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    Barrow-in-Furness, UK
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    Yes. 31 July 1970

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    My mother got the Truth in 1957 when she was called on in the door to door work. Though Dad opposed, she worked hard to bring up myself and two siblings in the way of the Truth. After a rebellious time in my teens, I finally buckled down to take the Truth seriouly and was baptized in July 1970 at a District Assembly.

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    Photography. I prefer using a good quality compact camera rather than a large DSLR. I take my camera with me every where I go and click the shutter every day. I also enjoy editing the shots and posting them on my Flickr pages. Occassonally I write poetry when the mood takes me.
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    Used to be an avid reader then stopped reading around the year 2000. However since getting a Kindle Fire HDR last year I'm getting back into reading. I read anything that takes my interest from Zane Grey to Hemmingway to Asimov to Dickens and Austen to new first time writers.
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    Gentle jazz, most mozart and Beethoven, some big band music in the style of Glenn Millar, Sinatra and Bille Holiday.

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  1. Check out http://appchasers.com they have an excellent series of videos demonstrating various aspects of using the JW app.
  2. Thank you William. We also had our RC last week. I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as we did.
  3. What type of knot do you prefer to tie your tie? I’ve been using a Four-in-hand knot since my school days; simple, quick and gives a standard look to the tie. I tried the Windsor knot for a short while during the 80s before returning to the Four-in-hand. Most common knots in our Cong are the Four-in-hand and Windsor type knots. Occasionally someone will try a fatter knot. Pocket squares are rarely seen and same goes for bow ties. Ties are one way Bros can express their personality through colour and patterns.Though some leave the choice of shirt and tie to their wife. I dislike having to re-tie my tie every time I dress. When I get a new tie and I’ve knotted it the way I prefer, I loosen the knot and slip it off over my head. Next use I slip it back over my head, cinch the knot and I’m good to go.
  4. Not at all sure what missing text you mean. I downloaded the pdf file in question that I'd uploaded and checked through it. You say there is text missing between "Brother and Sister de Rooij will be returning to the Netherlands." and "interchange of encouragement with our new group of friends..." That is a whole page missing in your copy. The copy of the file I uploaded and the file I downloaded to check both contain this 'missing' page. So not at all sure what happened to your copy of the pdf file. Please download it again and check the page is actually missing. Try opening it in a different reader. If I actually have missed out text I apologize and will be doubly careful next time I submit a pdf file.
  5. DavidMc

    iPad Full

    I too use an iPad Mini and I can't think why anyone with reasonable access to wifi would need to download so much - that's why we have the Cloud. Apart from the Toolbox and study publications, I tend to download on a need by need basis and delete when not needed. 16GB is next to nothing and leaves little room to play with even using the lowest resolution for video. May I suggest a little device I use: a HooToo brand iPhone/iPad Memory Stick 32GB USB Flash Drive - bought mine from Amazon. It comes with a free app so I just plug it into the iPad and the app fires up and I save and transfer files to and fro. Also great for transfering files between my PC laptop and the iPad.
  6. Babylon the great has fallen!: Gods kingdom rules! released in 1963. I remember studying this at the weekly book study. There was a separate questions booklet. Not one of my favorite book study books, I'm afraid. No reflection on the excellent contents of the publication, more a comment on my teenage struggle to stay with the Truth at that time. Thinking about the book study back then brought back happy memories of many old friends now asleep awaiting the resurrection.
  7. I made a formatted pdf using the subtitles of the 144th Gilead Graduation - Concluding Talk and Assignments. Here's the pdf file: 144th Gilead Graduation - Concluding Talk and Assignments.pdf
  8. JwBroadcasting app on a Roku has been updated to version 3.2 and appears to have fix the problem. We are watching it now!
  9. I love your Avatar (:P)

    1. DavidMc


      Thanks! I like the character because he reminds me of my father who died about ten years ago. I took a screen-shot from 'Geri's Game' a Pixar cartoon film about an old man playing chess. Google Geri's Game to see a YouTube video.

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Me, too! 

  10. DavidMc

    Freezing sidebar

    Have you tried switching it off and switching it on? Seriously, a complete switch off and then back on can clear the memory of debris and any gremlins that may have crept in to the tablet. Always worth a try.
  11. Talked with the elder I mentioned in my previous post and he said he had problems last Thursday, Friday and Saturday (7th 8th & 9th). Seems the glitch occurred sometime after your successful download. Anyway, I think the glitch has been fixed. Oh by the way, we have each day downloaded as separate files, sounds like you have one big single three day file - hmmm.😉
  12. Luis, Bro in our Cong had same experience downloading the Convention. This afternoon he downloaded Friday at 540p then discovered he could download Sat and Sun at 720p. Bros in charge of video will no doubt fix the glitch. Good to know it wasn’t due to faulty equipment at your end.
  13. Use Google to find a way to remove the audio.
  14. Clipping the creation scene section from the broadcast is relatively easy. Took me five minutes to complete the task. Now I have a 15.7 MB size file impossible to upload because of the 9.77MB limit on this forum. Here's a pdf file with instructions on how to do the clipping yourself. The method I used requires the free VLC media player and a laptop. Think of the fun and satisfaction from doing this yourself! [or maybe you could ask a kind friend to help you]. Yes I could extract a clip at a very low quality giving a small file size but that would defeat the purpose of enjoying these wonderful scenes of creation. Cut Videos with VLC Media Player.pdf
  15. Here's number two: JWB_-_June_2018_-_2.mp3 Here's the last file, number three: JWB_-_June_2018_-_3.mp3

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