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    Always thinking about Paradise

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    Married and father of very cute 6yo/4 month girls
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    Yes 2003

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    Born in the truth thanks to my mother (anointed), but also saw the dark side of the world because of my father (ex-elder, apostate).
    Always loved Jehovah and the Bible so the choice was clear.
    Baptised at 17 yo, just before my majority (18 yo).

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    Learning new languages.
    I'm studying biblical languages by myself.
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    The Bible.

    Bible related stories
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    Electronic, Jazz, Classical.

    Favorite Kingdom song is 130, wait, 134, and 23... too many songs :D
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    John 15:13
    Isaiah 43:10,11

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  1. Tonight, my daughter had trouble going to bed... tomorrow is the assembly, there is much excitation in the air. 

    So we had a relaxing discussion, we were in the future, in paradise, and chatted about how our day was.

    It was really refreshing and I'm so happy to see that the Hope is really vivid in her mind.

    7 years old... a true jewel. Thank you Jehovah.

  2. Dark Reader is a nice chrome extension... the forum is nice with this night mode

    1. Brenda


      Is this for a tablet or laptop?  How would you use it/get it?

    2. GeordieGirl
  3. I"d like to create a tabletop game for JW

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dages


      I know about House 2 House but it's way too old. I want to make something about Paradise.

    3. Shawnster


      Did you see some of the games from Stoops?  They might be out of date now, too.  One was called "Tree of Life."  We bought it but never played it.  

    4. Shawnster


      Sounds like in order to keep with the Bible theme, the game would need to be a cooperative boardgame where players work with each other instead of compete against each other.



  4. Public talk this afternoon, should be OK with Jehovah's help ^^

    1. Dages


      was very OK. Thank you Jehovah

    2. Stormswift


      Jehovah is always a good partner to have on board isn't he? Well done my brother.

  5. Dages

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    If the USGS says it's a 5.9, that means that's a 6.
  6. I won't touch it either. Satan's propaganda at his worst/sickest.
  7. I guess the point is : does "mavro" has the same derogative meaning as "n" can have in the US. You can have many words for a color, but yeah... I would not call a pet "n" because it's dark. Blackie would be cute and fine. So, yes, we need a native greek brother here.
  8. That's so cute ! I can't wait to show this to my daughters !
  9. Yes, but the results are only available with Facebook. I don't use it. Here are my last result with the French HEXACO. Nice graph.
  10. HEXACO-results.pdf mine it's not easy to read... a graph would be nice
  11. http://hexaco.org/hexaco-online is an interesting test (linked to the big 5)
  12. 1 and 1, I guess (INTJ or P here) I'm not a fan of the MBTI though. Have you tried the HEXACO test?
  13. Always important to read the november issue, it's the issue we will study on January 2019. And the Article about Habakuk and waiting for Jehovah was very nice.
  14. Pushing one way may force the thing the other way... "Freedom of religion ? Let's get rid of religion"... boom !

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