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  1. Totally works for me.... I was out with a car group a few years back and stopped my Jeep, on a dirt road, to let a snake cross in front. When he decided that the middle of the track was a good sunny spot I got out to hurry him along. I didn't know that one of the Brothers with me was seriously afraid of snakes. Like, really... Don got out but stood behind the door and then asked me what kind it was. I knew it was a harmless King snake so instead of just touching his tail to move him I picked him up. I think poor Don almost had a heart attack, and I don't believe I have ever seen anyone mount up so quickly...Sorry Don Besides smelling like King snake the rest of the trip it was an enjoyable day out.... (just to be clear, it was a California King snake, only dangerous to rattlesnakes)
  2. Sis, one thing that I have done for 40 or more years, I keep a simple squirt bottle filled with a weak solution of water and dish soap. Weak like a .5 oz soap to 8 or 10 oz of water. I don't really recommend any one type soap over another, cheaper seems to work better. It will kill just about anything in the insect world. It gives you stand off capabilities, by using the pinpoint spray, or a better targeting solution using a moderate mist, although you will need to be a bit closer. I don't know what kind of flying evil things you have there, but here, here we have YellowJackets, evil incarnate in flight... The spray works on them as well but I have to hit them 2 or 3 times pretty good, if you don't get them quickly, they come for you---- https://www.google.com/search?q=yellow+jacket&safe=active&client=tablet-android-samsung&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiFq_Xt__jfAhW8FzQIHUUqCBQQ_AUIEigB&biw=768&bih=1024 Get a squirt bottle, keep it handy....I do.
  3. All good Sis!. I don't really like spiders, or snakes. So, I caught a good sized tarantula and had her for many years. It was a stress to pick her up and let her crawl around on me, but I got over it. Fascinating critter, as near as I know she only bit one time, a friend was holding her and she fell off his arm, when he caught her he squeezed her too hard and she stung him. It wasn't too bad, I didn't feel a thing... I also got a snake. It was a Burmese python, named 'Monty', of course... He grew from about 4foot long to about 8ft long in the time I had him. We used to go to street fairs and flea markets and I would carry him, wrapped around my neck. It was kinda fun, the looks I got...lol Hairy?
  4. Those are some awesome pictures, and a very cool resource. I'm saving that one... Thank you very nicely!..
  5. It came real close to being the sticky spot spider.... Thanks!.. I haven't checked the link yet but headed there now---
  6. So, I started to come up my front steps to go inside and, usually checking where I put my hands, I saw this beauty right where I grab. Anybody know what make and model this is? I have never seen one like it. It looks like little horns on the rear. It was pretty good size, maybe 25-30mm stretched out, tail at least 12mm, likely bigger. It was very lethargic, it's fairly cold here right now( CA Index) maybe 45F... So, any takers?
  7. One of the things I have been told, and also consider to be true, is that men compartmentalize things and women do not. I, and by extension I include men, do this quite often. It's like if there is a problem, it's in its own special box, separate from anything else. If I need to do anything about it, it's as if I open the box, do what's needed, shut the box and move on. I don't, to the best of my ability, let one box adversely influence another box...to paraphrase, 'each box will have its troubles'... I've learned that women, and in my ignorance include them all, don't do this. Everything affects everything, so that the effect is..... . . . .. . . . . . Um, aren't they just so adorable, what would we be without them....😘...
  8. I got an example of this just a few hours ago. We have a grandson over for the night. He will be 7 tomorrow. He has been doing things with me most of the day and has been fine. After dinner we let him play with his IPad. House rules are no violent games. Well, he had some rough ones on his tablet and I wasn't really paying attention so he was doing some slice and dice and shoot em up stuff, volume down low. After awhile he told me he was feeling mad, and didn't know why. We talked for a couple of minutes and then I asked him what game he was playing. After I saw it I asked him if maybe that's why he was angry. We reasoned it out pretty good for a few minutes and I told him that's why we don't do violent games, I don't like them and God doesn't like them. He understood fairly well. He says he wants to please God and he doesn't understand why other people don't want to. We did some reasoning on that too....
  9. We used that but I never really got used to it, it didn't, to me, seem like it fit... Did anyone ever use 'red eyes'? As in 'ya wanna do a red eye tomorrow?' It was an adaptation from early morning airline flights, we would mean getting up at 5AM and talking to people at the donut shops, pre Starbucks epoch...
  10. My dad....every time. 'Lets do some backcalls'....
  11. Yeah, like 'New World Order'... That one raises eyebrows. .lol
  12. This reminds me of something, I have asked before and still don't understand. I don't intend to drag us off topic but I am curious : Here in the U.S. we usually, in my experience, use the phrase 'out in service'...and other areas, primarily the U.K., say going 'out on the service'...I have always wondered why the difference. ...

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