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  1. St Helena gets an airport!

    I've always been fascinated by St Helena. This is the place on Earth with the highest ratio of Witnesses to general population. With 1 Witness for every 30 people, everyone on the island knows a Witness. Odds are every brother or sister works with at least one fellow believer. You probably see a Witness every day.
  2. Storm Ophelia

    Our fellow member Annie was in the eye of the storm as it passed over Ireland. She said she was in the black area of this map. She was fine as of Noon today Eastern time. Said she couldn't stand up if she went outside, the wind was so fierce.
  3. shooting in Sweden

    As a policy statement, though, if you are posting about a news story, please link to the news story and not the Wiki entry. Plus, while Wiki is updated around the clock, it's updated by users such as you and I. It's not often the most reliable. Just look at the Wiki entry on Jehovah's Witnesses. People with an axe to grind are always editing Wiki topics and manipulating the information. Wiki is a good source for facts and figures. If you want to discuss an actual current news item, there are legitimate news sources out there to link to.
  4. Cartoon....or is it?

    No, it was not a joke. Brother Lett used the wrong word. He said immortality instead of immortality. He then stopped, turned red in embarrassment, his eyebrows shot up the highest I've ever seen, and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He then composed himself, used the correct word (Jesus has immortality) and continued his talk.
  5. shooting in Sweden

    Thanks Brandon. FYI, Wikipedia is not a news source but an encyclopedia. Here is a link to a news source. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/12/sweden-market-shooting-seven-people-injured-gunman-opens-fire/ Sweden market shooting: Police rule out terrorism after gunman opens fire in Trelleborg
  6. Wine and stuff like that

    We're yanking your chain a little, brother ;)
  7. Regards from Venezuela

    While our hearts ache for our friends in Venezuela, we want to remind everyone of the instructions we have received from the Slave. Our instructions are to donate to the world wide work. Do not earmark funds be used for specific purposes. Trust the brothers to best use donated funds. Having said that, anything you choose to do personally is your business. It's your money. Just be aware of all dangers and pitfalls. Research the options carefully, prayerfully and thoroughly before making any decision on what to mail or donate or send to these brothers and sisters in need. These friends are in desperate need, and it would be a great waste if your valuable donations did not reach them due to the greed and corruption of Satan's world that has plunged Venezuela into this disaster. Above all else, persevere in prayer as was mentioned in the Annual Meeting.

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