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  1. Creation reflects Jehovah's glory: Right down to minutest detail:
  2. The latest solar windstorm arrives early and is expected to last for the next few days. Which means, I will be outdoors, if the skies are clear, watching for some breathtaking auroras.
  3. Speaking of necks... My neck is getting a kink in it, just looking at how April sleeps with her head on her hip. She is actually resting her head on her six foot tall 150 baby. The really big bun that refuses to leave the oven.
  4. They were able to move over 1.2 million cubic yards of debris from the bottom of the main spillway at Oroville Dam. The main spillway was reopened yesterday and will remain open for the next for or five days. The five turbines had to be shut down to be safe.
  5. My husband has been teasing me relentlessly about this whole expectant giraffe business. Today, I come home from running errands and he says, "She had twins!" I was skeptical, so I asked him to show me. "They're right there in the pen," he swears and points to the screen. I could a' slapped him.
  6. I can picture the Apostle Paul standing on the starboard bow.
  7. Must be driving her keepers bonkers, too. Corey is in with her right now, feeding her Romaine lettuce leaves and carrots. April seems to truly love the affection...and the food.
  8. It causes all of us much deep thought.
  9. She was exhibiting that exact same behavior when I texted you...a few days ago.
  10. I hear yah...
  11. MP3's of the JW Broadcast Original Songs are super to sing along to. I sing along with these toe tappin' tunes everywhere I go...only, I drive a van instead of a bus. The accoustics may be entirely different in a bus. Tip: You'll get better audience participation if you print out the lyrics.
  12. Ain't this purtee?
  13. Must see TV. So faith-strengthening!
  14. What I see perplexes me... How does someone with such a dark complexioned face ever end up with such white legs?