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    My mother came into the truth in 1969 when I was 6 years old. I got baptized when I was 12 in 1974 so I could "temporary pioneer" and have tried to be a faithful servant of Jehovah ever since. My prayer every day is to "endure to the end" with the rest of my worldwide brotherhood!

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    I used to have quite a few - knitting, cross stitching, playing piano but have pretty much given everything up. Life and all we need to do to keep spiritually strong in this system takes up most of my time now! Hate to admit it but I'm an avid Classic Star Trek fan and I think "Too Cute" on the Animal Planet Channel is one of the best shows on television to date!
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    God's Word of course! Don't have time to read much else.
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    The only way to keep the truth is to give it away.

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  1. I thought that was an interesting episode. I felt it was forboding in what society in headed for now.
  2. I've seen some put bows and or flowers on the end seat of the rows they wanted reserved for family. Also, we have a Spanish congregation in our hall and they usually get a tasteful flower arrangement to put in front of the speakers podium. It looks pretty for pictures.
  3. Oh i see, that image is looking at the ground not the sky! i thought it was the sky and the little lights were stars, but actually we are looking down on the ground from the sky, the perspective of the angel! Dah!Thanks Jack!
  4. The image in the top picture (at the very top in the circle of black) looks nothing like your bottom image which looks like what is on the ground.
  5. This may of already been answered (but I couldn't find the exact thread I need) but in watching the video on Hezekiah I ,for some reason, just noticed that something appeared in the sky just before they show Jehovah's angel with a sword. Actually it's several things but no matter how many times I rewind the video, I can't figure out what it is. (I've even looked at the images through binoculars). Does anyone else know what those images in the sky are? (Is it Jehovah looking on through the heavens?) There are at least three small objects (all different shapes) of an orangish, yellow color. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts!
  6. shali

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    'It's nice that you feel comfortable enough to wear pants' ( if it's a girl).
  7. Note to self "Keep a spray bottle handy in the New System"!!! (That owl is so precious!)
  8. The little printer icon in my Watchtowe Library is always "grayed" out, so even the shortcuts don't work.
  9. Thanks Musky, will do as soon as I'm done studying!
  10. After the last update to the Watchtower Library on my XP computer I started getting this error message when I click to open it "The procedure entry point InetPtonW could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll." I've done a little research and from what I think I understand is the "entry point" does not exist in Windows XP and I can't get it or install it either? Anyone else know anything about this? It wouldn't be a big deal not to have it on this computer, except my Windows 10 laptop won't let me print from the Windows Libary for some strange reason (I can print from every other program on the laptop though).
  11. I turn on "Do Not Disturb" on my Android phone and I find that it doesn't affect the "media" also. So I use my volume button to bring up the Notifications, Media and System volume bars and I turn all of them down to nothing. Never a peep from anything! (The bell, the music note and the alarm clock are the icons for these three bars)
  12. shali

    The Black Plague

    Wow, they all sound so nasty! Can you imagine not talking about disease or illness EVER AGAIN! Will we even remember some of this stuff at the end of the 1000 years? I doubt many born into the new system will even conceive the concept of the "heart attack" - how does your heart attack you? How does it just stop working all of a sudden?!! What the heck is cholesteral and plaque?
  13. shali

    The Black Plague

    So what is the difference between the black plague and the bubonic plague? (in my ignorance I thought they were the same thing because the bubonic plague caused black swellings under the armpits etc. . . ., or do I have my info mixed up?)
  14. shali

    The Black Plague

    There was a case in New Mexico from flea bite recently.
  15. Wonderful how Jehovah continually gives us something special to look forward to!

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