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    Always thinking about Paradise

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    Married and father of very cute 6yo/4 month girls
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    Bordeaux, France
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    Yes 2003

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    Born in the truth thanks to my mother (anointed), but also saw the dark side of the world because of my father (ex-elder, apostate).
    Always loved Jehovah and the Bible so the choice was clear.
    Baptised at 17 yo, just before my majority (18 yo).

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    Learning new languages.
    I'm studying biblical languages by myself.
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    The Bible.

    Bible related stories
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    Electronic, Jazz, Classical.

    Favorite Kingdom song is 130, wait, 134, and 23... too many songs :D
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    John 15:13
    Isaiah 43:10,11

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  1. Don't read Reddit about us, they have whole anti-JW sections.
  2. Incredible. Wow ! Will they speak about destroying religion already? We really are in the end. Can't wait to meet you all on the other side guys
  3. Yes, I got confirmation with Tohru and Hannah a few hours ago. They were surprised too. So nice. 😍
  4. Last week-end, we had a Branch visit special meeting, you know... very strengthening, nice brothers from the US branch and Australasia branch. Very refreshing !

  5. I can't be prouder... and thankful to Jehovah. WT 2018 #3 p14... Toru and his wife Hannah ! My former students in Japan ! 😍

    1. hatcheckgirl


      That's truly a blessing, David! :thumbsup:

  6. My goodness, that Toru story on page 14... That's my student!!!!!!!!!!! I'm crazy happy!
  7. I swim on wednesday/friday/sunday. Feels good man. Started very recently (2 weeks ago), but there are some result with my weight (also with a wiser diet)
  8. I don't own a TV so I won't watch it. Generally, I kind of watched when it was France, or Japan playing... but I no longer have a lot of interest in football or sport in general, on TV, I mean. I started to swim again, it's good for the health and very nice during these hot days.
  9. Wife and I = Laurel daughter = Yanny The video is a good explanation.
  10. Can't wait for the raid on the world, code named "Judgement day"... that will be the real one.
  11. I think that's the best WT of the lot. It's the main point for many wandering people.
  12. DeepL should be very efficient in translating from English to Spanish.
  13. Dages

    Chaos in Gaza

    70 years... The UN is meeting to discuss the violence of yesterday.
  14. The design of the W (in hebrew) looks like a R... it looks a little bit too wide, is it normal?
  15. I've heard that it's quite bad... 😕

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