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    I grew up and was taught the truth through my parents and many spiritual relatives in the congregation. With their help, I've seen many blessings from Jehovah and I've made the truth my own.

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    I love drawing and all its aspects. I'm prayerful that I can take my skills to Bethel once I become qualified
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    Interestingly enough, the only books I read are the publications the faithful slave provides and the Bible. And there isn't anyone I wouldn't recommend the bible to haha
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    I can find enjoyment in any music as long as it's message wholesome. I can enjoy rap as long as it's not spewing nonsense. My genre preference is indie
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    Any and all of the superhero movies. My family is big on comics and action. I like to read the whole comic issue of a movie before it comes out.
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    "Don't let your conscience bear the hurtful things you say about yourself and your situation. Let Jehovah"

    "Your survival counts on your answer to these two questions: What do you want? What do you need?"

    "Search through me, ... Examine me, and know my anxious thoughts." - Psalm 139:23

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  1. I thought it could be a good idea to share the occasional artwork I draw. Here's my most recent portrait of Henry Cavill aka Superman


    1. Musky


      Vert good drawing, You have talent! (tu)

    2. hatcheckgirl


      That's very good, Elijah!

  2. When the text mentioned how Jehovah understands our genetic make-up, it reminded me of my favorite chapter of Psalms, chapter 139. David goes in depth about how Jehovah really understands us about individuals. Looking at the complexities of not only our genetic code but everything that may involve. Why our hair color may be different or the same from our relatives, the mixture quirks we share with our parents may seem simple or trivial to us, but are what makes us us, to Him. In the context of the text though, it helps us to appreciate Jehovah knows our inherited imperfections as well. That inherited disease, mental problem, or struggle we got through something that was totally out of our control: Jehovah knows it. He knows the relative we inherited from, whether it was 2 generations ago, or 10 generations ago, he knows the source. It no doubt hurts him to know that another imperfection beyond our control has been added to the list. That's why he's moved to "make a way out" for us. Truly a loving God 😊😊😊

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