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  1. Well this survey proves Jehovah's Witnesses really live their faith. Jesus message doesn't appeal primarily to the rich and powerful, he said that its easier for a camel to get through the eye of an needle than for a rich man to get into the kingdom. Having a lot of money therefore can be an challenge to spirituality. Jesus said to seek the kingdom first, so those with the potential to earn more may choose not to for spiritual reasons. Keeping ones life simple is not synonymous with getting into the top earning bracket. We live well on less. Thanks to the bible even with modest means Jehovah's people live surprsingly well, have clean comfortable homes, are well dressed (check out our pioneers and those in special service) and are often debt free. I could earn much more than I do, I'm sure that's true of many of us. I've even had employers beg me to go full time or seek an added qualification so they can employ me for a better post, outsiders may think that our being amongst the "poorest" means we are sad and needy, we can all testify how much Jehovah blesses us and keeps us when we put kingdom interests first. When the money is being thrown in the streets the blessings will continue to flow for us, its a shame there wasn't a question about that in their survey!
  2. Hmm there are many names to incorporate the Divnine Name, Elijah, Jesus/Joshua... I don't think a human should actually be called JEHOVAH/YAHWEH though... I'm sure the mother did so in good faith but there is only one JEHOVAH.
  3. May Jehovah bless these courageous children and their parents, standing up against injustice. One child and her handicapped father are "harassing" the school? Really, they expect us to believe that... this strengthens my resolve to keep up my contribution so the brothers have the resources to fight this in the courts as I'm sure these families do not have the means to take legal action.
  4. For me, when people are angry like that, they won't listen to what you say, so I think the brother did good (although he was disappointed in himself) basically, I'd say nothing ... if he stayed and ran out of steam I'd speak and if he became more rude and abusive I'd walk. I'm not sure I'd have the courage to approach him another time though...
  5. The kids were sooo cute in their little suits...I can just see their parents behind the camera praying, praying praying they would do good...
  6. I have nutella in my go to bag, sugar for energy, protein, chocolate for endorphines - should keep me going for a few days... I will not be sharing any during the tribulation unless directly instructed to do so by the Governing body. The message will have to be signed with an official Watchtower stamp, and delivered by Gabriel.
  7. Just listened to the 3rd part; my heart was beating hard, its so exciting. If ever it were clear we're gearing up to the end it was that last talk! I didn't get from the letter something he said in the broadcast, that is that they are considering to terminate the public magazines in favor of reprints. This really must be the end. What will 2018 hold? Something tells me things are going to move on a pace!!!
  8. That's good news. Is there a link to the jw.org page?
  9. Is it just me or is that a public Witnessing cart on the right of the reporter? Maybe we should start a "cart spotting" thread (pictures of our carts in the media).... so is that a cart or are my eyes deceiving me?
  10. Meanwhile just across the channel in my native UK... Here in France there is a real crackdown on any sign of religious afficiation, so the beard issue was a religious one (not a hygienic one), the muslim girls are not allowed to wear headscafts in public schools and you will never see a public work with any head covering (I'm not sure for beards, I don't take much notice but I'll look out...). Religion is a hot potato here in Europe, hopefully it will soon get too hot to handle (Rev 18:4)!
  11. I think "Now is the time" might be good with a principle voice (s) harmonies for the chorus. (I can figure out the notes on sheet music but I wouldn't say I "read music") R
  12. So true, I always try to mention the Russian brothers in prayer and I have learnt at least the first names of Paulos Eyasu, Isaac Mogos, and Negede Teklemariam ; so now I and have added Dennis and irina (their family name easier to remember) to my "hit list" I have felt in my own life Jehovah's loving arms go around me in times of crisis, so I know that he will comfort them all. I prayed they would let Brother Christensen have a bible and from the reports it seems he must have one now, so you see my prayer WORKED!! (I'm kidding I know there were millions of others praying for him too.)
  13. I agree , a FABULOUS witness is being given. Jesus said Jehovah would allow this for a witness, that is the purpose, to these High Officials know the issue at hand, and can personally be held accountable for their action. This is not going on in secret, the world is watching. I must admit the sight of armed police in the Assembly hall hurt my heart and I had to take a couple of deep breaths .... but I remind myself that Jehovah is in full control. All their armies are just a drop in the ocean of our mighty God and His warrior king; every time in the bible when people have challenged Jehovah and his name they have come out the losers, this will be no exception. I pray that all our brothers and sisters in Russia, especially Br Christensen take courage in Jehovah, keep their joy and know how much we love them.

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