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    My Moms parents came into the truth in the 1920's ...my Dad 1937..he was imprisoned in Canada for 2 years for not supporting the war effort... My parents were good examples of loving the truth and sharing it with others to the best of their ability...they raised 6 kids to love Jehovah, and to make the truth their own... and all of them still do ...after all these years... It is good to have family that really love Jehovah... I greatly value it...

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    Life....the truth about everything ..Just trying to figure it all out... I love the beauty of what Jehovah has inspired... The universe and everything seen and unseen... Just trying to appreciate it by ..Art... Oil painting .. Photography.. Gardening..Astronomy.. Reading.. oh yes and reading ... Podcasts..which is the future of education..Wood working... Welding... Traveling .. Astronomy...Good friends.. Good food.. Good wine... Mentoring..Walking hand in hand with my wife... Having supper in the back garden with my wife... Working on Jehovah's houses with locks and doors .. And a whole lot more... What's not to like!!... Jehovah I want to live forever...!!! Just show me how..
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    United in Worship..Remain in God's Love, RBi8, New NWT,
    Anything to do with History, Science, Psychology, Astronomy, Medical Issues, Virolgy,The human mind.. Mystery novels while sitting on the beach in recovery mode..,
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    Madeleine Peyroux...Billie Holiday... Mavericks..Al Green..Gypsy Kings.. Alash Tuvan Throat singing (real cool over tone singing) Little Miss Higgins, Ndidi Onukwulu, Amy Vachel, Megan Trainor, Vance Joy, John Lee Hooker, Johnnie Taylor, James Bay, Luba, Gordon Lightfoot, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammer, Madi Davis
    Josh Ritter, Barry White, Creedance, Tina Turner, Johnny Reid, ELO, Stan Rogers, KD Lang, Etta James, Sophi Milman, Duffy, Wilco, Bee Gees, Adele, Otis Redding, Dwight Yoakam, Joe Cocker, Nadja ..And anything my wife and I can dance to.
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    Anything that makes me think... And smile :)
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    "I believe life is a gift, and I live everyday that way"
    "Fear is in fact, never as bad as fear, of fear..."
    "We yearn for change, but cling to the familiar"
    "Spirituality is all about what unites us and brings us together on a universal scale"

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  1. From new scientist magazine IT'S not every day that an aerospace engineer raises new questions about bird flight. But Abdessattar Abdelkefi and his team at New Mexico State University did just that while trying to devise better drones. Many large soaring birds like the albatross have wings that are white underneath and black on top. Previous explanations focused on camouflage, says Graham Martin at the University of Birmingham, UK. But does that colouring really boost endurance in flight? Most soaring needs no flapping of wings; instead, the bird exploits air currents to glide. Abdelkefi's team discovered that a wing's black upper surface absorbs sunlight very efficiently, causing it to be around 10°C warmer than the lower surface. That effectively lowers air pressure on the upper surface, lowering drag and generating extra lift (Journal of Thermal Biology, doi.org/f96ggw). Svana Rogalla at the University of Ghent, Belgium, says thermography has proved that the dark upper wing gets hotter in sunlight, but it is too early to pin down its effect on drag. The impact of colour on flight could be a further inducement for birds to make costly melanin pigment to darken feathers, she says. The team hopes the findings will help them design more efficient and durable drones for use at sea. This article appeared in print under the headline "Albatross teaches drones new tricks"
  2. Only a little bit of a politically charged situation..Yikes..... remaining neutral is hard thing when there is only two poles
  3. ( I am sure you can ignore the point on evolution) From New Scientist magazine GOLDFISH and their wild crucian carp relatives can survive for five months without breathing oxygen – and now we know how. The fish carry a set of enzymes that, when oxygen levels drop, helps convert carbohydrates into alcohol that can be released through the gills. For most animals, including humans, a lack of oxygen can be fatal in minutes. We can metabolise carbohydrates without oxygen, but the process generates toxic lactic acid that quickly builds up in our bodies. The carp – and goldfish – have developed a workaround. When they metabolise carbohydrates anaerobically, the end product is alcohol, which is easier to remove. "The adaptation is very rare among animals," says Michael Berenbrink at the University of Liverpool in the UK. Berenbrink and Cathrine Fagernes at the University of Oslo, Norway, and their colleagues discovered that the fish carry an extra set of the enzymes that specifically helps generate alcohol when metabolism occurs in the absence of oxygen (Scientific Reports, doi.org/cbq7). The enzymes act in essentially the same way as brewer's yeast. The adaptation evolved 8 million years ago in the common ancestor of carp and goldfish, via a process known as whole-genome duplication. This is when an organism by chance ends up with an extra set of its genes, which can then be repurposed. By making alcohol, crucian carp and goldfish can survive all winter in icy ponds when other fish would suffocate, says Fagernes. This article appeared in print under the headline "Goldfish survive months without oxygen by brewing booze"
  4. The mystery of the sun’s super-hot atmosphere may lie in giant loops of plasma that are mostly invisible to today’s solar probes. Normally, the further you go from a heat source, the cooler it gets. Not so with the sun. Its surface is a sizzling 6000°C, but the corona, despite being further from the sun’s nuclear core, reaches more than a million degrees. Physicists aim to solve this mystery by mapping the coronal loops: streams of hot, glowing plasma that follow magnetic field lines that rise from the sun’s surface and fall back in. Since 2010, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has been providing pictures of these loops. The images show ultraviolet radiation that is emitted by ionised elements, such as iron, in the plasma. Missing pieces Now, Gregory Fleishman at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark and his colleagues have shown that these ions aren’t distributed uniformly throughout a loop. The researchers analysed the properties of the electric current that flows through the plasma along the loops, as well as its effect on the ions. They found that regions where the electric current is positive – meaning it is flowing out of the sun’s surface – act as ion traps, creating a high density of ions of heavy elements there, while depleting them elsewhere in the loop. The implication is that the loops may not be emitting UV light from their entire length, but rather only from regions where the ions are found in high concentration. This could mean we are missing part of the picture, says team member Sophie Musset at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. “Maybe there are some loops which do not emit in ultraviolet,” she says. If so, these wouldn’t show up in UV images. This will have to be accounted for in models that try to explain the extreme temperatures of the corona, says Musset. Reference: arxiv.org/abs/1803.02851 This article appeared in print under the headline "Plasma loops may explain solar puzzle" Anil Ananthaswamy
  5. Outed

