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  1. its brilliant! (And they gave Caleb dimples, s0 cute!)
  2. As long as you don't make any upside down glasses I think you should be fine 🤣
  3. True! Iove the part when the Judge asked, what if Mr Wall no longer agrees with the tenets of your faith, what can he do. And our lawyer said, "Leave and start his own religion if he wants"... Boom !!
  4. Well said, we have a number of sisters battling cancer and quite a few older ones and I had the urge reading the days text yesterday on 1 Pet 5:7 to send some texts so I did. And then I phoned an older sister who is in a home.... I hope maybe some of them were encouraged.
  5. Indeed I agree entirely with you brother Eric and that's why I found the High Court Judges questions a little disturbing. Even though they came to the right decision it seemed to me that they were saying as long as a person is given notice and a fair hearing we have no place to interfere, which implies that if an individual is not given due notice and a hearing where he can defend himself they (the court) can intervene. The closing comments from our brother (?) were pertinent, the procedures we follow are religious, it is"fair" according to our spiritual standards and as such are entirely outside the courts jurisdiction. In short it's not because we judge things "fairly" in the eyes of common law but because however we judge them and administer that justice is outside the realms of the law.
  6. Tu as la bienvenue Lucy en fait tout le monde peut venir chez moi!! Everyone in France is so excited and planning many good things for Paris 2019. Our kingdom hall is right next to several hotels and rumour has it we will be a host congregation which means we get to be in the thick of things....its going to be so wonderful!! ps: There will be cheese!
  7. I am skimming through the high court decision and it seems to me the judges keep returning to the point that they can ndeed insist ghat a member of a religion has been treated fairly... but "fairness" is subjective, isnt it? if we are not speaking legally, I cannot understand how it is their business to ensure a regoius committee is fair (I know ours is but what if there was a religion called "The brotherhood of arbitrary Decisions" and one of the tenets was "you get no hearing, our God tells our leader who to expel and this can be for no reason" would an ex-member be allowed to sue? ...
  8. Interesting but I object to the suggestion that the sign was "illegal". I'm certain that if they needed permission (and the brothers knew that to be the case) they would have sought it. Plus the first link said they found written documents affirming the request for and approval of the sign... I'm curious as to whether the developers Lawyers approached the brothers to ask if they had any documentation... Still if it was actually illegal but the city overlooked the fact, we can chalk that up to it being Jehovah's will and he striking the city officials with a 50 year bout of blindness as with the Syrian army and Elisha.
  9. I love theocratic history - I met Br Schroder at an Assembly once - he shook my hand and asked me how the work was going in England... I resisted the urge to say "Well you should know Brother!" ☺️
  10. They are treating him like the most dangerous of criminals. I will now sing a verse of the courage song to remind myself that Jesus fights for his own.
  11. You never forget Brother Flodin's illustrations, I still remember the spoilt bread one for grieving the spirit (Eph 4:30) and now....
  12. I haven't read the article but from her reported conduct she is NOT one of Jehovah's Witnesses and it is wrong for her to say she is, if she did (I don't necessarily believe she did, as we cannot believe everything in the media). To suggest Serena is a sister in good standing with the congregation is to suggest we condone fornication (a baby out of wedlock) and many other behaviours that would bring reproach on Jehovah's name. I don't want to be uncharitable to the poor child, and maybe she did explain that she was bought up around the truth and the reporter "translated" that as actually being a Witness, but with so many wonderful and chaste examples of faithful brothers and sisters devoting their lives to Jehovah, I for one will not be sucked in by any degree of propaganda that suggests that someone that has devoted her life to sport is someone to admire. On the contrary, Satan would delight if one of our young ones chose sport over pioneering becausse "well, look at Serena, she did both". Jesus said you cannot serve two masters, and becoming the best in the world of sport and music usually demand a degree of dedication that leaves little time for Jehovah. An article in the daily mail won't make me forget all the Slave has taught me, but what of a newly interested one or a gullible teen? R
  13. Thanks so much everyone. I downloaded the music and managed to find all the segments in my songbook but couldn't find that one and for the life of me could not remember a single line (although of course I know the tune)... thanks again, R

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