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    A very long story. I will have to take some time to write it all out.

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    I enjoy playing Chess and a variety of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Football. I like to watch the Wimbledon, US Open, the NBA & NFL, and international soccer. I don't think of this as a hobby, but some of the most enjoyable moments I have had was when I was doing deep research on a particular question that developed in my mind from the scriptures or some theocratic question, and then finally finding the answer and seeing Jehovah's view on that specific matter! These are special moments to me because my mind is then opened up and I see how much Jehovah's ways are so incredibly more loving and higher than how I think! And so then these moments put me in "awe" of Him and that's when I realize that I just at that moment drew closer to Him! So these are moments that I really value and want to experience more.
    I also really love all animals and I have a burning desire to spend a great deal of time with the great variety of animals in the New World!
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    Mostly astronomy, cosmology, and anything of science that helps me learn about Jehovah as the Great Designer and Engineer
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    I do love music but I seem to like genres & artists that other brothers in my area don't really listen to like Mario Frangoulis(Greek Tenor), Vittorio, Josh Groban(saw him 2x live in concert), Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian.
    Yet I also really like 80s R&B like Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton, James Ingram.
    There are other genres & singers I listen to like Marc Anthony(Spanish), Daughtry(Rock), and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. Hi Ruben, For many of us, it is hard to give up or "miss out" on something we enjoy that is a conscience matter, whether it is a movie, a sport, etc. So I think it shows a good spirituality about you, as you are trying to follow your conscience. As for me, well I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I enjoy the World Cup matches as I really enjoy seeing the best soccer players in the world perform. However, while I may like a certain team because I like their players, like Argentina or Spain, I don't like these teams because of the country represented. You might appreciate this experience. During 1 World Cup Finals some years ago, we had a fun gathering of a number of brothers and sisters who enjoyed soccer and wanted to watch the Finals. We all enjoyed it, we laughed and cheered, but no one was fanatical or patriotic toward a certain team. But I also realize that it is a good idea for some to avoid watching the World Cup if they have had issues with nationalism, being fanatical about soccer or for any other reasons. I do appreciate how you are following your conscience, not just with the World Cup, but with other entertainment.
  2. Hi Victoria, Sometimes a brother or sister or family determines that it is best for them to try and flee and move to some place they feel is safer. So a person or family could have many more reasons why they feel they should flee compared to reasons for staying. But even if there is only 1 reason to stay and that is out of love for their friends, then how beautiful that is in Jesus and Jehovah's eyes that this person/family made such a major sacrifice out of love to remain and help their friends! That is 1 of the highest forms of love we can show to our friends, and that is what you did! I wanted to mention this to you for several reasons: 1} Even though life where you are can be sad and even frightening, please take courage in the fact the love that you are showing for your friends conquers evil. "Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good" (RO 12:21) "Love never fails" (1CO 13:8) 2} And whatever freedoms you may lose or things you may suffer because of your decision to remain to help your friends, these will not compare to the rewards you will receive from our Father Jehovah. ". . .whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully." (2CO 9:6) Because you have sown "bountifully" with love to your friends and with love for Jehovah, you will "reap bountifully", not only will Jehovah reward you, but your friends will love you even more, now that is definitely reaping "bountifully"!
  3. I thought that was a wonderful way this sister explained her "cleaning" or way of worship. This is a good example for us because we also some day may have to respond to officials, investigators, a judge. And rather than just saying, "Well this is what our organization teaches", it is better to express our bible based belief. Of course our belief does come from being taught by Jehovah's sons, but just because a religion teaches something doesn't mean you personally believe it. So I thought this sister's response was excellent, and she also was able to mention God's name, what a good witness she gave.
  4. Beggar for the Spirit

    H to O ......

