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  1. tekmantwo

    Literature cart weights.

    Yeah, I was thinking it would be a little bit north of you... That's kinda funny, I'm about 2 weeks overdue for a haircut. You know how with some of the friends you can tell just by the way they look at you that they are holding themselves back, but they really want to say something? I've been getting some of 'those' looks for a couple of weeks now. lol.... I was gonna get it done today but my cutter was out. I'll call in the morning and get an appointment. We have our CO visit starting next Tuesday and I was scheduled for the Bible study part in the school and I need it cut. I don't want Brother Brunneti thinking I'm some kind of rebel or something..lol.. Ok, it's 3:20 am and I am outta here, need to get my beauty sleep.. C-ya...
  2. tekmantwo

    Literature cart weights.

    Ha, you're right, I do know what those are. I guess my brain has closed shop sometime today,or at least gone to reduced output.. Thanks Dave.... How did you fare during the storm?..looked like a lot of water has come down...
  3. tekmantwo

    Literature cart weights.

    I don't know what those are...
  4. tekmantwo

    Literature cart weights.

    Thanks everyone. .. We were at a Farmers Market thing and set up outside in the parking lot. We were getting our canopy set up when a good gust came through, I saw at least 2 other canopies go over. We just happened to be holding ours at the time so we were okay. We had a couple other gusts hit but I had put the carts right next to the legs and our chairs right next to them too...I could see some trees a few hundred feet away and could tell when a gust was coming (mostly) so I just said 'grab it' and Denise is pretty quick. . A car group came by and checked on us and the Sister driving said she had bought some weights designed just for those canopies but they were at her house. She offered to go get them but we only had a half hour or so left so we declined. Plus, the wind had pretty much died down. All told, it was a good day. ... Thanks y'all. ...
  5. Hi friends... Denise and I are doing the carts right now and it's pretty breezy here right now. Both of us are sitting at a corner of our shade canopy but we have almost got blown away a couple of times. If any of y'all have any suggestions for us I would love to hear them..
  6. I just read an article that said they are going to re open on Monday, they didn't say why it was closed.
  7. tekmantwo

    Category 4 Hurricane Florence Heading for the US

    I want to say that old cliché, familiarity breeds contempt, but that's not really accurate. I don't think you can have contempt for an inanimate object or event. I can understand the feeling of riding out a storm, or hurricane. It would be a judgment call, personal to an individual..with a lot of different factors to consider. With a storm comes a storm track. You have days of warnings and can get online and check out all the info for yourself. If I was single, had nothing to lose, didn't care about anything, I could see me riding one out, just for fun... Being dedicated to Jehovah, I don't have the choice to make. I already gave my life to Him, do I want to risk His property by thrillseeking?..Nope. With quakes, (pre dutch)you don't really know. It could be a little 5.0 wriggle, or it could blast half the state into rubble. Even with Dutch and his 80% or so accuracy rating, its not like watching something coming towards you like a storm. Plus, if you have lived in hurricane country you see them every year, maybe several times a year. That could give some folks a bit of confidence in their own judgment and in their own capabilities.
  8. That's what Denise said...
  9. tekmantwo

    Resurrection Reunions

    That suits me....I will neither confirm nor deny that I have or have not 'started things' in the past or present times...so there. Gary, I will try and get Jodies attention tomorrow and maybe pick her brain a little. She may be able to help me remember a bit better. ..
  10. tekmantwo

    Resurrection Reunions

    Oh no Sis, sorry, I wasn't meaning you; Tortuga and I have an older sister that is a member here, she just doesn't visit very often. The 'making up stories' thing was just a poke at her.... She also started pioneering this month so she will have even less time to visit now...
  11. Exactly right. I was wrong about the cow. It was Atonement Day, a bull was sacrificed and then lots were cast to pick one of the 2 goats offered, one was to be slaughtered, the other, carrying the sins of the nation from the last year, was led into the wilderness and released. (Lev 16:20-22) The goat of Azazel....the 'goat that disappears.' Thanks Terri, I appreciate your post that prompted my research. (Page 225, Insight book, AZAZEL)
  12. tekmantwo

    Resurrection Reunions

    Blank filling coming up.... I am Tortugas/Richards older brother Tim... If you look at my avatar you can see us both. He took time off work and traveled 1800(one way) miles to be Best Man at my wedding. I'm kinda fond of the guy.... We went to Huntington Beach East Congregation, your dad is one of the few faces I remember from that time. I remember Martin Johnson and his boys. A couple of other faces. I remember the hour long talks and the 15 minute break when all us kids would run around the parking lot while our folks had a smoke break... I might be able to recall more if prompted, I have some trouble calling up those old memories...probably need to get our older sister to chime in, I think she recalls the best....or she makes up the best stories at least. ..lol..
  13. Hmmm, now I need to find out for sure. I was thinking it was a calf that was released but I'm not one to trust anything that doesn't work well, like my memory. ..
  14. All the way to the bottom of the pit....in chains.

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