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    Married and father of very cute 6yo/4 month girls
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    Bordeaux, France
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    Yes 2003

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    Born in the truth thanks to my mother (anointed), but also saw the dark side of the world because of my father (ex-elder, apostate).
    Always loved Jehovah and the Bible so the choice was clear.
    Baptised at 17 yo, just before my majority (18 yo).

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    Learning new languages.
    I'm studying biblical languages by myself.
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    The Bible.

    Bible related stories
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    Electronic, Jazz, Classical.

    Favorite Kingdom song is 130, wait, 134, and 23... too many songs :D
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    John 15:13
    Isaiah 43:10,11

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  1. Some parts I highlighted because I love them : Really made me think about the responsability of the preaching work in Paradise. Booooooom Yes, so much yes So many thanks... and the effect of praying with a student. Great part! Hold fast, guys
  2. I really loved the It brought tears to my eyes.
  3. So, about that 4th book, @Thomas Walker... just kidding This is really a very nice story. I like the idea about That's very clever.
  4. Just finished it. It was absolutely marvelous. I'll wait for the other readers to finish it to avoid the spoilers but o boi the tears of joy...
  5. https://justseemetoo.blogspot.com/p/download-books.html Enjoy these ! my favorites
  6. Read them, they are great
  7. Ho sorry, I'll set them as "spoiler" for my next message.
  8. @Thomas Walker Your books are as good as your geography is bad... hahaha New Paris with the Eiffel tower near Normandy (Paris is like 300 km away)... haha... and now, James dropping Atxi in Madrid? Hahaha. It's cute. You are in Australia, so it's like... hmm... Sydney to "Dubbo", quite a walk for Hugh and Alec
  9. Brother Cook's talk was interesting, really something a talk I would expect to hear again after A-day

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