    Oh lord... an acquired sense of humour...
  6. This system is sure getting primed ...for the “biggest show in history “ The actors have their scripts... What is truth... the drumbeat of this system is that there is no truth in anything ... it is all fake. ”the operation of Satan with every powerful work and ‘lying ‘ signs and wonders” ”False Christ’s “ or fake ones The truth is we have an Identity as ..a part of the family of Jehovah and the worship of him alone. But the world will try to make us believe that is also fake.... where is your God when try and stomp on you...perilous times we are living in
  7. Un-United Nations

    With the top topic title in mind ... Hey guys ...Just a heads up ... The mods have been in long discussions as to how to make this forum a kinder gentler place.. a place where we don’t have to die on every mole hill.... sort of like visiting our brothers and sisters in their homes and having an interchange of encouragement and a mutual learning experience.We are forming some suggestions and policies that will meet that goal. If you have any ideas please PM or leave a message in confidential talk. PS... We would love to hear from everyone.... including you.
  8. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/jehovahs_witness_exemption_from_conscription_deemed_prejudicial_in_pivotal_ruling/10089261 The court decided letting JW’s off was discriminatory towards others who served time in jail.
  9. Class and individuals are two different things... Judgement and vengeance belongs entirely with Jehovah and his Son...whether class or individual. The danger is we may get some personal satisfaction from condemning someone to a certain judgement... but that is not our privilege or obligation to take... Jehovah is very plain .. leave it “all” to him, our brain, heart and spirituality can not take it without negative consequences... If it was left to me Manasseh would get more than a little of what he handed out.... glad I have been given no responsibility in anyway for that decision...
  10. My niece and her husband have been assigned to Puerto Rico since the disaster... just talked to them and they are now going into the actual repair phase.. before it was tarping, removing debris and accessing materials and costs of needed supplies. They are still facing challenges of finding places for accommodation of all the needed workers.
  11. It is good news ..there is tremendous amount of work, they are doubling and tripling up on responsibilities.. I would love to see another 10 more so that they can share the load, the older you get the less vitality you have..
  12. It so nice to hear everyone’s voices ... well done everyone
  13. Bay Area on Fire

    Flammable roofing,Wooden decks ... Wood or plastic siding and wood or plastic soffits are huge sources of ignition. Even debris in eve troughs collect embers and burn the fascia and up in flames goes the roof. Most houses and buildings are poorly engineered when it comes to falling embers. If they engineered buildings for fire the way they do for water penetration we would not be having this issue.. We expect it to rain water not firey embers.. There is a good program on 60 Minutes called “ In the path of fire”. Everyone in fire prone areas should watch it and apply it.. it is recommended watching by the NFPA . So if someone is looking for a conspiracy blame it on cheap wood as a form of exterior cladding .. . After all we have to blame someone ..those sneaky beavers ;)
  14. It was nice to get a small tour of the little branch there ... And to use Jehovah’s name many times on a broadcast in Israel .. excellent
  15. Very good news cast http://www.i24news.tv/en/tv/replay/holyland-uncovered/x5wutei

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