subtitles, too, when I was transcribing the JW Broadcast original song lyrics. Oh well, better late subtitles than never subtitles.
  10. I verily appreciateth thy sarcasm.
  11. 6.8 quake just hit southern Bolivia.