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  1. Eric Burdon and the Animals at the Monterey Pop festival California 1967:
  2. minister159

    How much has changed

    Recorded video dramas, instead of live reenactments, especially for ancient dramas with special effects.
  3. ..... And that the battle continues to this day.
  4. minister159

    Vintage Advertisements

    Regarding t.v. dinners, I ate more than a few of them when growing up, usually when the household budget was tight. Not much has changed though, they just call them frozen dinners and you cook them in the microwave. Oh yeah, they cost four times as much now!
  5. minister159

    Conditioned reflex

    It must be contagious!
  6. minister159

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Where's the elevator? I'd probably get to the top, go to the door, and find a "no soliciting" sign, or worse yet, a not-at-home!
  7. What happened to Frank Sinatra's video?
  8. If you've ever felt mistreated by someone you love, this song's for you. It's long and much like a roller coaster ride for your ears that may leave you a little emotionally drained, but the ability of the singer to sing in three octaves while playing the bass and the superb lead guitar player's ability to create the mood with his modulating sound, makes it a unique experience.

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