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  1. Horrible. Just horrible. Two terrorists attacks in as many days. This world is getting worse and worse every day and it'll continue to get that way until the Kingdom finally comes. Let's keep this sister and her family in our prayers and may Jehovah help them cope with this horrific loss.
  2. They could have also just translated the verses that are used in the publication. It could mean that they are making progress and working on it.
  3. Lots of languages that have the new publication (not saying the name because of spoilers) available have the same thing. Spanish, French, and I think German as well have the cited texts from the revised nwt.
  4. Could be. When that book was released at the convention two years ago, the speaker said it would be released in Spanish (and other languages) when the RNWT is almost done or already released in that language.
  5. How happy that occasion must've been! Hopefully we see more languages released this year.
  6. I remember Brother Kesk from the US Branch Visit a few years ago. He gave a wonderful talk. That's great news about the "Way, the Truth, the Life" book becoming available. Maybe that means other languages will become available around the same time. I'm hoping for Spanish. That could be the next publication we study after the "Kingdom Rules" book if it's available in a good number of languages.
  7. No letter or announcement. Some elders that are working on the convention told other brothers. Elders in my congregation are making sure that everyone has downloaded the book or has printed the sheets for the songs that are gonna be used. Some congregations have already received the full book but most haven't. The brothers said that because the song numbers listed on the program are from the new songbook and hasn't changed means it's official and that the Slave wants the new songs used even though we won't use them at our congregation meetings until September. At the branch visit in Central America a few weeks back, the new songbook was used. They used lyric videos and digital copies.
  8. We will be using the new songs. If we don't have printed copies or even digital copies, lyric videos will be presented.
  9. Question about Warwick. Do you need to make a reservation for the self guided tours or is that for the guided tours?
  10. Not a day has gone by since the ruling that I haven't thought about our brothers and sisters. Sometimes it makes me angry to think about the injustice our brothers are going through. Then I remember the special talk for this year. How fitting and timely that talk was. It amazed me to see that our brothers were able to hear that talk before the ruling. There is no doubt that Jehovah is watching over them and prepared them for this. He'll take care of this issue in his own time and way. It's amazing to see how the Governing Body really cares for them. That shows us that they really do love us as individuals and care for our well being. This weeks watchtower is fitting. Truly, they deserve honor and respect. We should keep supporting them the same way they support us.
  11. Just when you think you've seen it all, this world keeps surprising me on a daily basis. Sometimes watching the news could be equivalent to watching a comedy show. Sure, lets ban the group that promotes peace and teaches the Bible to others by deeming them extremist but let's recognize the group that believes in a spaghetti monster. Incredible. Just incredible.
  12. 20 days until the first convention....not that I'm keeping count.
  13. So happy for all the languages getting the songbook. We are getting ours in the next literature shipment.
  14. I was wondering how to conclude the letter. I was thinking something like "With All Respect..." or "Respectfully Yours..."
  15. I talked to a brother who saw the movie and he said that the "gay moment" was uncomfortable for a lot of people in the theater. Some parents had to explain what gay meant to their kids in the theater. He said that other people were clearly in shock to see something like that in a Disney movie. Pretty telling about the world's moral condition today. This is something that is only going to get worse and worse. I saw the post about Song of the South and I remembered a story that's been verified by the imagineers who were present in the meeting. Back in the 80's when Disney was looking into building a log flume ride for Walt Disney World and Disneyland, they knew that finding a theme for such a attraction would be difficult. Many guests were demanding the "next pirates of the carribean" from imagineering. The lead imagineer of the project, Tony Baxter, saw that the old America Sings attraction at Disneyland was closing. He noticed the animatronics were in great condition. He also saw Song of the South recently at the time and it just clicked for him. Take the old America Sings AAs and combine that with the characters from SotS and you have a great attraction. Everyone loved the idea except for Michael Eisner. He knew SotS was controversial but he saw that the idea was incredible. He told the imagineers to re-release SotS in theatres and if there were no protests or angry letters, he would green light it. There weren't. In fact, it made a lot of money in theatres. Eisner approved it on the condition that Uncle Remus would not be in the attraction because of the stereo types that he portrayed. The imagineers agreed and that was how Splash Mountain came to be. Sorry for the slightly off topic post but I thought this story was pretty neat and decided to share. Disney company history is pretty fascinating.