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  1. tekmantwo

    California Fires

    As of right now there are 228 people missing, 42 dead...over 7,000 homes gone...
  2. tekmantwo

    California Fires

    There is a Sister in our Congregation that has family that lived there, she said all the Brothers and Sisters are accounted for, only one of the Brothers has a son that is still missing, I don't know if he is a Witness or not. She also said that, by looking at the map, she was pretty sure that the Hall is burnt down.
  3. tekmantwo

    Melbourne attack

    A little too close for comfort....
  4. I spent a few months on a dirt spread there, back in the early '80s. It was a lazy little town back then. It's a shame that there are so many shootings and other acts of wanton violence these days, but we are not a bit surprised as to the cause.
  5. tekmantwo

    Today is Election Day in US

    I won't speak for Richard but I also struggle with it some. Larger would be better for me but I can handle whatever you wish to do. It is beautiful script, I just have to squint some to read it. I don't wish to stifle your artistic expression, I don't mind if you continue to use it...I have a magnifying glass....
  6. tekmantwo

    Today is Election Day in US

    I do similar. If asked, pre-election, if I am registered or planning to vote, I say I already voted. If I think that is not enough I will add 'back in '73'...If the person voices a query or some other remark I add that I believe in a Theocracy and I voted for my King. I symbolized that vote by water baptism...
  7. That is very loving of your husband to do this but what I really want to say is how very loving and supportive your are of him. Without you he most likely would not be able to do the things he does. A loving and supportive wife enables a man to do so much more. I recall a quote from long ago, I think that the sentiment of that quote would apply. It basically said that men who were able to reach to greater heights could do it only because they were standing on the shoulders of the men that went before them. You are among the great crowd of un lauded Sisters that are greatly appreciated by those who are touched by the Brothers such as your husband. Thank you for your loving support..
  8. So, would filling a 5 gallon Sparklets bottle with oxy/ acetylene mix and stuffing it inside a portable outhouse and then throwing a burning rag on it qualify?...
  9. And a good one it is, thanks for starting it.
  10. tekmantwo

    No-Shave November

    Wait wait wait.....what...? What kind of super power does this man have..? I let my 1st wife trim my mustache, once--- I also let my 1st daughter finish shaving me a few times, the thing she liked the most was using the aftershave lotion, she called it 'slap slap', you can use your deductive reasoning skills on why....
  11. Well, the Hawaiian language only uses half as many letters as the English language does, they seem to have done ok...
  12. In the US the 'freedom of speech' argument only applies to the government trying to stop speech, it has nothing to do with one person saying something to another person. If someone is spouting off nonsense, I have the freedom to walk away. Same as at the doors we knock on, the owner can shut it at any time, he is not obligated to listen to us because we have freedom of speech.
  13. A couple of aircraft carriers would be better, they could use helicopters for transportation and they have built in freshwater converters. Throw up a bunch of tents on the flight deck and chow lines, all good...
  14. Well, it's a bear market, that favors Russia, right?

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