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  1. "How will God’s people fare at that time? Jesus explains: “In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” (Matt. 24:22) As we considered, in 66 C.E. the tribulation was “cut short.” This allowed “the chosen ones,” anointed Christians, to flee the city and its environs. Likewise, the initial part of the future great tribulation will be “cut short” because of “the chosen ones.” The political “ten horns” will not be allowed to annihilate God’s people. Rather, there will be a brief respite." w7/15 p.16 par. 6
  2. Listen to Steve Lukather from the group Toto make his guitar gently weep.
  3. Interesting, but not entirely accurate, as we know.
  4. Noah wrote under inspiration and was not stating his own opinion or "writing from his own point of view." His statements include direct quotations from Jehovah as to what Jehovah was going to do, as well as what Jehovah said He actually did, after it occurred. We have to be careful that we don't change the inspired narrative by putting our own spin on it in an effort to support our private interpretation or pet theory. Reading between the lines is the same as going beyond what is written. "So Jehovah said: “I am going to wipe men whom I have created off the surface of the ground, man together with domestic animals, creeping animals, and flying creatures of the heavens, for I regret that I have made them. After that God said to Noah: “I have decided to put an end to all flesh, because the earth is full of violence on account of them, so I am bringing them to ruin together with the earth. As for me, I am going to bring floodwaters upon the earth to destroy from under the heavens all flesh that has the breath of life. Everything on the earth will perish."" --- Gen. 6:7, 13, 17 "After that Jehovah said to Noah: “Go into the ark, you and all your household, because you are the one I have found to be righteous before me among this generation. 2 You must take with you every kind of clean animal by sevens, the male and its mate; and of every animal that is not clean just two, the male and its mate; 3 also of the flying creatures of the sky by sevens, male and female, to preserve their offspring alive over all the earth. 4 For in just seven days, I will make it rain on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights, and I will wipe from the surface of the ground every living thing that I have made."" --- Gen. 7:1-4 "God now said to Noah: 16 “Go out of the ark, you, your wife, your sons, and your sons’ wives. 17 Bring out with you all the living creatures of every sort of flesh, of the flying creatures and of the animals and of all the creeping animals of the earth, that they may multiply on the earth and be fruitful and become many on the earth.”" --- Gen. 8:15-17
  5. I think you meant to say, "Ability without humility is a liability. Ability with humility is stability." But we know what you meant. 😀
  6. Gregory Porter covering a song by Sting, as he listens.
  7. I like all three of these songs, but the lyrics of the third song might be somewhat questionable, due to their religious connotation and connection with Jehovah's name in Hebrew. Let your conscience be your guide in this case. "According to Michael McDonald, this was based on the original Hebrew name for God (Yahweh), and was originally called "Yahweh Be There." The title was James Ingram's idea: "We were talking about how to say G-d will be there without scaring most of the audience away.""

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