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  1. Spy poisoning: Russia 'underestimates UK allies' - Nato - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43429152 Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Nato was undergoing its biggest strengthening of collective defence since theend of the Cold War. The UK believes Russia is behind the poisoning, although Moscow denies this. Meanwhile, investigators say 131 people may have been exposed to the chemical used in the attack in Salisbury.
  2. Happy Pi Day

    It was a big pi(e)
  3. Stephen Hawking has died

    They escape suckage.
  4. Stephen Hawking has died

    Atheists like Hawking may attribute the resurrection to science but that will be short lived. The earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah at that point. Too much evidence they can see and touch to deny God then.
  5. If your TV is smart enough, you can use the screen mirroring feature without the need for a Chromecast. Just mirror straight from your device to the TV. Both devices need to be on the same network. Your pc must also be able to screen mirror. If it can't, then the Chromecast is an excellent choice.
  6. I'm seeing it on television. If it's not hit mainstream yet, it soon will. Crazy, ain't it?
  7. And this is where we enter the more gray/ambiguous/conscience matter area. Our return visit may be legally married to a same-sex partner. Legally their partner, depending on gender, is either their husband or wife. These individuals may have fought a long time for their equal rights under law. They may insist upon their marriage mate being referred to as husband or wife. They may actually be offended by someone NOT using those common terms to refer to someone's marriage mate.
  8. This is getting lost in the conversation. The reason is because Johan is referring to Bible translation in addition to common conversation. The result is two parallel conversations like a tree with a split trunk. It's difficult for some of us to separate the parallel thoughts especially when said thoughts are perceived to be supporting a movement contrary to Jehovah's standards.
  9. This is the correct course with any immoral lifestyle choice a Bible student has. You wait until the time is right, until the subject is addressed in the publication before tackling it. Before then you might mention something brief and explain you will come back to it at the appropriate time. You are laying a foundation. In literal construction you cannot replace old foundation with new unless you prop up or supported the existing structure first. You cannot build load bearing walls until first you provide a solid foundation.
  10. And, yet, that was not how the topic began. Aussie airline isn't banning the use of gender words when gender neutral words clarify the meaning. In fact, the exact opposite is being done by this Aussie airline rule. Referring to a child's parent when the mother is meant does not clarify the conversation. Likewise when referring to a parent's child when their son is the topic does not clarify the conversation.
  11. Are we referring to someone we are in conversation with or the translating of God's word? It sounds like this topic is dealing with both. They aren't necessarily the same.
  12. I don't think this is what Johan is saying. I understand his point of view is that the Slave will, perhaps, eventually, if this system goes on long enough, drop gender specific terms. Jehovah would no longer be referred to as heavenly FATHER. Jesus would no longer be the SON of God. Christ would not have BROTHERS. Those are all gender specific terms along with he, his, etc.... So Jehovah would be our heavenly PARENT. Christ would be Jehovah's CHILD. The anointed would be Jesus SIBLINGS. We would accept such term, from what I understand, if or when culture completely removes gender specific terms. I question, though, the idea that such translation would be in harmony with the spirit we hold to in translation. Remember the videos or talks we had about translating the NWT? Some cultures did not have a word for sheep so, at one time, another animal was used there. This idea was later viewed as inappropriate and we should not substitute words like that. The same was true about translating the word bread. Some cultures did not have a word for bread. The NWT committee decided that the word food was acceptable to use in this case but not some other food specific word. I don't think this system will last that long.
  13. Which cultures and/or languages would these be?

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