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    My mother came into the truth in 1969 when I was 6 years old. I got baptized when I was 12 in 1974 so I could "temporary pioneer" and have tried to be a faithful servant of Jehovah ever since. My prayer every day is to "endure to the end" with the rest of my worldwide brotherhood!

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    I used to have quite a few - knitting, cross stitching, playing piano but have pretty much given everything up. Life and all we need to do to keep spiritually strong in this system takes up most of my time now! Hate to admit it but I'm an avid Classic Star Trek fan and I think "Too Cute" on the Animal Planet Channel is one of the best shows on television to date!
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    God's Word of course! Don't have time to read much else.
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    The only way to keep the truth is to give it away.

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  1. If you look at my original post, I asked people to PM me if they were interested in befriending her. A very sweet, loving and understanding sister has reached out to her - this brotherhood never disappoints!
  2. I had hoped this thread would find her a friend in England, instead it's been about trying to get her to join jwtalk.
  3. I really don't know what else to say, she doesn't want to come in here herself. I am respecting her feelings and wishes in this matter (her reasons are her own). I'm not going to force her to do something she simply does NOT want to do. This is the way she is hoping to at least find one contact with a sister in England. I sure didn't think this post would be turned into what it has become. Just because we look at something as the "best way" doesn't mean it necessarily is for someone else. There are always different ways to achieve the same goal.
  4. I don't think you brothers and sisters understand what it's like to work a full time job and then come home to a full time job (caregiver) and to do it all alone. That is why I'm making this request for her. She has enough on her plate in regards to her time as it is (plus studying and meetings and ministry).
  5. She is extremely shy and asked me if I would do it for her. I can understand how she feels - sometimes this forum can be a bit overwhelming for me. I don't think she wants to be inundated with a lot of comments - this way she can talk to people just one at a time when she is ready.
  6. I am writing this for a very dear witness friend of mine who used to live in England a couple of decades ago. Currently she is living in the United States being a full time caregiver to her 91 year old ailing mother. Because her circumstances are what they are, she would like to make her way back to England when she is free to do so (North Yorkshire is where her heart is). In the meantime, she would LOVE to cultivate friendships with friends from England (she needs to have this to look forward to just to get through all the challenges she faces now [without much help, I might add]. It would be such a great encouragment to her and really give her something to look forward to. She is single (so single or married sisters would be the best). If there are some of you out there who live in England who might even know other witnesses straight from North Yorkshire that you could put her in touch with - that would be fantastic! I hope someone here has room in their heart to reach out and see if you can stand one more friend in your life! If anyone is willing to reach out to her - please PM me with your name and email address and I will give it to her to contact you.
  7. That happened at the beginning of this year. They claimed the church was illegal because they never had it registered or got the proper permits, something tells me that wouldn't of made a difference though.
  8. I thought that was an interesting episode. I felt it was forboding in what society in headed for now.
  9. I've seen some put bows and or flowers on the end seat of the rows they wanted reserved for family. Also, we have a Spanish congregation in our hall and they usually get a tasteful flower arrangement to put in front of the speakers podium. It looks pretty for pictures.
  10. Oh i see, that image is looking at the ground not the sky! i thought it was the sky and the little lights were stars, but actually we are looking down on the ground from the sky, the perspective of the angel! Dah!Thanks Jack!
  11. The image in the top picture (at the very top in the circle of black) looks nothing like your bottom image which looks like what is on the ground.
  12. This may of already been answered (but I couldn't find the exact thread I need) but in watching the video on Hezekiah I ,for some reason, just noticed that something appeared in the sky just before they show Jehovah's angel with a sword. Actually it's several things but no matter how many times I rewind the video, I can't figure out what it is. (I've even looked at the images through binoculars). Does anyone else know what those images in the sky are? (Is it Jehovah looking on through the heavens?) There are at least three small objects (all different shapes) of an orangish, yellow color. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts!
  13. shali

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    'It's nice that you feel comfortable enough to wear pants' ( if it's a girl).

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