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  1. Hey there thanks, but when I click on the link I don't see anything download.
  2. That might help but I'm not a real singer, need to hear the voices of the other singers before I can even try to harmonize with them. Sorry. R
  3. Calling Jehovah 'Daddy'

    My mum does this occassionally but only when she is frightened or shocked ... never in conversation or prayer (that I know); if for example she is about to fall (literally) she may cry out "Daddy!!" ... I understand the spirit in which it is made and I sincerely believe Jehovah understands where this comes from. She was an orphan at 2 years of age and has suffered terribly from real hunger (not skipping a meal - starvation in Africa) to much worse (abuse on all levels that is her story to tell not mine), that she has this reflex when shock short circuits her conscious thinking to call out the equivalent of "Papa/Abba!" is between her and the Father she never had. I understand the sentiments regarding a formalistic usage of certain terms and for English speakers "dad" "daddy" has a certain casuality that makes us uncomfortable, but in the intimacy of ones heart Jehovah reads the motives. Irony of irony myself also ended up a "Fatherless child" and the comfort of knowing (even if we don't formaly express it in public) that we at long LONG last have someone we too can address with the one word we could never use as children can still move me to tears. My mother is 86.
  4. Is there a way for others to hear not just Brother Irmantas - I don't know if I can do a harmony but I certainly can't unless I hear the lead and/or other harmonies.
  5. Have we got a male voice? Can you post it? It's true its too low for most female voices ... (girls will sing it an octave higher)
  6. I'd like to do some harmony too. Maybe if I can receive Mandy's harmonies I can work around them. I guess its in the same key as the Original?
  7. Does anyone have the lyrics in spanish of : Soon It Will Be A Reality (pronto sera realidad) from last years Gilead 142? https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/VODPgmEvtGilead/pub-jwbgg_201703_2_VIDEO
  8. I enjoyed the illutration in the talk "Sympathetic Strings". The brother made the point which he repeated for emphasis "Our relationship with God and with our relationship with our brothers is one and the same"
  9. My thanks to the moderators keeping the forum clean and above all free of apostates! Thanks to our wonderful brothers and sisters here for their upbuilding posts. Special mention to all the funny memes and a gold start to the "funniest thing that happened at the meeting" threads that make me laugh out loud when I need to lighten the mood. big global (((hug))) to you all, rosie
  10. I thought it would be about God's name - after all they've already banned the mention of it in their services. Why not go the whole hog so we can sit back and enjoy the show. Seriously though, he is being reasonable as language has changed and it would clarify the meaning.
  11. Yes it has been changed, isn't that funny.... I think we should all volunteer for the research department, we clearly have an eye for details. I'm going to write to Bethel right away!! Who is with me? WHO? !!
  12. I'm in! would love to do an original song, like "Now is the time" which I think would work well with multivoices I don't see the form to fill in though, where is it?!
  13. yes I know, but remember Novembers jwb on media? They may well have been informed by the brothers what we'll do with the sign I'm not saying they weren't, but I'm just wondering .... We'll see soon enough I guess especially if it's put up at warwick
  14. I was surprised to hear this, do you think its true. I ask because the neon lights might be considered disturbing for the wildlife - maybe they won't light at night...

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