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    My parents became Witnesses in 1940 when I was 6 yo. When I was 16yo I started regular pioneering but for only about 6 months due to health issues

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    Sewing, crafts, travel when I was able now I armchair travel, reading,
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    I like non-fiction. True adventure & biographies
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    Easy music, esp old time instrumentals, I really like the Celtic Thunder group. I enjoy classic country music. I like Kate Wolf and some of the early artists that have passed away. I DO NOT care for the modern music (noise).
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    The Straight Story, Trip to Bountiful and such movies .

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  1. My elder husband has made many calls to encourage ones. He has mentioned that the way some brothers start the visit is "What can we do to help you?" The visited ones don't know what they need! We (the visited one) just need to know that the brothers know and care about us. He has said that if the brothers carry on a conversation and show interest, then just listen, it will come out what they need. I know for myself being in this care home, I so miss the interchange with the friends at the hall. One couple that comes to see me gets real pushy about doing letter writing or telephone witnessing on a moments notice. I can't do it just like that. Many days I can hardly get out of bed let alone having an upbuilding conversation with a stranger! I'm just so glad to have someone come to see me and bring news of the congregation. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Why are we surprised to see the conditions go from "bad to worse" when "the whole world is lying in power of the wicked one." 1Jo 5:19. The thinking of Satan is totally summed up at Gal. 5:19-21 and isn't this what we are seeing everywhere we look?
  3. I have tried to figure out "What is Faith?" Then a brother on the morning worship gave a talk on what it is. Bro. Izak Marsis said he asked a young person and got an answer in one word or less.🤾‍♀️
  4. Two things I remember shows how fast BIG things can change overnight. During the "cold war" the mighty, supposed "King of the North" the Soviet Union fell overnight so to speak. That was just unheard of at the time and would have never crossed our mind. But there it was - changed to Russia. Then the second unheard of thing happened overnight. The Berlin Wall fell. At that time it was felt that it would be there "forever." Nope, it was gone. But one thing that didn't change was our own Watchtower Society. I appreciated Bro. Sanders talk since the first thing he talked about I remembered --- Bro. Rutherford's death and though I was really young and I didn't comprehend the full import of it but my parents were just coming in the truth and my mother was very upset and cried and cried. And like a little kid I wanted to know "why are you crying so much." Mom said that Bro. Rutherford died. She was distraught as to what we were going to do now! Being new in the truth, she was so afraid it would disappear now that Bro Rutherford was dead. The mature sister that studied with mom reassured her that things would just go on as they had been. She assured her that Jehovah was overseeing the work of the organization. So in hindsight the fact that Bro. Knorr was appointed worked out to be exactly what was needed to bring the organization into the modern age and look at us now. We're crying alright but it is with tears of joy. Thank You Jehovah and May Your Kingdom Come.
  5. Here is a picture of my daughter riding in a Competitive Trail Ride at Palmer, AK a week ago. They ride 25 to 30 miles a day for two days and the winner is based on the condition of the horse and the horsemanship of the rider. She was one of the top contenders as she always is. She is now 60yo and she has ridden in the ride every year for the last 43 yrs.
  6. songs Can someone tell me who put on the forum the Theocratic songs that were very restful, sounded like a music box. Thanks
  7. Excuse me. but I think you are talking about two different birds. I love to hear mourning doves. I haven't heard them for years since we do not have mourning doves in Alaska but we have lots of the other doves (pigeons) and yes they are very territorial and combative. They tend to be various colors, even white (the doves they set loose on special occasions). The mourning doves I remember looked like the pic Old attached to his note and I love to hear them on a quiet summer evening. Alas, I miss them now. There was good info about all the different kinds of doves in Wikipedia.
  8. When my husband learned the truth in the early 1950s , he had just come in from the range. He was raised on a cattle ranch and was a real cowboy who all his life had worn Levi jeans. My dad was the "company servant" and there were hardly any men in the congregation of about 15 or so publishers. So Dad decided right then and there to break this cowboy in with parts on the meeting. So true to his lifestyle he always wore his best pair of Levis, a very nice western shirt along with his best Levi jacket an of course boots. He looked very nice and this was his style until the Circuit Overseer came! The CO was nice about it but he told him he needed to wear a suit and tie. Well, he had a suit, the one he wore to funerals-so he had to pull it out and hunt up a necktie. Now he was ready for the stage. We have laughed about it since then but he went on to serve in every servant capacity except "company servant" then when the elder arrangement came in he was appointed an elder and is still in that position. He just turned 91 but his mind is not up to par to carry the elder's load but he is still loved and respected in the Congregation.