    Last year I came across a brief video that was explaining how "water" is proof of intelligent design. The video was actually made in order to promote a book that was written just about water and intelligent design. The video had good points of reasoning, I will try to find it and post it. Of course the FDS has known about the amazing design of water for years. Here are some outstanding points made about water, including how water has a "skin", like Mandi mentioned. Water is finely tuned for life! (Edit) I found the video! Here is the link: https://evolutionnews.org/2017/10/water-ultimate-giver-of-life-points-to-intelligent-design/
  5. Beggar for the Spirit

    Chaos in Gaza

    Were the riots mainly because of the US embassy in Jerusalem? Or for another reason?
  6. Beggar for the Spirit

    Chess mystery in the world today

    So then which is the most the most powerful in the world, the KON or the KOS? The answer is just like in chess: Depends on the situation Here are some examples:
  7. Beggar for the Spirit

    Chess mystery in the world today

    Hi Brother Kayode, You started a fun topic. I really enjoy chess also and I watch several major chess tournaments each year. As to your question about which is the most powerful piece in Chess, the King or the Queen, I believe a Grandmaster would tell you that the answer is: Depends on the situation of the game Examples: Opening Phase: 1 of the main objectives at the beginning is to protect the King, "Castle the King", so the King is the most "important" piece, but it can barely move. It is trapped behind a wall of pawns. But the Queen at this point is the most powerful piece on the board. So like Tortuga posted, there is a difference between the most important and most powerful piece. Middle Game: Usually the King is still protected, hiding, it is the most important piece but useless. But as other pieces get captured, taken off of the board, the Queens become even more dominate, more powerful! End Game: At this phase, most major pieces are gone, and now the King is on the move and becomes more powerful. If there is 1 minor piece remaining, like 1 Rook or 1 Bishop remaining, that piece is usually still more powerful than the King, because the King can only move 1 square at a time. But the King can work together with this piece and actually help checkmate. So if the King makes a move to support that 1 piece in trapping the other King, then the King "assisted" in the checkmate, making it a very powerful piece. And finally, if the game is at the very end where all of the major and minor pieces are gone with only a few pawns remaining, then each King is the most powerful piece on the board! So Kayode, you were somewhat right in that the King, while almost always the most important piece, at the very end of the game when all other major and minor pieces have been captured, the King stands as the most powerful piece on the board.
  8. Hi Sister Wanda, Glad you joined us here, welcome. I know an elder and his pioneering wife who decided to simply their life by selling their house and they now live in an RV. However, their purpose was not to travel to various congregations but to help their current congregation even further. The elder no longer has to work full time and he was able to begin pioneering, so their decision worked out well for them. Wanda, since your friends are in the early stages of planning, here are a few suggestions they could consider. Various brothers/sisters have written the Branch informing them of their desire and availability to travel where there is a need. The Branch may then recommend to the couple specific congregations or certain areas/territories where there is a need. The letter could first be given to their local elders and they could offer some suggestions. Then the elders can send the letter to the Branch with their recommendation. While the couple can move every few months if they choose, they could ask the Branch in their letter for their suggestions/recommendations. The Branch might suggest to them that it would be more beneficial to the congregation they choose to help if they could remain with that congregation for a longer time. And especially would it be more beneficial for the couple's spirituality if they became more rooted in a congregation by staying for a longer period rather than continually moving every few months. Some brothers/sisters have become spiritually weakened from not having closeness with a congregation. These are just some suggestions, but I hope the very best for them as they have some wonderful experiences to look forward to.
  9. Hi Brother Janos, Some of the colors & their meaning you are considering I actually use, we must be related. Dark Blue - Jehovah - wonderful things I want to remember about Him Light Blue - Jesus - wonderful things I want to remember about him Red - Warnings, Wrong thinking, mistakes, errors, things we should stay away from Green - Green for Go! Things that I want/need to apply. Green for me says, "Go forth Neil and do just as Jehovah asks!" Yellow - Interesting thoughts, new thoughts, or a verse I want to meditate/research on However, I don't use pencils or highlighters anymore as I highlight electronically on my iPad or phone.
  10. Beggar for the Spirit

