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    Always thinking about Paradise

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    Married and father of a very cute 5yo girl
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    Bordeaux, France
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    Born in the truth thanks to my mother (anointed), but also saw the dark side of the world because of my father (ex-elder, apostate).
    Always loved Jehovah and the Bible so the choice was clear.
    Baptised at 17 yo, just before my majority (18 yo).

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    Learning new languages.
    I'm studying biblical languages by myself.
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    The Bible.

    and science fiction (space opera)
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    Electronic, Jazz, Classical.

    Favorite Kingdom song is 130, wait, 134, and 23... too many songs :D
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    John 15:13
    Isaiah 43:10,11

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  1. Will Jesus give an epic speech before the Angelic charge of Armaggeddon ? goosebumps

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. ChocoBro


      I was thinking less alien E.T. style, but like angels with steel wings and blue LED highlights between armor parts :D


      I love talking about this kind of stuff.

    3. Dages


      Hahahahahahahahahahaha ! And lightsabers, yeah!

    4. ChocoBro


      I just recalled how I had to think of Armageddon when I watched "Man of Steel", the scene where the baddie girl from Krypton fights all those soldiers and helicopters, I thought to myself this is how I imagine Armageddon. Desperate troops, tanks, aircraft firing with all they got to shoot down the angels and they just playfully wreck all those stupid toys men built with absolute ease.


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