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    My mother came into the truth in 1953 and I studied with
    a sister and was baptized in '62.

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  1. nanceebgd46


    I know a lot of people sneer at avocados...but, I love me some guacamole and chips....and a margarita on the side....I am in hog heaven.
  2. nanceebgd46

    California Fires

    Thanks Donna for bringing over the report from the brothers... p.s. genuine tears fill my eyes...we all need Jehovah's strength and power at this time.
  3. Tuesday we had our first snow in Columbus, Mt...then it snowed again last night... it's about 20 degrees today.
  4. Katty...that same thought is been invading my brain a lot lately....per the news...I've always been a news hound...even as a elementary school kid...I am just an inquisitive type I suppose. Lately, though, I decided to try and cut back on my news viewing...I am making progress! Part of the problem is how the world is in such chaos.......it can get to us if we let it.
  5. Thanks Tortuga, I don't know how I missed hearing about Patient Visitation Groups??? I am so glad it was mentioned this morning. Do the Hospital Liaisons Committee work in tandem with PVG ?
  6. I agree with you Shannon! That is exactly what the Governing Body relayed to us, and it is barreling towards the breaking point. Viewing the scene of this world, at this moment in time, it is abhorrent, atrocious, gruesome and horrid! It simply cannot get much more ghastly before Jehovah says enough!
  7. nanceebgd46

    Post a picture... Any picture

    I've said it once ...and I'll say it again....Cheryl...you most definitely have a MAJOR green thumb. p.s. impressive!
  8. nanceebgd46

    California Fires

    I was born in Los Angeles County and have seen so many fires over the decades. It's horrible how many lives a fire can ruin....the poor people lose literally everything. The worst aspect of these fires is, most of the time, the fire was started by an arsonist! That has always made me sick to my stomach.
  9. From my vantage point, this means something, it's not just a capricious move by the government....they're trying to get a message to their constituency....who are religiously inclined that they will have their backs!
  10. Thanks for the above article Sister Letti. Truly the waters are have dried up!

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