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    listening music, reading, computer, play some games, following news and JW videos
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    be led along with the lowly things (rom 12:16)

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  1. Thankfully. otherwise your money is only enough to buy a few dozen of eggs. 🥚
  2. Seeing people’s life in the western countries seems very pleasant; becoming cowboy, riding horses in the prairie, sleeping in front of firewood while drinking something warm during the winter. But I don't think in Texas it is also snowing. Here, most people take a trip during the dry season; to go to restaurant, go for swimming, , or just to go to the beach to enjoy the culinary along with their families while enjoying the view. For some people who don’t like to travel too far they went along with their lover to the cinema. Although not many people travelling during the rainy season, visiting a safari park is very romantic as long as you don't forget to bring an umbrella.
  3. in tropical country like Indonesia we have only 2 seasons: rainy season and dry season. i wish one day i could see snow and play snowman with my nieces.
  4. i hope you're not talking about zimbabwe dollar since it's almost worthless
  5. tuntun

    Climate Change News

    the weather seems to be changing so far lately. it has been for months I keep feeling cold. very strange for someone who is living in a tropical country
  6. tuntun

    Orthodox Church Splits

    because Russian's orthodox church refused to condemn their aggresor government even when they know a lot people who has same religion with them in ukraine they just keep silent, and ukrainian people see this a sign of silent.
  7. could this be including person who often watch violent films such as action films? I'm sure a lot of people watch something not because they like it but they just want to get rid of boredom

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