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  1. Super Blue Blood Moon

    Thank you. .. I was starting to think 'hey, get the new guy a bucket, and sponges'... Thanks for steering me straight. ..
  2. Super Blue Blood Moon

    I'm just curious how they arrived at this name..
  3. Moms are the best

    It's all good, I'm pretty sure that I already do, my brother....
  4. Moms are the best

    My Brother, I am sorry I offended you. I was not intending to cause bad feelings and I apologize for causing you any.... As stated, I had heard that term used a number of times, outside of a cooking /food context, and knew it had a alternative meaning. Your post, using that term, piqued my interest and I satisfied my curiosity. That had nothing to do with your post except that your post was a prompt for me... Again, I am sorry I caused you to be upset.
  5. Moms are the best

    I thought I was fairly clear. I was not looking for ulterior meanings..odd that you would think that of me.... Be that as it may-- Qapla's post prompted me to research something for myself, I shared the results here. I certainly wasn't trying to upset anyone, it was plain personal curiosity on my part. ...
  6. Moms are the best

    I know that you didn't mean this in any way to be bad, I just have been seeing this term, 'mom's spaghetti' a lot in the last few months so I just looked it up. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mom's spaghetti It looks like it means to 'choke under pressure'....
  7. Hmmm, I think yuan to someting there---
  8. Post a picture... Any picture

    Jehovah only makes so many perfect heads, the rest get covered up by hair...
  9. Post a picture... Any picture

    Thank you Brother Dilip, it's good to see both of you again. ..
  10. Yeah, after the Weimar .gov the people of Germany wanted to clean up the nation, it wasn't hard for the Nazi party to rally support by using the concept of 'great again'...
  11. I could see that happening. . Hitler rode the wave of populism all the way to the top, while he and his handlers did some nasty backroom deals.. He relied on the axiom that Jews were evil, originally found in Luther's writings. Hitler also encouraged the people to feel chafed(shades of Marxism) under the limits that were imposed on them, post WW1... Apply those points to today, folks feel bad living with the results of the decisions they made and they want to blame someone other than themselves. All someone has to do is encourage that feeling a bit and all of a sudden there are tens of thousands of people on his side...then you get a mob mentality boiling and you wind up with a lot of brown shirts and long knives...
  12. Well said. I've read that the 'avg Boris in the street' really admires and respects him, it's said that they like him as a tough guy, they like how he wants to steer them back to a Soviet style of living, where people will respect them, they all enjoy feeling the thug and that's how he affects them...
  13. Not trying to speak for Brother Pnutts but you can check Russian history and see where communism is rolled out as some type of religion, 'the opium of the masses' I think it was called. Oh, wait, .....doesn't opium cloud minds?...
  14. The ol' puppet master, he thinks he's something, showing people what he thinks they want to see, tickling some ears as he goes.. In a number of ways I respect him, or, at least, his abilities. That might not be, probably isn't, the right way to say that but I don't have better words right now. I don't condone his actions but he is an interesting person to watch. He is a very intelligent man and puts on a very complicated bit of theater. He had a lot of training in a lot of ways, mentally and physically. And, I suppose, a degree of some sort in Political Intrigue/Theater Arts.(P.I.T.A.) He was presented as a Major in the KGB, has been in the political arena (circus?) for many years, has no doubt done some fairly rough things. And he's still alive. A lot of his opponents are not. There are some things that he alludes to, in those articles, that are easy to follow. His comparison of Lenins tomb to the Basilica is a nice bit of sarcasm, his blaming Lenin for the eventual collapse of the U.S.S.R. is curious, I wonder where all that's headed...? I have long felt, and tried to explain to some friends at times, that socialism does resemble Christianity, in a twisted sort of way, that there are elements of both that cross back and forth. I usually get funny looks. I try to make the point that the thought or concept of 'all for one', 'all are equals', 'everyone has what he needs' bla bla, yada yada, sounds like a sweet plan, right? The problem is when you have man ruling man and some pigs are more equal than other pigs. Then socialism turns into communism and that ain't no good. It just demonstrates the need for the incoming Theocracy very ....um, ..vividly? It can certainly be garish at times. It's fascinating watching the wreck of this system crashing down. I sure hope I'm around for the Final Act....
  15. Well, I don't know, as this particular test was not the same one that he took. The article you linked to said that it was similar, not the same. The test in the link was simple, it took me about a minute, I did the math problems in my head and I scored 100%... Also, I’m already smarter than Mr. Trump, in this case, I don't want to be President of these United States. ..

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