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    A very long story. I will have to take some time to write it all out.

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    I enjoy playing Chess and a variety of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Football. I like to watch the Wimbledon, US Open, the NBA & NFL, and international soccer. I don't think of this as a hobby, but some of the most enjoyable moments I have had was when I was doing deep research on a particular question that developed in my mind from the scriptures or some theocratic question, and then finally finding the answer and seeing Jehovah's view on that specific matter! These are special moments to me because my mind is then opened up and I see how much Jehovah's ways are so incredibly more loving and higher than how I think! And so then these moments put me in "awe" of Him and that's when I realize that I just at that moment drew closer to Him! So these are moments that I really value and want to experience more.
    I also really love all animals and I have a burning desire to spend a great deal of time with the great variety of animals in the New World!
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    Mostly astronomy, cosmology, and anything of science that helps me learn about Jehovah as the Great Designer and Engineer
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    I do love music but I seem to like genres & artists that other brothers in my area don't really listen to like Mario Frangoulis(Greek Tenor), Vittorio, Josh Groban(saw him 2x live in concert), Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian.
    Yet I also really like 80s R&B like Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton, James Ingram.
    There are other genres & singers I listen to like Marc Anthony(Spanish), Daughtry(Rock), and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. Hi Brother Danni, Here are a couple of talk outlines that are my favorites. I may not have the name of the title exactly correct, but maybe you or others can correct the title if they know it, thanks. "Jehovah - The Grand Creator" Like Mandi, I also enjoy talks that deal with science, creation, intelligent design. But the main reason this is 1 of my favorite talks, is actually from the perspective of giving the talk. Years back I wanted to find a talk outline that would help me to do the best job possible of exalting Jehovah, magnifying him in such a way that those in the audience would feel even more "awe" about Jehovah then they did previously! And this was 1 of those talks for me. "The Truth Can Transform Your Life" I really like this talk because the whole audience can benefit, whether they are new or an experienced witness. The main reason I like it however is because I feel that it is a talk that is very motivational. My hope when giving this talk is that some, even if just 1 person, would be moved by the talk that they would really want to make certain changes that they had been wanting to make. I love this talk as it brings me joy knowing that some were motivated in some way from the talk to make a transformation in their life or personality. To imitate Jehovah more fully is 1 of our ultimate goals, so I feel this talk outline can help inspire all of us.
  2. What will you receive for all that you have given up?


    A permanent place in Jehovah's heart!!! 

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    2. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Brenda, the "beautiful comment" was from Brother Lett during his talk from the 2017 Annual Meeting.

      I believe the title was: “Never Give Up Much for Little”. And when speaking about the good example of Abraham who did the opposite, he "gave up little for much", then Bro.Lett said,

      “What did Abraham receive for what he gave up?"

      “A permanent place in Jehovah’s heart!”


    3. Brenda


      I'll go listen to that talk again.  I forget more than I remember.  That's why I need constant reminders.  LOL  Thanks Bro Neil. 

    4. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I loved that point Neil ..... thanks for helping us remember I’m like you Brenda I forget more Than I  Remember so I have a little journal and when a gem like that touches me I put it in my journal amd when I feel over whelmed and dont know exactly what to study I read those gems and special scriptures I’ve recored over the years . Always encourages me . 

  3. Etsy

    Hi Annie, I know of a sister here on JWtalk that makes her own jewelery and sells it. I think she sells on Etsy but I cannot remember, but here below is the link to her profile and maybe you could send her a PM and ask her about it, she would be happy to talk with you. I believe she has a website also. https://jwtalk.net/forums/profile/5920-sally/
  4. Thanks Brother Enoch! That was such an encouraging article, here are a few quotes that I really liked, 1 made me laugh and 1 made me have tears(tears of surprise at the outstanding kindness and generosity that was shown to Brother Herd and his wife) Wow, what that sister did touched my heart!
  5. Motivation - Exercise

