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  1. I used JWReader for a long time, starting before we had our Library App...I have drifted away from its use, didn't even know about the text issue. I used it to listen to the Watchtower study article, mostly. It helped me with pronunciation and timing when I was the study reader..as I remember, it worked fine offline. ..
  2. Left-handed weirdness

    My mom was a lefty, she got her knuckles cracked with a stick if she tried writing left handed. I am a lefty, as is my brother Don. I made a big effort while in school to teach, rather, to train myself to be able to use both paws equally well. At one time I could throw a baseball almost as far righty as I could lefty. I could bat from either side of the plate, being tall and long armed I played a pretty good first base...not much got by me... In my work career, being ambidextrous came in handy. I can start nuts or bolts with either hand, I can weld with either hand, I always pushed myself just that much more to be able to use righty tools that were the most common. I use a scissors with my right hand, I can swing a hammer with either side, I can write with both hands at once, I shoot handguns with my left hand but shoot rifles with my right side...I also use both feet to drive in an automatic transmission vehicle, but that is a different story. . I don't really recall having much difficulty being a lefty, I was, in a way, proud to be in the 'different' 12 to 15% of the population that are lefties, it was /is a bit of a challenge at times but that is ok, I don't mind a challenge now and then. .
  3. Missile flying over Japan now!

    Well done. ...sort of-- lol...
  4. Missile flying over Japan now!

    I'll tell you what was funny, I read that a bit too quickly and thought you had said 'excrement'....
  5. London gets it again

    Just another day in satans world... Love you folks, all my Brothers and Sisters. .. (have I ever mentioned how much I hate this world? If not, let this be the first )
  6. That is why our terminology changed to 'informal witnessing ' Well done, Damien, well done... Thanks for sharing Carlos...
  7. video recordings

    Brother Bobby, I would love to help but I am not so good at that stuff... Maybe someone else can give it a shot?....
  8. video recordings

    My Brother Bob, I also record the assembly. I use a Samsung product to record and I usually don't have any problems. What recording device do you use? I don't know if I can assist you any, maybe someone else can chime in.. What is the device doing again?
  9. Calling Jehovah 'Daddy'

    Ok, so, I can understand not using two of these examples, it doesn't sound very respectful at all. To me it would be like meeting a powerful earthly ruler( King, President, Dictator, Queen) and saying 'hey bruh, what up?' and going for a fist bump or high five. .. What is wrong with saying 'We send you our love'? We do love and respect our Heavenly Father and we do show that love by our 'sacrifice of the lips', (is that the right quote? ) why would it be wrong to say it out loud? (excuse me if I am a tad dense today, half way through a head cold and full of Nyquil )
  10. The Bad Joke thread

    So,...a can of crickets?... I don't think that would work, at any one time approximately half of them would be jumping and that would make the can less weight than a can of corny...and I like creamed corn better. ..
  11. M class solar flare

    I was just foolin around Brother, just playing with words.. I probably shouldn't post at 2 in the morning..
  12. M class solar flare

    That may make for some interesting. ..celestial phenomena. ..
  13. It may be the fascination of air flight but wanting to be non polluting. ..
  14. My off topic thread

    I believe it to be the most effective and efficient way to do things.. Think about it; you do just exactly what is needed, at just the right time. .. How could that be wrong?
  15. Regards from Venezuela

    Now we got it goin on, lets ship it to Venezuela. . .

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