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  1. Cooking of food

    I don't know....I mean, sweet potatoes/yams are on the sweet side! As soon as mankind found out about butter....then you've got a made for each other pairing...I'd say.
  2. Texas Church shooting

    It's hard to fathom how anyone could observe what is transpiring in this world, and then think that Jehovah's day could be ...years...in the future......seriously, it simply doesn't compute with the facts!
  3. Thanks Matthew for downloading those videos....I enjoyed them. I've always liked rhythm ......so I always liked to dance....maybe in the new world, they'll be plenty of time to learn many different dance styles.....boy, that's something to look forward to.
  4. We got our first snow last nigh Keep that faith Pauline! It's funny you mentioned your first snowfall because we haven't had snow yet either, and we usually get snow in the beginning of October...strangephenomenon. Take it easy my friend. You're a real trooper serving Jehovah.
  5. Storm Brian hits Ireland and UK

    Helen, I feel for you and your hubby trying to get to the convention under such wretched weather and one thing after another trying to sideline you....thankfully, you made it to the convention in one piece.
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    I didn't really think you were going to know what I was talking about. It's hard to believe that you were able to save your...favorite...lasagna casserole pan. It must of been before my QVC days when they were offering the Sandwich and soup combos for sale...I missed them! You show your kindness gene Leslie...being able to make homemade soup and sandwiches etc. to help out the friends when there sick or feeling downhearted....and leaving the sandwich and soup dishes with the friends. I do watch ....cooking with David too....and I agree with you on the "Happy Dance"...enough already. I try to be careful about purchasing on impulse....and then regretting it...I've got it pretty much under control. I just knew that you were a great cook....and that you enjoy it...you get something worthwhile out of the whole process! I use to be a pretty good cook, but, now I live alone and I keep it simple. I'll certainly think of you next time I watch a Temp-tations show. Nanceebgd
  7. What's for dinner tonight?

    Leslie, Do you like the Temp-tations nesting bowls....they have a lot of different sizes, color design and patterns. I've never purchased any yet, but, I think that they are very colorful and pretty.
  8. A Bullied Whopper

    Everyone is afraid of being sued ..... by someone for doing something....even if your're just trying to help a person out....so they keep their distance.
  9. Chili Cook-Off!

    Yes siree John....a slow cooker can make some delicious chili...low heat, slow and steady will make the chili mouthwatering good...don't forget all the trappings...diced onions, cheddar cheese, crushed tortilla chips and sliced avocado/chopped tomatoes.
  10. Post a picture... Any picture

    So completely beautiful....thanks Annie......................a prelude to the new world..............can't even imagine what it will be like!? ...Sigh...
  11. Yes indeedy Pauline...get out your warmest mittens..(gloves in Montana) for the winter blanket of fallen snow arrives oh so soon!
  12. Your Top Ten Foodlist

    Well Brother John...your dislike of sweet potatoes just leaves more for the rest of us to gobble up!
  13. What's in your go-bag?

    Thanks Brother Tortuga....the above was very helpful and informative! Nanceebgd is much appreciative
  14. Your Top Ten Foodlist

    John, Have you never had an oven-baked sweet potato with crisp skin on the outside and inside...sweet, soft goodness...plus the liberal use of sweet butter on top...come on brother...that is some real good eating...right there! p.s. it's a root vegetable
  15. Your Top Ten Foodlist

    Leslie, All excellent choices....if I must say so myself!.......I sure enjoy a good rib-eye.......number tens a keeper!

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