    Stephen C Myer Books and ID org

    Hi Tony, We all have different consciences, but for me, I really like to watch the videos and read articles/books about Intelligent Design, including those by Meyer, ID.org, and the Discovery Institute. I have never read their "dabblings" in other social issues, but the good reasoning they use supported by modern scientific evidence is excellent in my opinion. And more scientists, biologists, chemists, etc, are joining their organization. The ""Discovery Institute" which Meyer is part of explains their organization this way: If they were a religious organization and tried interpreting the Bible, then I would have a different view of them. But to me it is so refreshing to see scientific evidence presented supporting the fact that there is a "Designer".
  11. WOW First, here is a description of "The Ministry of Education and Science" in Russia from their own website, notice their roles. As we just read, the Ministry of Education and Science has no role or responsibilities in religion . And since their role involves science, you would think they would be a body focusing on accuracy, facts, and unbiased research/conclusions. So notice their very logical, accurate and unbiased recommendation.
  12. Love this Packet! Here are a couple points I really appreciated.
  13. Beggar for the Spirit

    Parenting help needed please

    Hi Sister Lanna, I sent you a PM(Personal Message) with some information that may help you and your husband. Please let me know if you received it, thanks.
  14. Hi Victoria, I am like you, I would want to hear any advice from my brothers and sisters when considering such an important decision because "there is accomplishment through many advisers" (PR 15:22). So is it right or wrong to flee? Jehovah permits us to decide what we feel is best for our safety or for our family's safety, so there is no right or wrong scripturally. But I hope the following thoughts help in some way for you and your husband when trying to decide whether it is best to flee or to remain in Russia. First, an excellent scriptural principle is what Jesus said, "Who of you wanting to build a tower(or deciding whether or not to flee) does not first sit down and calculate the expense?" (LU 14:28). "Calculate the expense" is not just finances, but other important areas as well . So here some things that a family can consider or "calculate": SPIRITUAL: Will my husband and I be able to maintain and grow in our spirituality where we are moving? How strong or weak spiritually am I now? My husband? How much do we need the help of local brothers/sisters and the elders? EMOTIONAL: How tough will it be to live away from well established friendships, the local congregation, family/relatives? FINANCIAL: Will we be able to find enough work where we want to move? Can we afford to move? Is the standard of living higher there or more affordable? CULTURAL: Will there be any language issues? Will it be very difficult to live as a foreigner there? SAFETY: Will trying to become a legal citizen there be difficult? If we will be considered illegal immigrants, what problems could this cause? Will there be dangers when making the move, traveling? Could we move at the same time as some other local families who are moving away?(Safety in numbers) The answers to these questions and others that you may have can be placed on 1 side of a paper and then you can put the same questions & answers on the other side of the paper pertaining instead to staying in Russia. This "visual" of the advantages/disadvantages of moving or staying could be helpful. And some of this discussion and research with your husband could be done during "Family Worship" where you and your husband after prayer and asking for Holy Spirit and wisdom can best decide your future plans.
  15. Hi Alexa, Nice topic you started Maybe a possible blessing that will happen, maybe even this year, is that Jehovah could maneuver things so that some of the countries that are presently restricting the preaching of the Good News will "open their gates". For example, 1 of the most restricted countries has been N.Korea, but if a peace treaty happens soon, then travel may be allowed between North & South Korea and many people will seek to find their relatives and family who they have been separated from for many years, decades. If peace happens, then S.Korean brothers and sisters will happily introduce their relatives in the North to Jehovah and the Kingdom! What a wonderful blessing that would be for the people of both countries who have endured so much. Many N.Koreans will need a lot of help spiritually since they have been politically indoctrinated since they were children. But Jehovah will give the S.Korean brothers/sisters and missionaries, "weapons...not fleshly, but powerful by God for overturning strongly entrenched things.  For we are overturning reasonings and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God" (2 CO 10:4, 5)

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