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  1. After I got it loaded into all the devices I got to reading, mostly randomly, almost ate up the whole afternoon. ..haha, read something, then that reminds you about something else, then that answer makes you curious about another point and then that answer settles another point but you read a little bit past the answers and get interested in ----.....well, y'all can see how I spent a couple 3 hours reading. ..hah, it's good for me. I probably would have wasted the morning trying to find MotoGP races or flying videos so I am glad I got to download the update. Much better subject materials and more helpful as well. .. After all, drifting race bikes through turns at over 120mph can only hold my attention for a little while. ..I will need the New System before I can do any of that ....
  2. "YES to gay marriage wins in Australia"

    I read on another forum (ShopFloorTalk) that the reason there were so many 'yes' votes is because the ballots, a great many of them, got stolen out of peoples mail boxes. The thief then marked the ballot with a 'yes' vote and filled in the name and address of the house holder that they stole from and mailed them in... Imagine that, stealing and lying during an election. ..shocking! ..makes you wonder what this world is coming to. . It was noticed because a bunch of people could tell that their neighbors and friends, even relatives, had a 'yes' vote accredited to them after saying that they were voting 'no'.... I don't know how accurate that story is but there were several people on that forum that agreed with that report.
  3. Managing Diabetes

    Sorry to hear that you are going through this Sis Gabe, that's just another thing that the old dragon piles on us, worrying about our health. I personally don't have a diabetic problem, I have been fairly fortunate in that regard. I know a number of people that do fight diabetes, my mom struggled with it during her last few years. Mom used to cheat a lot with her diet, I caught her a bunch of times just 'checking' stuff that she was fixing, you know, to make sure it was good....lol. She would say that she didn't eat a lot of sweets, which was kinda true, she just 'sampled' a lot while she cooked. She made some pretty good chocolate fudge, it was always just right.. I'm glad that you found out about this, knowing what to fight is half the battle, it gives us a direction to go. In regards to your depression, that is a fairly common ailment too. It's no surprise, really, considering this mess of a world we live in, courtesy of the original lier...that old snake sure made a mess of things didn't he... Did your Dr. give you any medication for that? There are several good meds that help a lot of people, there are a number of folks in my Congregation that need to take them, none of us is immune to the bad effects of this world and we all have to do the best we can until the New System. If that includes mental health drugs there is no shame in that, it's just another aspect of our overall health, just like taking an aspirin for a headache.. I hope that your doing ok, we don't have too much longer to go and then sweet sweet relief. ...that is something to look forward to and helps us to have some comfort while we get through the last few minutes of this system. ..
  4. Thanks boo, that pic helps, it's not showing up on my Samsung devices yet...
  5. That may be what is happening with my tablet. I haven't found it yet, gonna light up the laptop and see what I can see. ..
  6. UK & Russia Tension

    Oh, just a little pushing and pulling, nothing to get excited about. ..lol Thanks for sharing this, I saw it mentioned in a news broadcast last night but I didn't look into it. Nice to see things progressing according to schedule. .
  7. Submarine Racing

    If I recall correctly there used to be submarine races held in Long Beach, Southern California. There was a smallish (1/4 mile?) oval course, the subs were little one person units, there were grandstands and everything. If I'm correct, that was in the mid to late '70s....I'm going to look around some, see what I can see...
  8. Making Pizza

    Pineapple and Canadian Bacon. Yummy. My next favorite is with sausage and black olive, with mushrooms and a white sauce. I can't really handle too much red sauce, it gives me heartburn. .
  9. Making Pizza

    The way I make pizza, 867-5309, PizzaMan, he delivers.. Besides, I like Hawaiian style, I would be some kind of pariah in a pizza cooks discussion. ..
  10. Fossil found in India

    Just making fishing a little bit more exciting, now it's a combat sport....
  11. True Friends..

    I have had my mustache grown out since I was 18, in 1972. The only time I didn't have one was when I let someone else trim it, she messed it up so bad that I finished it off and then grew it back immediately. .. Well, not exactly 'immediately' immediately, you know how that is. ..
  12. True Friends..

    That is one awesome beard! Man, there's openings for tracts to be displayed, extra storage slots for more tracts, I think that is a marvelous idea.
  13. Fossil found in India

    Still a little off topic but.. I did some research before we got our yaks. They are different hull design but both of ours are 'sit in' as opposed to 'sit on'.. The body weight is much lower in the water, my seat is a few inches below the water line. It's pretty stable. I have seen the 'sit on' fishing yaks, they seem to be more tippy but the folks that use them say they're not. It just looks like, to me, that they are gonna fall over any second. .. Ok, back to the original subject. ...
  14. Fossil found in India

    Yeah, I could see that being an issue. .. I like fishing from my kayak, I don't think I would want a gar in my lap..lol
  15. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    SoCal folks wouldn't even notice it. Based on my own experiences, anything less than a 5.0 or so is nothing. ... I was about 30 miles from the 7.3 quake in Landers CA when it went off. I lived in Desert Hot Springs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Landers_earthquake Felt that one--- There were significant aftershocks for days. I was working structural steel and walking beams those days, that was kinda fun...

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