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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-45398254
  2. I have thought for a while now we'll be asked to get rid of our tablets and phones during the great tribulation. Too much ways to track you.
  3. Suprised at all who learned those old languages. I think thats really cool! Now we have all these videos, Google, books, etc... I'm trying to learn programming right now. I actually enjoy it more than I thought I would. Any tips from those long in the industry?
  4. very encouraging to hear this. I'm sure our brothers in Korea will be happy.
  5. Any more info on this? Sadly I think we've seen this happen to some brothers and sisters. With apostates having the a big online precense it's justified some insane beliefs of those who are mentally unstable and hate witnesses. I think of kingdom halls being torched or karts that have been attacked. You can tell now much bethel cares for all of us by the loving direction they give to protect us.
  6. lord-360

    Lets Talk About Rice

    Favorite dish with rice lately has been Japanese curry! Yum. I use a Japanese type rice I get from the Asian market. Little more pricey, but so worth it!
  7. lord-360

    Coffee break

    Eek. Thats a lot and I doubt it taste that good in price. I would love to get into expresso, but the cost for a good machine and grinder is pretty steep.
  8. lord-360

    Coffee break

    Ops I meant chemex. Silly phone.
  9. lord-360

    Coffee break

    I'll have to look again, but I'm pretty sure it was a chance. Also looked like they had a baratza encore grinder in the background too. Someone knows there coffee stuff in bethel!

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