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  1. The Crystal Bible

    It always amuses me when puny humans make these kind of claims... I have built a lot of ornamental iron, hand rails and things like that. I have often had to fasten them down to wood decks. Hardwood is awesome, plastic, not so much. .. When Trex deck first came out the manufacturer said it would last for 200 years. ..hilarious! I wonder who tested it for that long. ..the newer composite formula is better but the original didn't quite live up to the claims. .. Back to topic-- I hope I get the opportunity to check this tech a billion years from now, if we can dumb down our tech enough to actually read that archaic obsolete attempt at storage. It will be interesting to see what was considered important enough to keep for a billion years. ..
  2. And all this time you thought they were snow shovels...
  3. Sorry Bro, that link didn't work for me. ..
  4. Hobbies

    Denise has been doing some needle work lately. .I don't remember what its called but she's having fun. .
  5. Hobbies

    Careful Bro, some of these, 'people', can sense fear...be ready to run-- Never a doubt --- Love you too lil Sis. ...
  6. Hobbies

    Didn't really have to think much about, it's kind of a family thing...as our other Sisters will attest..lol
  7. Hobbies

    Uh, Oh, hi Sis, what a pleasant surprise, I didn't see you there. .. (slinks away, furtively....)
  8. Hobbies

    Well, I had a Thompson Contender Super 14 in .223. I could hit 12oz cans at 200yards with iron sights, back when I could see. .. I much prefer airguns now, if I can hit a fly at 40 feet I am happy. I don't want to get too much, there's a certain Sister in NZ that scares me.....lol.
  9. Working. .. It used to be very relaxing to fabricate structural steel and then put it together on a jobsite. Steel don't care. ..you can hit it as hard as you want, it doesn't matter. I always found that hard manual labor relaxed me..but, that was then.. Nowadays I sit on the back deck and shoot my airguns. You need to have everything relaxed to make a good shot, can't have the coffee jitters, no thumping heart, just nice and calm and squeeeeze....very relaxing.
  10. Yeah, you should probably know better by now....
  11. Hobbies

    Oh, so, handguns then?
  12. Hobbies

    Well, you know that I only hunt the elusive, most dangerous of game, the wily
  13. More pushing and shoving: BBC just reported that air strikes are going in on a Syrian air base...
  14. That looks good. .. One of my favorite snacks is just about anything wrapped in a tortilla. .. or just a tortilla, warmed and buttered...mmmmm ok, now I'm hungry again. ..

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