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  1. Shawnster

    Newsweek Cover

    When I was 16 or so the local newspaper wrote a very favorable article about the local congregation. Well, the article was about door-to-door ministry and featured both Witnesses and Mormons. They had a reporter go out in service with us for the day. He rode in the car with the group and observed. As I said, it was a very favorable article. My study instructor was referred to as "Bible thumping Tony Duer." Plenty of people do not use Bible thumping as a derogatory term.
  2. Shawnster

    Newsweek Cover

    US cover features Bernie Sanders. A more popular subject in the US than Russian persecution of Witnesses.
  3. Shawnster

    Newsweek Cover

    But it's Russia doing the poking. Until I read the article I'll reserve judgement on Newsweek. But I suspect the article is favorable. But not waterproof
  4. Shawnster

    Newsweek Cover

    So tune in tomorrow for official confirmation
  5. Because no other nations are like this. LOL Pot, meet Kettle.
  6. Shawnster

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Portrait above the bed in our hotel room
  7. Lots of inaccuracies in the part about Cyrus. First, I don't know if I'd credit David with founding Israel. Maybe that's not so much inaccurate as opinion. David did solidify Israel's boundaries, but Saul was Israel's first king and the nation was established in that region much earlier. When we're Persia and Israel enemies? How in the world does freeing Israel to rebuild the temple remotely compare with the US establishing the embassy in Jerusalem? If Trump = Cyrus, then huh? Cyrus didn't establish the temple. He allowed Israelites to do so. Israel wasn't the nation opening the embassy, the United States was. If the United States is being compared to the freed Israelites, then who do the current Israelites represent? What a dumb opinion piece. Writer had enough knowledge to be dangerous. Huh. Um. Hmm. This is a very intriguing thought and would be quite literary or poetic. History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes.
  8. Shawnster

    Chaos in Gaza

    Listening to the pro-Palestinian diplomats it's easy to see that all this really is about bruised ego and hurt feelings. Nothing significantly changed with the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem. All this is about face and perception.
  9. I'll pass that along. We swapped out the ThinkPad laptop we were using for a pc. We recently had a 3rd congregation start using our hall and the decision was to use their pc instead of our laptop. This swap out was Saturday. I don't know what type pc. We had the same problem with the laptop. Swapping hardware did not resolve issue. I know we were not using wifi on the laptop, but that doesn't mean it did not have wifi. I'll pass along the suggestions
  10. When running JW Library during the meeting we have a sound conflict when the ethernet cable is left plugged in to the computer. The audio skips and pauses. If the ethernet cable is unplugged first, then the computer booted uo, everything is fine. If the cable is left in, the cable needs unplugged and computer rebooted before the audio will play clearly. Anyone else experiencing such difficulty?
  11. Shawnster

    Yet another school shooting

    I have family in that area. Fortunately none in the schools involved. Too close for comfort, though.
  12. If the US and UK are divided on the issue, then it is really a non issue. The KotS would, by definition, be united in all major decisions.

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