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  1. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    Nobody said it was going to happen overnight. Lets revisit in a year or two.
  2. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    No. You are confusing the two. The internet = the road Specific websites = the grocery store. Net neutrality laws keep the road open to all traffic. Lack net neutrality laws allow traffic to be tolled / fined/regulated at whim.
  3. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    Me too. They were talking about this on NPR today. One of the comments compared this to the deregulation of Standard Oil in the early part of last century. The commentator said (not an exact quote) "could you imagine Standard Oil promising not to raise prices (or whatever)? Look at what history shows. Then why would anyone believe the promises the big telecoms or ISPs are making when they say 'oh, we won't raise prices. We won't do what you're saying." It might take longer than a year to get this rolling but change is coming unless it gets halted by Congress. Just think about it. If your ISP is owned by the same people that own CNN, then they would rather you go get your news from CNN's website than they would you going to Al Jazeera or RT News. If your ISP is also a provider of television content, then they would rather you watch their content than say Netflix or something from another television provider. If your ISP makes a deal with Spotify or Pandora, then they want you to use those services instead of iHeartRadio. Dang! How much do you pay? I pay $60 a month for unlimited high speed Internet access. I can go to any and all websites I want for $60. Of course, Netflix and Hulu are 2 additional fees (but I don't pay for Hulu. Manchild does. We share his account and he shares our Netflix account).
  4. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    It might be limited in whatever ways they want. The graphic above was just an example. It wasn't literal. You pay $X now and can go anywhere on the internet. In the future you might pay $X but only have access to non video sites like this. Want to listen to online radio? That will cost $X+1. Want to download files? That might cost $You per Meg. Want to watch YouTube? That costs $Z Is your provider so and so? Well, so and so doesn't like your favorite news website so they will block you from going to that site. You can only use their news site. It's however they want to run the internet.
  5. Possible end to "net neutrality"

    Right. Greed. This isn't about "making it easier to ban JW.org." Satan's world already has it easy enough when the time comes to do what they want. This is all about greed. It's about people like me who have not had cable TV since 2009. I subscribe for internet through the local cable company. I watch TV online and I do not pay large cable TV bill. Now the internet cable provider can jack up my bill or make me pay more money so I can watch Netflix or Hulu. Greed is the first factor involved in everything. Follow the money
  6. When you get ready to actually start this topic, please start it in the Deep Research forum and we'll pin it like we did the collaborative reading.
  7. Ahh, not watched that part, yet. Thanks.
  8. Where is the music video? It was not in this month's broadcast.
  9. Kim of the North

    This is an understatement.
  10. Kim of the North

    The question is why can't you recognize good barabering?
  11. See the Good Land' + Index

    Version 1.0.0


    See the Good Land' + Index
  12. See the Good Land' + Index View File See the Good Land' + Index Submitter Shawnster Submitted 12/09/2017 Category Reference  
  13. "YES to gay marriage wins in Australia"

    From what I've read it sometimes has to do with brain chemistry or brain neurons. Men's and women's brains work differently in a very literal sense. In the case of (some) transgendered individuals, their brains are literally working opposite the way their physical sex/gender is.
  14. For nobody to see... Warwick is very secluded.

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