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    FEB 1995

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    A very long story. I will have to take some time to write it all out.

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    I enjoy playing Chess and a variety of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Football. I like to watch the Wimbledon, US Open, the NBA & NFL, and international soccer. I don't think of this as a hobby, but some of the most enjoyable moments I have had was when I was doing deep research on a particular question that developed in my mind from the scriptures or some theocratic question, and then finally finding the answer and seeing Jehovah's view on that specific matter! These are special moments to me because my mind is then opened up and I see how much Jehovah's ways are so incredibly more loving and higher than how I think! And so then these moments put me in "awe" of Him and that's when I realize that I just at that moment drew closer to Him! So these are moments that I really value and want to experience more.
    I also really love all animals and I have a burning desire to spend a great deal of time with the great variety of animals in the New World!
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    Mostly astronomy, cosmology, and anything of science that helps me learn about Jehovah as the Great Designer and Engineer
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    I do love music but I seem to like genres & artists that other brothers in my area don't really listen to like Mario Frangoulis(Greek Tenor), Vittorio, Josh Groban(saw him 2x live in concert), Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian.
    Yet I also really like 80s R&B like Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton, James Ingram.
    There are other genres & singers I listen to like Marc Anthony(Spanish), Daughtry(Rock), and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. Hi Brother Ruben, You asked, "Why is it always more important when this kind of thing happens that no brothers were hurt? Maybe initially it may seem that all we care about is our brothers and sisters, but if you wouldn't mind closely looking again at some of the posts, you may see something different than what you initially thought. Here are a few quotes from some of the posts above: Sister Natasha - " It's sad anyone had to die or get hurt" Sister Shey - " Pray for their families to search for comfort from Jehovah " Brother Tracy - He started this topic because of the concern for what happened to the people in Barcelona. Ruben, if you went on vacation and found out that several bombs exploded back in your hometown of Munich, while you would be sad about what happened to those who were injured or died, wouldn't you have a special concern for your friends and family? Wouldn't you desperately be calling to find out if any of your friends or family were hurt? Yes, because those people are special to you. It is not that some people 's life is worth more than others, but each of us, including you and me, have an emotional attachment to those who belong to us, our family and our spiritual family and friends. So please be assured that we care about all human life and that we feel very bad about what happened to these people in Barcelona. But we are glad that no more people were hurt or killed, including those that "belong to us".
  2. Months ago at the initial trial when the Russian Supreme Court decided to ban Jehovah's Witnesses and liquidate all assets and then later refused to reverse this decision on appeal, we were saddened. While we were sad because we were concerned and worried for our dear Russian brothers and sisters, we however knew that when Jehovah didn't intervene in either the initial trial or in the Appeal, that Jehovah must have good and wise reasons! Well possibly we now know 1 of the very wise reasons why Jehovah permitted the ban. We had no idea during the trial and even during the appeal that afterwards there would also be an attack against our Bible! But if Jehovah used his special ability of "selective foreknowledge", then Jehovah could have easily "seen" that the result of the trial and ban on His people would also instigate an attack on the New World Translation! And so Jehovah could "see" that by permitting the ban on His people that the result would be a new and different trial that would end up allowing His people to give strong testimony concerning His name and concerning the entire Bible as well as a variety of His inspired words/thoughts would be heard for the first time by hundreds and thousands of people! Jehovah knew that this attack and trial concerning our New World Translation would give an incredible witness, to not only all of Russia, but to the entire world!
  3. Hi Everyone, Lately as I have been reading some of the posts and as well as receiving PMs from some, it seems like so many of you are going through, not just a rough moment, but a more intense trial or problem and this is causing a deep sadness. So I thought that it might be very comforting and refreshing and encouraging to share some special GEMS that can help with these trials and sad situations that you are suffering with now. And please know this: That if I lived close to you, then I would grab a brother/elder and come by to visit you and encourage you! As you are my friends! But before coming over, I would get your favorite dessert(What do you like? Cherry Pie? Macaroons? Fudge Brownies?). As well as bring you a "Gift Bag" of goodies, chocolates, etc! So if you are in need of an "Encouraging Visit" now, then here are some of the Special Gems I would share with you! (Just imagine eating your favorite dessert while reading these comforting GEMS!) Have you ever thought about how your trial, or your health issue, or your deep sadness from having a disfellowshipped son/daughter/mother, or feeling extremely lonely, or any trial you may be having right now - that by leaning on your Father Jehovah that you may have a much "clearer focus on life and on what really matters" compared to some people who seem to have little problems or suffering in life but are losing or have lost focus on the "more important things" of life? So this is 1 reason why a man who suffered badly at times, like some of you, said under inspiration, ". . .So I take pleasure in weaknesses, in insults, in times of need, in persecutions and difficulties, for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am powerful." (2 CO 12:10) So please meditate on that special GEM and then please feel encouraged by it! And also by the next GEM that adds on even more encouragement and refreshment! There likely is not 1 worldly person on the entire earth who would ever "take pleasure" when feeling weak due to a trial or problem. But you can and will, since you are 1 of Jehovah's "precious" people(HAG 2:7) you literally can take pleasure in weaknesses even though you are hurting now, even though you are suffering now. Why? Because what Brother or Sister doesn't want to know that Jehovah cares about them and loves them and is helping them? We all yearn for this reassurance! So if you are hurting right now or suffering in some way, but yet somehow you are doing things for Jehovah that most people in the world would have already given up on, such as preaching to others when you are able, or making some meetings, or trying to help others even though you could really use help yourself, then this is His Spirit operating upon you! And that you can take a deep PLEASURE in this despite the hurt and pain caused by others! Now while we don't get a tingly feeling or our hair doesn't stand up when we receive Holy Spirit, you can still "feel" this Holy Spirit as this article mentioned, not literally feel it, but you can feel it operating on you by closely observing the good and positive "effects" that it has upon you. Would you like to read an example of this? Well here is a very excellent example in this final GEM! So if you have not had a chance to do so yet, please, ask our Father specifically in your next prayer for this "special" Peace that only comes from Him!
  4. Hi Sister Monica, I sent you some suggestions in a PM, I hope you have a wonderful trip. Please let me know if you received the PM, it seemed to have some troubles when being sent.
  5. Quote