  9. This talk was so eye-opening for me. Another talk that I really appreciated was "What is Faith?" That was a morning program. I know Heb.13 tells us what it is but I wanted an explanation "in one word or less!" 😊
  10. I hate spiders. I was bit once by a black widow. There a lot of them where we lived in CO and CA. But there are none here in Alaska. Once in a while a brown recluse gets up here in somebody's luggage.
  11. We became friends with Trottigy (Jerry) and Deb when they came to visit Alaska. He was born in Fairbanks at the military base here so he wanted to come and see. We had a wonderful visit and it was like we had been lifelong friends. That's the way with all the Witnesses.....we're long lost family!!!
  12. I vividly recall what it was like before this flag salute issue was settled in 1943. I started 1st grade in Lead SD in 1940 and it wasn't so bad that year as it was in 1941 when I was in second grade. That teacher was very patriotic and insisted that we salute the flag every morning. At that young age and my parents just coming in the truth, I don't know that I really knew the whole story of what was happening and the why of it. What I really got from my parents was that JEHOVAH did not want us to bow down to the flag and I being the obedient child that I was taught all my life, I wasn't about to salute it. As a consequence every morning she took me in the coat room and spanked me. But she never succeeded in making me salute. She could have beat me and I would NOT cry--or salute! I never told my mom about it cuz dad had told me right off if I was bad and got a spanking at school, I would get another when I got home. When they finally figured out why I didn't want to go to school, Mom went with me to check it out. The teacher said "I will teach her to salute the flag" and she grabbed me, took me to the coat room and gave a hard spanking in front of mom. But I didn't cry or salute! Then my dad got involved and reported it to the school board. That was the end of the spanking but NOT the name calling by my classmates. I was the only witness in the school and the patriotic furor was really rampant. That area in SD was a hotbed of persecution for the witnesses. Several times my mom and the special pioneer sister that studied with her got hauled into the police station and in 1942 at our "Peace Can It Last" convention in Deadwood,SD a mob gathered to break up the assembly. The police quellled that and the brother on the platform said "let's go out and show them we are still here." We all donned the placards and did an information march. Being only 8 yo my placard came clear down to my feet. In the old video of "The New World Society in Action" there was a little girl about my age with a sandwich sign....almost to her feet! I was baptized at that convention and for a long time, I questioned if that would be a valid baptizm and just to be sure, I was baptized again. As a recent WT. study about young ones getting baptized, it said if one is old enough to know right from wrong, they could be baptized. That was reassuring but I have always felt a strong sense of right and wrong and especially where my worship of Jehovah is concerned. I thought the issue was long ago settled but I guess not. 🙄The book "Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution" strongly shows what went on in those days and howJWs fought for the rights we now have!
  13. Tomorrow June 1 we will celebrate being married 66 years. We have had a very busy, good life`. We have had our share of life's troubles but we always had Jehovah along with us.
  14. Talk about spiders in the outhouse--- I gotta tell you about my scary outhouse experience. A long time ago when I was a little child my cousins told me that when I went out there in the dark, the turkey or the goose would get me hence I became scared to death of the dark. Later when I was 8 or 9 we lived on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado and I still had to make a trek out back before bed--in the dark-- by myself. Needless to say, my feet hardly touched the ground all the way out and back. As I'm sitting there warming the seat, I heard the most god-awful scream that sounded like a woman screaming in terror. WHAT WAS THAT?? I wasn't gonna stick around to find out, I know I literally became airborne down the hill to the house. My mom and dad said it wasn't gonna get me, it was just a mountain lion screaming far off on the mountainside. After that I always wanted one of my folks to take me to take care of the job at hand!!
  15. FYI if any of you have to use your outhouse when it's below zero, (even 40 below) you know cold the seat is. The remedy for that is to cover the seat with a thin (1 inch) styrofoam sheet with a hole cut out of course. Instant warm!!😃 Just thought maybe youall could use that tidbit of info. We have had to deal with that so I wanted to pass this on, if this turns out to be part of your great tribulation. 😬

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