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    Barrow-in-Furness, UK
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    Yes. 31 July 1970

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    My mother got the Truth in 1957 when she was called on in the door to door work. Though Dad opposed, she worked hard to bring up myself and two siblings in the way of the Truth. After a rebellious time in my teens, I finally buckled down to take the Truth seriouly and was baptized in July 1970 at a District Assembly.

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    Photography. I prefer using a good quality compact camera rather than a large DSLR. I take my camera with me every where I go and click the shutter every day. I also enjoy editing the shots and posting them on my Flickr pages. Occassonally I write poetry when the mood takes me.
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    Used to be an avid reader then stopped reading around the year 2000. However since getting a Kindle Fire HDR last year I'm getting back into reading. I read anything that takes my interest from Zane Grey to Hemmingway to Asimov to Dickens and Austen to new first time writers.
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    Gentle jazz, most mozart and Beethoven, some big band music in the style of Glenn Millar, Sinatra and Bille Holiday.

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  1. Hi David Mc. Do I know you? I was Helen Howell born at Barrow, moved to Whitehaven 1973. Mam died last year, she was Jean Lewis's study and baptised 1966.

    1. DavidMc


      Hello Helen. Yes I remember you and your sister, Linda if memory serves, and your mam. I moved into Barrow from Whitehaven in 1968 to work in the shipyard. The rest of the family, mam, dad, two younger brothers and sister, moved to Barrow later that year. My wife, Elaine, says hello. She remembers you and your family very well. Good news to hear your father is attending meetings. Our parents died a few years ago. My sister never accepted the Truth - at least up to now. William serves here as an Elder and Robert and his wife spend part of the year in Bulgaria where the need is great. Look forward to reading your posts. Bye for now.

    2. retroHelen


      Assa Marra - Glad to know you remember folks up the coast. Shame your not in our circuit any more. Miss the Barrovians - Don't miss Barrow though. hardly recognise it now, so much demolished  since we were there and all but 2 of Dad's sisters with my cousins left there now. All Mam's relations there have moved away or died now, so we are not there much these days. Grand ter here how thoo's garn on back at the auld yam.


      There's a sister in our congregation who attributes the fact she's a JW to being Witnessed to by your late Mam, It was while she was in hospital having her last daughter and your Mam was having her daughter at the same time and took the opportunity to chat/Witness to our Mags. Your Mam moved to Barrow, but left Mags address with 2 pioneers here and Mags and her Mam and sister became JW's. Mags' youngest daughter became a JW and she and her elder husband and 3 children are here in the congregation. Mags' sister is now in Jah Jireh Residential home at Maryport with her daughter (who works there) and another elderly sister from Barrow you will remember - Mary R. Small world.


      Mags lives in a big house with flats she used to let out to folk in the congregation - we lived there for a few years when we first married,  so when my husband's Mam & Dad died, she said she would 'adopt' him for a laugh - He was nearly 30!  My husband was adopted by his late parents. After their day, because they did say he had siblings, we spent 3 years and found most of them. Transpires he was the middle one of 11, so from being alone, he is Uncle and Grand Uncle to loads of folk - Good thing we don't celebrate various holidays -Would be expensive!!


      Enjoy yourself on this site - I have been on for years and it has helped my personal study and research immensly and been very encouraging when my old back injury rears up and I am housebound for weeks.

