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  1. We had dinner with carlos and finny tonight. It was me and Denise, Richard and Linda,and our younger sister Rosellen... Carlos showed us a few pictures. We got to see trottigy and Deb, we saw Vernalee and Grumpy, we had a pretty good time. I think next time we do something like that it would work better on a Sunday. After pushing hard to get the invitation done and then trying to get everything done Thursday night, Denise and I were pretty tired after the session. I would have loved to have hung out with them longer but I knew I was gonna be blasted tired.. So what do I do? Get home and open jwtalks....lol.
  2. Thank you for your explanation, I appreciate that. ..
  3. Kind of like the Yahoo answers thing? I'm gonna guess it's easy to join?
  4. Personally, I feel that the poor individuals that have served in the military and are killing themselves at the rate of 22 people a day is the most tragic. These people just wanted to better themselves through opportunities opened by military service, or they were willing to die for what cause de jour was popular at the time, it just seems so tragic that they were deluded into believing that old lie and they can't live with themselves after the fact.... 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori '... How horrible is that? ....
  5. tekmantwo


    Sis Annie, those are beautiful colors. Blue is my favorite of colors, more of an electric blue for me but yours are very easy on the eye. I'm curious about your techniques as well. I am assuming that the variance in color in places is intentionally done, how do you do that? (hope I'm not prying too hard, you've piqued my interest)
  6. tekmantwo


    Ok, serious question : do the colors wash out fairly easily? I have never heard of using kool aid as a dye. How did you learn about that? How do you do it, procedure or process wise?.. I remember years ago my first wife tried her hand with tie dyed tee shirts, with limited success but significant mess.
  7. tekmantwo


    So, this feeds directly off the cat?...Amazing! That is a well trained feline!.. How hard is it to change colors? Do you just keep the cats in a box or are there 'free range' colors? Do the neighborhood cats visit often? My Miss Kitty would extract a heavy toll if I were to attempt that, I can barely scritch her tummy without bleeding for it...
  8. tekmantwo


    You are very good! ..that is some nice, um, I hesitate to call it work, because it's a hobby, but that is very nicely done. If I tried that it would rate a magnet stuck on the refrigerator along with the grandkids efforts...😨 I especially like the turtles, they kinda remind me of someone ---
  9. You nut...that made me laugh, I tried to stifle it but still woke up my cat...I tried to blame you but I don't think she's having any of that...😺
  10. Yup, that was what I was thinking..it's kinda oblique but it could factor in...or not.....
  11. tekmantwo

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Gayathri, thank you very much, those pictures are spectacular!... I love the wildlife captures, those Bengals are magnificent! ...such an awesome beast.
  12. You're right Bobby, it's just a different way to say the same thing. ... It's like saying that the only 'constant' in life is 'change'...it's a little bit enigmatic but you know what I mean. ...
  13. Oh no, I had no intention to. I just usually try to figure out what's behind what we are shown. Living in this dying system forges one into being a skeptic, whether we like it or not. Based as it is on a lie, I just figure it's all a lie. It is so refreshing to know the peace of the Truth. ...
  14. Well said.. I'm going to use this. Don't know when or where but this is definitely a keeper. ..thank you.

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