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    A very long story. I will have to take some time to write it all out.

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    I enjoy playing Chess and a variety of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Football. I like to watch the Wimbledon, US Open, the NBA & NFL, and international soccer. I don't think of this as a hobby, but some of the most enjoyable moments I have had was when I was doing deep research on a particular question that developed in my mind from the scriptures or some theocratic question, and then finally finding the answer and seeing Jehovah's view on that specific matter! These are special moments to me because my mind is then opened up and I see how much Jehovah's ways are so incredibly more loving and higher than how I think! And so then these moments put me in "awe" of Him and that's when I realize that I just at that moment drew closer to Him! So these are moments that I really value and want to experience more.
    I also really love all animals and I have a burning desire to spend a great deal of time with the great variety of animals in the New World!
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    Mostly astronomy, cosmology, and anything of science that helps me learn about Jehovah as the Great Designer and Engineer
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    I do love music but I seem to like genres & artists that other brothers in my area don't really listen to like Mario Frangoulis(Greek Tenor), Vittorio, Josh Groban(saw him 2x live in concert), Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian.
    Yet I also really like 80s R&B like Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton, James Ingram.
    There are other genres & singers I listen to like Marc Anthony(Spanish), Daughtry(Rock), and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. When we talk with someone who believes strongly in evolution, we might feel sometimes overwhelmed at what to say or we may wonder, "What possible example can I share with such a person that is simple yet powerful to prove creation/design?" Well here is 1 possible example. The next time we talk with someone who wants to discuss evolution, we can simply ask them to compare evolution vs. the incredible "reproduction" of life. Here is a simple but powerful reasoning that came from an article on an "Intelligent Design" website. https://evolutionnews.org/2018/11/why-evolution-and-reproduction-are-unnatural/
  2. Beggar for the Spirit

    Today is Election Day in US

    We finally solved 1 of the world's problems! I feel so motivated now
  3. Beggar for the Spirit

    Today is Election Day in US

    Interesting, so that is the problem, the size. I would not have known this because on the computer this font is larger than the standard font. What if I increase the size a little from 14 to 16, how does it look now? "The font is Comic Sans MS" "The font is Comic Sans MS" (italics)
  4. Beggar for the Spirit

    Today is Election Day in US

    Sandra, maybe you, Tortuga, and others can tell me if the italics makes a big difference or if it is just this font itself on a phone that is hard to read? I use a computer for JWtalk so I don't know how it looks on a phone. "The font is Comic Sans MS" "The font is Comic Sans MS" (italics)
  5. Hi Jerry, I hope your wife is having a good recovery. Did your wife have to go out of town for her surgery or was it at a local hospital?
  6. Beggar for the Spirit

    Today is Election Day in US

    Oh thanks for telling me. Do you mean the entire post is hard to read? Or just the font where I am giving my response? is this better? "Have you ever read in the Bible that Christians are to view themselves like an "Ambassador"? This is the same font, but I just put it in bold. But if this is still hard to read on a phone then I won't use it anymore.Thanks for letting me know
  7. Beggar for the Spirit

    Today is Election Day in US

    Hi Sister Whitley, I like your topic because I also need to be prepared to have a good response/give a witness when others ask about voting. If I need to say something quick, I was thinking about saying something like this based on the statements in the WT below. "As a Christian, based on Bible teachings, I try my best to respect and cooperate with whomever is elected as a government official. Jesus himself did this, while he did not endorse or support any particular official, he showed respect and cooperated with government officials. Have you ever read in the Bible that Christians are to view themselves like an "Ambassador"? And I don't think I would tell just anyone the following, maybe a progressive Bible Study, but I just view these as some of my favorite reasons for not voting
  8. Certain experiences we have had in life have affected us, but what forms us are

    relationships. And no relationship can form us and transform us more than the relationship with "Our Father'. 

    1. GrumpysWife
    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Isn't that the truth Neil , I know I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for Jehovah molding me and allowing me to be his "best friend".  I am not sure when exactly it was in my life that I fully got the " height, breadth and depth"  of that reality perhaps after I lost my own father at a tender age of 16 was when I started to fully rely and lean on Jehovah for comfort, direction and support.  If ever for a fleeting moment you imagine yourself without Jehovah it just scares me to no end. I often smile to myself and say " I am so happy I know Jehovah". He has supported me through "thick and thin" as it were and I often think of the Romans 14:8 " For if we live, we live to Jehovah, and if we die, we die to Jehovah. So both if we live and if we die, we belong to Jehovah".  Isn't that a beautiful thought. :) 

  9. Beggar for the Spirit

    Apprectiong Creation - Nature, Animals etc

    But I also love the incredible works of creation that display the highest caliber of ingenuity and awe-inspiring power from our "Grand Designer". A model of the internal structure of a proton and the attendant fields - Brookhaven National Laboratory
  10. Beggar for the Spirit

    Apprectiong Creation - Nature, Animals etc

    And I love so many of the various animals that highlight Jehovah being lovable, having humor, etc.
  11. Beggar for the Spirit

    Apprectiong Creation - Nature, Animals etc

    There is too much to love of Jehovah's creation, too many favorites for me to pick just 1. But here are some examples of my favorite works of beauty from the "Grand Artist".
  12. The greatest obstacle to discovery, science, or even understanding the Bible is not ignorance but

    —it is the illusion of knowledge

  13. Here is how the problems started to develop in Eastern Ukraine Here is the link for more info: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/ukraine/religious-freedom-under-threat-eastern-regions/
  14. How encouraging and comforting it would be if more people had this rare view of us?


    "(Jehovah) understands the good we would like to do, even if our limitations prevent us from carrying out our heartfelt desire" 

    ( wp18 No. 3 Does God Understand You?)


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Sharon, this is another reason I very much value Jehovah's view because you and I and likely many others feel we fail so often but yet Jehovah sees in our failure the good that we wanted to do. For example, let's say that we go to "make peace" with someone, but the discussion becomes an argument and we feel worse because we failed to make peace. Yet Jehovah has this rare view,

      "I see good in Sharon, she decided to make peace because she knows how important that it is to me,  she even took the initiative to speak to the other person even though it was hard for her, so she is a "peacemaker"  like me and I am proud of her for that. So even though her attempt for peace didn't work this time, I saw the good she wanted to do and I saw the good that she did". :)

      So Sharon viewed her attempt at peace as a failure, but Jehovah saw good in the attempt and saw good in what Sharon wanted to do :)

    3. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      Thanks Neil.  I need new glasses I guess.  :)  I'm having a hard time seeing things lately.

    4. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      This was me today ...............I had the ministry planned, got out of bed and felt like a truck hit me.  I had to just ask Jehovah to help me just get out the door and to the group. What a struggle but with his help I made it. I didn't set the world on fire but I was out and actually had a little extra energy after the ministry to accomplish a few necessary tasks. Thanks for the reminder Neil that Jehovah sees the good we would like to do. This is our CA weekend so I thought I would give the free day ( no meeting) to Jehovah.  NO matter how hard this old system is on us there is still no better life. :) 

  15. Hi Han, Good topic Here below is 1 of the most helpful tips I have found when doing deeper research on the WT Library CD - "Search Expressions" When I am searching for something specific in the WT Library, I think of my search like this: Binoculars = just typing a basic 1 word search(ex: love) Magnifying Glass = this is more detailed, using 2 words with a "Search Expression" (ex: love && wisdom) Microscope = this is super detailed, using several words with a "Search Expression" (ex: love | wisdom & cardinal attribute)

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