  2. Some of the Saturday morning field service group caught chatting together by a Google Street View car on Walney Island - part of our town separated from the mainland by a tidal channel crossed by a bridge. Big brother with his back to the car is one of my younger siblings; the tall brother in the white jacket is one of my nephews; the sister in the purplish coloured coat died recently after many years of faithful service; the brother with the bald spot has since left our town; and the third brother is an elder in our Cong.
  3. Were any of our bro and sis involved in the tower fire?
  4. Last Saturday afternoon I was doing an hours kiosk witnessing in the local market with a sister. Apart from my wife, it's rare for me to work with a sister. This was the second time in six months. Her usual partner had to cancel and I stood in. Reading today's text made me think about Saturday. This sister is nearing seventy years old and though classed as an older woman, I find I can't view her has a mother due to my own old age; though I do indeed see her has a sister. Never though of having to take a fresh look at this scripture until today. My own mother died a few years ago having lived to a good age. I guess she was the last sister I'll ever view as a mother.
  5. The Asus Transformer TF101 was released April 2011 with Chipset: Nvidia Tegra 2 T20. CPU: Dual-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A9. This tablet has been discontinued. In it's day it was highly rated by some reviewers, however it is now six year old technology that understandably will struggle with the latest versions of many apps. One of my nephews has a five year old Android tablet that has served him well. Alas recent app updates are proving too demanding for this older hardware. He has now obtained a previously owned two year old iPad Mini that copes well with the latest JW Library. I'm not saying there isn't a workaround for the Asus Transformer TF101's problem this time around. I am saying the day maybe fast approaching when obtaining a more recently made tablet maybe prudent. It's always sad when a piece of much loved hardworking equipment starts struggling. Even sadder when we have to say 'Good Bye' to it. Maybe it can be re-purposed. I have an old smart phone I use as a reference resource. I've loaded it with dictionaries and other reference works.
  6. Some of us like to have a transcript of the broadcasts. This entails extracting the subtitles, removing unwanted timing data, and formatting the subtitles. A piece of software I've found invaluable for doing this task with minimal effort is 'Subtitle Edit'. Subtitle Edit is a free (open source) editor for video subtitles. Latest version is available here: Http://www.nikse.dk/ 'Subtitle Edit' is a comprehensive subtitle editor. It can be daunting for a first user. Best way to get what you want in the way of formatted text is to: Load the video mp4 file into 'Subtitle Edit'. Go to the File menu and select Export. From the list that appears choose 'Plain Text...'. This strips out all the timing and other unwanted data leaving you with just the text itself. After saving you can open the text file in your favourite wordprocessor for fine tuning.
  7. My favourite is Imagine The Time. Every time my dear wife struggles in pain to walk with her stick; every time I help her into her wheelchair; every time I see her swollen painful legs; every time I see her strength and fortitude and reliance on Jehovah to do her bit in the field service; I let the words of this song run through my mind and I can see her dancing painfree at last: Imagine the time when there's no more pain, When life's so good and we are young again. Imagine the time when we're dancing out the door, Every day is better than before.
  8. I'd just like to add something to Bro Chew's advice: You may find you can not extract subtitles from videos that are specially marked as having subtitles as the subtitles are hard coded into these videos. Best result is to download the normal video - at the lowest resolution for faster download, if all you want are the subtitles - then use Bro. Chew's method or use this example: "C:\ffmpeg.exe" -i C:\xxx.mp4 -map 0:s:0 C:\xxx.srt
  9. Update to yesterday's post of a bookmark [bookmarklet] for showing the source code of web pages so you can see the alternative text for any images. I came across this bookmarklet code today, it is an enhancement to the previous code. Now you tap the bookmark, then tap on any image on the web page and a message box will pop up with the image's alternative text. Also tapping the OK in the box will put the image text onto the web page above the image. See screen grabs of this coming Sunday's Watchtower study article: So how do you get this functionality in your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone Safari web browser: Follow the instructions from my last post but this time rename the bookmark: 'Show Image alt Text'. Then use this piece of javascript in the URL box. javascript:for(var%20imCt=0;document.images[imCt];imCt++){void(document.images[imCt].onclick=function%20()%20{if(this.alt){if((window.brbanta=prompt('Image%20ALT%20text:\n(Click%20OK%20to%20insert%20this%20text%20before%20the%20image)',this.alt))&&this.parentNode){this.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createTextNode('%20'+brbanta),this);}}else{alert('There%20is%20no%20ALT%20text%20for%20this%20image');}});} Instructions: Open the web page, click the bookmarklet, click on an image to see its ALT text This bookmarklet also works on PCs and laptops running Firefox etc. Should also work on Android devices but have not tested it.
