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  1. Warwick Pictures

    I took a last minute trip to visit family in Jersey last summer. Although Warwick was completely booked for tours, I decided that although I won't be able to get in, I just want to see the front gate. I was staying about 10 minutes away so I couldn't resist. You are absolutely right Shawn when you say it's off the beaten path. I thought I got lost when looking for it. I was able to visit Wallkill and I talked to a brother who was visiting Wallkill from Warwick and he joked around saying "I think they took the advice of going to the mountains a bit too literally". I did see the entrance and was satisfied. I didn't linger. I just drove by, saw it, made a u turn and saw it again. Lol. It encouraged me to plan ahead. Now I'm planning a trip for next year to visit all three facilities!
  2. Brother Breaux's talk was great. Those two experiences were great. The brother was humble enough to recognize that his work on the assembly hall committee did not define his worth to Jehovah and he humbly accepted the change in assignment. The scary district overseer was touching as well. I'm sure we've all come across brothers and sisters that can be intimidating but it shows us that they may have a whole different side to them that we may not know about.
  3. Wow. Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all. The world has always been bad but these past few weeks have been terrible and it’s gonna get worse.
  4. I love Discord. Such a great app for communication. It’s really big in the gaming community. My username on there is Crash.
  5. Love the instrumental arrangement of song 44. Can’t wait for new ones to be posted.
  6. Very nice! It was released in Hungarian this weekend. Love seeing all these languages getting their revised bibles or some for the first time. The GB and translation committees are really on top of things. I’m praying for all those working on those committees and a little extra for the Spanish committee. Lol. Can’t wait for that moment. It’ll be so emotional.
  7. It was released in Indonesian today at the special convention. Brother Sanderson announced the release. Happy for those brothers and sisters. Still patiently awaiting the Spanish release. Lol.
  8. When I visited in Wallkill earlier this year, a brother in the tour group asked the tour guide if printing is being reduced due to the number of publishers with tablets. He said that some publications are being reduced like bound volumes and others of that sort. But the majority of publications are not being cut down. The reason is that there are still a good number of publishers in poor countries and even in affluent countries that can’t afford tablets and electronic devices. It wouldn’t be fair to them. He added that they are taking measures to not overproduce printed publications. Things like not having printed releases at the conventions anymore are part of that. Also, when literature servants put orders in, they are told to order only what is necessary and not to have an extreme surplus. This is to take care of those who don’t have access to JW library and jw.org. He said that the GB doesn’t want these ones to feel like they are missing out just because they don’t have a mobile device. Very kind and encouraging comments the tour guide made about this. Shows that the GB is really making sure everyone gets food at the proper time while making sure that they are using funds and supplies in a wise way so that there is no waste and what is printed is actually being used.
  9. Hurricane passed and no damage to house and others in the congregation are safe. No power for the moment 

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    2. Sheep


      How did you manage to post a message with no power? I wouldn't have been able to do that.


      Glad you're still alive. >:D<

    3. GeordieGirl


      Probably on his mobile which he charged up in his car. :D

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Great to hear, Mike!  And thank you for updating us, as we are quite worried for you all!

  10. I’m so happy when I hear brothers and sisters getting the NWT for the first time in their language. Must be such a happy and memorable occasion for them. Love hearing and seeing reports from when they’re released. The joy on their faces is contagious. We don’t have to speak the same language to be able to be happy with them.
  11. Horrible. Just horrible. Two terrorists attacks in as many days. This world is getting worse and worse every day and it'll continue to get that way until the Kingdom finally comes. Let's keep this sister and her family in our prayers and may Jehovah help them cope with this horrific loss.
  12. They could have also just translated the verses that are used in the publication. It could mean that they are making progress and working on it.
  13. Lots of languages that have the new publication (not saying the name because of spoilers) available have the same thing. Spanish, French, and I think German as well have the cited texts from the revised nwt.
  14. Could be. When that book was released at the convention two years ago, the speaker said it would be released in Spanish (and other languages) when the RNWT is almost done or already released in that language.
  15. How happy that occasion must've been! Hopefully we see more languages released this year.

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