    “Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first.”

    “Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator” 
    ― Antoni Gaudí (Spanish Architect 1852-1926)

    I love these!!!:D

    Antoni was a very smart man.^_^

  6. “Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first.”

    “Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator” 
    ― Antoni Gaudí (Spanish Architect 1852-1926)



    1. Gregexplore


      As stars go, the sun is only medium sized. Yet, it is a remarkable star, dwarfing the planets orbiting it. One source says that it has a mass of “2 billion of billion of billion tons”—99.9 percent of the mass of our solar system! W04 6/1


  7. movies

    Hi Brother Kristian, Thank you for those recommendations. All of us enjoy a good movie but any help in determining if a movie is appropriate for us as a Christian is good. And welcome to JWtalk, glad you joined us!
  8. HI Brother David, Good scripture you put in your post! Psalms 10:4 "In his haughtiness, the wicked man makes no investigation; All his thoughts are: There is no God." Here are some other interesting translations that I liked of this good verse: New Living Translation "The wicked are too proud to seek God." Holman Christian Standard Bible "In all his scheming, the wicked arrogantly thinks: " There is no accountability, since God does not exist."
  9. Thanks for mentioning this Brother Peter, what exactly is " Wise Care Pro"?
  10. Wow, a big change! The Court is now finally asking questions to the Ministry of Justice based on certain petitions our lawyers gave before the break. There must have been something in the judges break time "coffee"! 12:58p The court: "How is it confirmed that the organization carried out extremist activity?". The Ministry of Justice: "The religious organization has not taken any effective measures aimed at suppressing this activity ". The court also asked the administrative plaintiff whether the adoption of insufficient measures, or even inaction, could be a sign of extremism? The Ministry of Justice, with reference to the law, was forced to admit - no, only intentional actions can be extremism.
  11. I hope I am misunderstanding what has been happening, but in just 1 quick hour the Court got our lawyers to read off each of our petitions and each were rejected almost immediately without hardly any review or without questions to our lawyers or without questioning the Ministry of Justice. There was only 3-4 minutes between many of the petitions, so this seems to indicate that there was little to no time taken by the Court to review most of these petitions and ask any pertinent questions. I don't think this is how most Court of Appeals handle cases in the rest of the world. Very saddening if this is what is happening.
  12. I might be misunderstanding this, but at 11:59am the court asked for the rest of our petitions to be read. Why would they ask for us to read all of the rest of our petitions instead of listening and reviewing each petition 1 at a time? It seems like the Court is saying, "Look, we have rejected each of your petitions so far, just read the rest of your petitions to us all at once instead of 1 at a time so we can just reject all of them together and not waste any more of this Court's time"
  13. (11:55am Layman's Chart) Great logic by our lawyers, I put this into a logic chart in my own words Our Lawyers "An Appeal must be granted because there is a law that states that quotations of the Bible will not be considered extremist" I I "And all of our literature is based on the Bible, full of quotations from the Bible" I I "So all of the literature that the Ministry of Justice(MOJ) claimed was "extremist" literature was bad evidence, the MOJ has completely misapplied the law" I I "Therefore we must be granted an appeal based on this serious error!"
  14. (11:45am Layman's Report) I think what is happening is that our lawyers have given a large petition to this court asking to provide each of the various evidence that the Russian Ministry of Justice in the original hearings stated were the reasons that JWs were "extremists" under the law. We were never allowed to review all of the supposed "evidence" back then and to be able to give a defense for each accusation or so called evidence. So now our lawyers are asking the Court of Appeals again to see this evidence! And this is another valid reason for granting an appeal since this was a judicial error in the original hearings.