  10. When you want to see the original intent behind an image in a Watchtower or any of our publications, it's easy using a PC or a laptop. I have a Windows 7 laptop running the Firefox web browser. When viewing an image on JW.org, right-click the image and select "View Image Info" from the pop-up menu. A new window opens with the image's details. Trying to do the same using the Safari web browser running on an iPad or iPad Mini or iPhone is not as easy. However, there's no need to install apps to do the job. Here's the method I use - the method is documented on various tech web sites. Okay it takes a bit to setup but once that's done, using it is easy. Open any web page you like in Safari Bookmark it [Tap the Action icon - an open square with an arrow pointing up - and look for Bookmark] Once that's done, Tap the Bookmarks icon [An open book] a list of your bookmarks appears. Look at bottom of the pop-up for Edit Select your new bookmark Rename it: View Source In the URL area: delete the URL and paste this javascript: javascript:(function(){var a=window.open('about:blank').document;a.write('<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Source of '+location.href+'</title><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /></head><body></body></html>');a.close();var b=a.body.appendChild(a.createElement('pre'));b.style.overflow='auto';b.style.whiteSpace='pre-wrap';b.appendChild(a.createTextNode(document.documentElement.innerHTML))})(); Tap Done Now the easy part: Open a web page, let's say a study Watchtower, use the new 'View Source' bookmark and the page's source code will appear. Search through it for the image info you want. To make searching easy: Type this into the address bar: alt=" and choose 'On This Page' from the dropdown menu. A list of images with alternate text will appear. Ideal for seeing the original intent behind the image in any of our publications. Like I said it takes a bit of work to set it up, but using it is very easy, and its Free! If anyone wants to try this method and is uncertain exactly how to do it, I can post again using screengrabs.
  11. I was uncertain which text area of the interface you wished to enlarge. That's why I suggested at the end of my last post "You can look through the 'Item:' dropdown list if you want other parts of the interface changing. " Look through the dropdown list and select "Menu text" and set the "Size" to say 14 and don't forget to click the "OK "button Don't know which Windows version you use but the above works for Windows 7. Look in the "Sample" area to see if the sample changes to a size that suits you - and don't forget to click the "OK" button. Many text areas can be changed from this dialog box. If this isn't the one, then keep trying each oneuntil it works for you.
  12. I run the Watchtower Library program on a Windows 7 laptop (these instructions should apply to any version of Windows) Click the F2 button on your keyboard to bring up the 'Properties for Library' dialog box. Look for the 'Item:' dropdown list button - it has a little triangular arrow on its righthand side. From the drop down list click on 'Browser text' Use the 'Size:' dropdown to select a suitable text size. Click the 'OK' button. You can look through the 'Item:' dropdown list if you want other parts of the interface changing.
  13. I use an iPad Mini with JW Library installed. To get a closer look at details in an image I found this work around: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility Look for the Zoom option and set it ON To zoom in on an illustration, say in a WTower article, simply tap twice using three fingers. This brings up a movable magnifier. Tap twice with three fingers to make it go away.
  14. Our old Kingdom Hall, a converted church, had a large storage room behind the platform accessed by a door behind and to the right of where the speaker stood. My step-son, then in his early teens, had the job of setting out the platform microphones, which were stored in this room behind the platform. One Sunday he dutifully setout the microphones and went back into the storage room to tidy up when the door closed and the meeting started. The poor lad was now trapped in the room and, being a painfully shy person, he didn't want to make a spectacle of himself. He stayed there, peeping out by opening the door a crack, throughout the song and prayer. Finally, red faced he slunk out and took his seat, passing the amazed speaker mounting the platform.

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