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  1. Thanks so much I just didn't remember it was in that series. Thanks everyone R
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for the short video featured at a recent assembly where an elder is constantly helping a single sister even though his wife voices concerns. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Well Greg, I agree that Russia is acting very much as we would expect from the KOTN but the Slave has said (and I agree) that we may not actually be able to say for sure who the King of the North is until he finally attacks. Jehovah is full of surprises and I have no doubt there will be a final twist in affairs... so we will just have to see how the current events play out.
  4. These people do not know their bibles. People that took property (or people) that belonged to Jehovah - Pharoah of Egypt (Sarah) - -> plagues - Chadorlamer (Lot) --> defeated - Achan (garments/money) --> stoned - Philistines (The Ark) -- > plagues (jumping mice & piles) - Absolem (Davidic Kingship) -- > dead - Adam & Eve (forbidden fruit) -> Dead! ... just sayin'
  5. sunshine

    Flog It!

    Much thought was put into the design. I'm not sure why Adam is covering Eve's breast - is he hiding her shame or ceding to temptation? In any case Eve was orginally behind him but after the fall in front and while he still looks to paradise his body is turned towards eve. Very interesting. Yes, after the fall but the creepy crawlies, the skeleton (representing death) and no Divine name do drive the point home of "Before and After"... Not sure why there is a fly on the top left but a butterfly on the top right though... it does seem to be saying that the sin was inevitable since the flowers on the left turn to ripe fruit on the right - but maybe that's symbolic of sin's fruit being death. I would like to know why Eve's figleaf has outgrown Adam's (pregnant? or symbolic that the artist thinks Eve has more to be ashamed of than Adam?)... indeed Adam seems to have physically shrunk after the fall and as has his figleaf (I hate to think what that symbolizes)... Ah they don't make headboards like that anymore! Hey, wouldn't it be fun if in the new system there's a series "Did we flog what was yours?" where the original owners of things can explain their story, sort of like "The Inside Story" for furniture.
  6. I can't usually stomach anything about abortion but this had a "happy" ending so I got through it. I was listening to a summary of the recent Irish yes vote for abortion and someone mentioned 24 weeks - when I figured that would be aborting a baby 6 months in the womb my head started hurting... I literally felt as if my skull was going to explode. It is for this reason I avoid even discussing this topic. How will we explain millions, hundreds of millions of abortions to the generation born in the new system?
  7. That made me cry but not from desperation, I know Jehovah has not abandoned the brothers but I hate injustice and the bullying the inhumane treatment... they think our God will not defend us but he will in his due time. In the meantime I suppose we all have a role to play in staying faithful, standing strong in our own personal individual battles and praying for our family in Russia and Eritrea...Jehovah will not be late!
  8. I had no idea life in Eretria was so harsh for our brothers, and this had been ongoing for decades. When I read such reports I know that Jehovah can do anything, that he can make us strong enough to face anything. Jehovah’s Witnesses continued to report members were unable to obtain official identification documents, which meant they were generally unable to study in government institutions, find employment, or obtain an exit visa to leave the country. Authorities collectively stripped Jehovah’s Witnesses of citizenship in 1994 after their refusal to participate in the independence referendum. The government continued to withhold documents and entitlements such as passports, national identification cards (required for employment), and ration cards. The government also required all customers to present a national identification card in order to use computers at private internet cafes, where most individuals access the internet. This identification requirement rendered Jehovah’s Witness members generally unable to use the internet.
  9. So did the Pope take them up on their offer? Are they now all signing up for unemployment?
  10. Indeed I noted the following By way of example, the courts may not have the legitimacy to assist in resolving a dispute about the greatest hockey player of all time, about a bridge player who is left out of his regular weekly game night, or about a cousin who thinks she should have been invited to a wedding
  11. sunshine

    Newsweek Cover

    The cover is good - it accurately conveys the idea they want to get over - ie that the Russia bear is attacking the JWs (as represented by the NWT) and doing so with a ferocious violence that is shocking. They are of course playing on the expression "bible thumpers" but in this case the "thumper" is not us but "the bear". The bible being attacked is very effective as most people, regardless of their denominations view the bible as sacred and would be shocked to see on disfigured like this and as I said without showing any blood, it conveys the utter violence of what is going on in Russia to Jehovah's Witnesses... The article was more or less truthful and sympathetic to Jehovah's Witnesses http://www.newsweek.com/2018/06/01/jehovahs-witnesses-939860.html With the obligatory mention of "child abuse" not detracting from the fact that it exposes the harsh treatment our brothers are undergoing. Maybe they'll tone the cover down for US readers but I think it does the job.
  12. sunshine

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    How are the friends doing on the Big Island?
  13. Jehovah loves you and is proud of you. May he help you achieve your goals to his praise and honour!!
  14. Nice report, he referred several times to how well dressed the brothers and sisters are, which highlights how important it is to be well presented.
  15. Not in the least surprised, the Russian authorities were not going to let a little thing like european law and property rights get in the way of their decision. We can only pray for the brothers and sisters, that their faith does not give out and by their integrity they give a great shout of praise to Jehovah. "We are hard-pressed in every way, but not cramped beyond movement; we are perplexed, but not absolutely with no way out; we are persecuted, but not abandoned; we are knocked down, but not destroyed." - 2 Corinthians 4:8, 9

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