    Hi Greg, Here are a couple of ideas you might like for exercise. > FUN I find the best motivation for exercise is doing some form of exercise that is fun! So running or lifting weights I don't consider fun, but I love tennis and other sports. And so when I am playing tennis or basketball or soccer, I don't think of myself as "exercising" but instead just having a good time. The drawback is that you have to have some brothers to play with in these sports. So what I did was make a list of brothers from various congregations who like to play certain sports and then I call them and make plans. So an example of a schedule is playing tennis 1-2x during the week and then a game of basketball or some other sport on the weekend, this helps to give me exercise 2-3x a week. Plus I am having "fun" and enjoying the time with my brothers! > Combine Exercise with your Hobby But sometimes there is no one available to play sports with, so here is another idea. Since you love photography, what if you could combine this with exercise? Here is what I mean. You must live up to your name "GregEXPLORE", so if you were to go exploring with a "Road Bike" or "Mountain Bike" you would find that you would be exercising for several hours as you "explore" for good photography spots and also you can look out for some wildlife while biking. And when you find a good photo spot or see some cool wildlife, then you can take a break and take your camera out of your backpack and then enjoy your photography! Then when finished, pack up and go be GregEXPLORE some more! Or head home if you are tired. I have a "Road Bike" and I am surprised how many miles I have been able to go and how it strengthens my legs and helps me get more exercise than I would normally since I am having "fun" because I am exploring rather than doing some boring form of exercise. So go explore Greg!
  6. Post a picture... Any picture

    What if you take some old, used camera lens and clip it in front of your phone's camera? (And please read what this man said in the interview when he said, "I see..." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/incredible-macro-photos-were-captured-slideshow-wp-115155052/photo-p-komang-photographs-insects-using-photo-115155978.html
  7. Here is a nice thought that can tie in with our life as a Christian:
    "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough" :)

  8. Music Room

    Hi Joao, what is an alto recorder?
  9. illustrations

    Hi Brother Jacob, Glad you joined us on JWtalk! I was thinking about your talk "No Part of the World in Imitation of Christ" and maybe you could get an idea for your illustration from these thoughts: A little boy and his big brother found themselves in the middle of a minefield! The big brother turned toward his little brother and gave him this command, "I can get us through this minefield safely, but you have to follow me very closely and you cannot put your foot anywhere I didn't place mine ok? If just 1 time you don't follow me exactly you could be in danger because there are mines everywhere!" Similarly, if we don't follow Jesus exactly, we could put our spiritual life in jeopardy because there are spiritual dangers everywhere in this world and the only way to make it safely thought this world is to follow Jesus exactly and never put our "feet" in any part of the world that Jesus didn't. For example, if even just 1 time we leave from following Jesus and place our feet in politics or get involved with just 1 bad association, then we can become part of the world and we are then in immediate danger = BOOM!
  10. Animals and health decision?!

    I really appreciated Sister Sylvie's post for many reasons, thanks for your post. While animals are not be viewed as more precious than humans, what some people might not realize is that the blood of animals is still sacred in God's view - because the animals blood represents life. And for this reason an animal's blood should not be used in a non-sacred way, like a transfusion. Here are some articles Sister Natasha for you so that you can refer to in case someone you know needs confirmation about God's view on the blood of animals.
  11. Hi Michael, I can see what you are saying about when a wife and husband have much different interests. So maybe as a suggestion, you could first ask your wife what are some things that she would really enjoy studying for your family worship? You can even give her a list of ideas(like from the lists that Richard posted) and she can then tell you which ones interest her. Then you could schedule out your family worship where on certain weeks you both will be studying something your wife is very interested in. But then for most weeks, you can schedule things that are designed to help you both draw closer to Jehovah, as this is main purpose for Family Worship. So by scheduling out weeks in advance Family Worship, your wife will look forward to those weeks that really interest her, as well she will also see how much you care and are a good husband by finding important topics to study that help her and you in drawing closer to Jehovah.
  12. Image Source: NASA - Hubble Space Telescope “Behold! God is more exalted than we can know.” —Job 36:26
  13. Hi Brother Pavlos, Yes, there is some news about our brothers and Catalonia. Brother Carlos here on JWtalk started a topic on this, here is the link below for you. https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33168-political-neutrality/?tab=comments#comment-509646
  14. I really like your suggestion Joao I am really hoping that they do implement this because I have many, many notes on both my iPhone and iPad but I can only backup 1. So I am just hoping I don't lose all my notes on 1 of the devices before we can merge the notes from both devices. Maybe if I send some "bribe" money?
  15. Bay Area on Fire

    Hi Richard, You said you could smell the smoke! Are the fires near your home also? I hope not.

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