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    Barrow-in-Furness, UK
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    Yes. 31 July 1970

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    My mother got the Truth in 1957 when she was called on in the door to door work. Though Dad opposed, she worked hard to bring up myself and two siblings in the way of the Truth. After a rebellious time in my teens, I finally buckled down to take the Truth seriouly and was baptized in July 1970 at a District Assembly.

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    Photography. I prefer using a good quality compact camera rather than a large DSLR. I take my camera with me every where I go and click the shutter every day. I also enjoy editing the shots and posting them on my Flickr pages. Occassonally I write poetry when the mood takes me.
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    Used to be an avid reader then stopped reading around the year 2000. However since getting a Kindle Fire HDR last year I'm getting back into reading. I read anything that takes my interest from Zane Grey to Hemmingway to Asimov to Dickens and Austen to new first time writers.
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    Gentle jazz, most mozart and Beethoven, some big band music in the style of Glenn Millar, Sinatra and Bille Holiday.

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  1. AppChasers is a site run by friends and has some good tutorial videos relating to iPad / iPhone and JW-Library app. Check here for a video on 'How to Use the JW Library App Part 5: Notes and Backup' http://appchasers.com/2017/05/09/how-to-use-the-jw-library-app-part-5-notes-and-backup/ It's where I learned how to backup my iPad notes, highlights, and favorites to the cloud then restore to my iPhone.
  2. I made a pdf using the subtitles so I can read it on my iPad. Here's the pdf file for anyone who would like it. What impressed us was the delivery of the talk. Robert Luccioni was talking about increasingly tough times and persecution, yet his manner was one of confidence and not one of gloom and despondency. Principles for Persecution.pdf
  3. Thank you for this question, Bro János. I love books - the weight, the feel, the smell and the excitement of opening a new book. Even so, when it comes to study I'm a pragmatist, I need to utilise my time, energy and resources to best effect. I use an iPad for all my studying, Bible reading and personal reading using mainly a combination of JW Library app and PDF Expert app. Have not used a paper Bible, paper Work Book, paper magazines, paper anything for three years - [excepting field service placements]. My wife, for whom studying was a chore, now loves her personal study times using her iPad. Backing-up all my notes etc from my main iPad to the Cloud is a simple tap-tap on the screen. I then restore these notes for use on to my iPhone. Later this year, when I upgrade to a new iPad, I'll use the latest back-up to restore all my notes to the new device. Again an easy tap-tap process on the screen. I've just been looking at my first ever study book, now looking old and somewhat battered with use and age. Mother came back from an assembly where she was baptised and gave me a copy of 'Let God Be True' 2nd edition, the one with the brown cover. She wrote in it a scripture: Prov 2:1-5, my name and the date - 6th June 1958. It was a month shy of my 7th birth date. Over the years I've come to appreciate the wisdom of that scripture. I can see my first childish attempts at underlining and marginal notes, written using what ever pen or pencil came to hand at the time. Mother encouraged me to list important scriptures, using headings, on the blank pages at the very end of the book. None of these, and all the subsequent notes made in the many books and Bibles I've used over the years, would be transferable without the laborious and time consuming process of hand copying - a chore I never attempted. Okay, iPads may or may not be around for long in the New World, but for now many of us are taking full advantage of these electronic devices to make best use of our time and energy resources. You seem to be a studious brother and you have worked out a method of keeping notes that suits you. It's good for us all to keep in mind whatever means we use, notes are a means not an end: Prov 2:10 remains true whether we use paper, iPad or an combination of the two. '...wisdom shall come into your heart and knowledge be delicious to your soul.' - Byington. long may you enjoy the feast!
  4. Using the subtitles of the video The Word of God Is Not Bound - Nicholas Ahladis. I formatted and produced a pdf file for my own use to read on my iPad and iPhone. Here's the file for any who would like a copy: The Word of God is Not Boundl.pdf
  5. Made a formatted pdf file using the subtitles so I can have the talk on my iPad. Here's the pdf file for any who may like a hard copy of the talk. Following Directions Saves Lives - Christopher Mavor.pdf
  6. Here's a formated pdf file of the talk for those who prefer this format. George Aljian Coping With the Plague of Your Heart.pdf
  7. My cryptic crossword fix today included this clue: God cut grass up. (6) Answer: YAHWEH
  8. Had think back to the early 1950s to before mother got the Truth. Each night she would tuck me into bed and recite the hymn: "Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Look upon a little child." by Charles Wesley. I found it comforting and, though not a Bible verse, it has stuck with me all these years. Then when I started school the first actual scripture I can recall remembering was Matthew 6:9-13 from the old King James Version: "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name." Then mother got the Truth when I was 6 years old and along with my two younger brothers we would attend the Kingdom Hall. One evening when I was about eight years old, along with the middle brother, we walked to the Kingdom Hall, and I'd arranged it so he carried my Bible. When he realised he was carrying my Bible he set it down in the road and walked off saying in a loud voice: "Each one will carry his own load." So Galatians 6:5 was his first consciously remembered scripture and it became mine too. As I grew up it reminded me to take responsibility for my own actions.
  9. I used this on-line site: https://subtitletools.com/convert-subtitles-to-plain-text-online to change the vtt file into a plain text (.txt) file. You can then read using any program that read plain text files. I loaded it into Word on my laptop and removed all the quotation marks and otherwise made it readable. Hope this helps you.
  10. I enjoyed the point at the 5Min 50sec mark when the brother says that young ones are stepping out of the boat and walking on water.
  11. Hi David Mc. Do I know you? I was Helen Howell born at Barrow, moved to Whitehaven 1973. Mam died last year, she was Jean Lewis's study and baptised 1966.

    1. DavidMc


      Hello Helen. Yes I remember you and your sister, Linda if memory serves, and your mam. I moved into Barrow from Whitehaven in 1968 to work in the shipyard. The rest of the family, mam, dad, two younger brothers and sister, moved to Barrow later that year. My wife, Elaine, says hello. She remembers you and your family very well. Good news to hear your father is attending meetings. Our parents died a few years ago. My sister never accepted the Truth - at least up to now. William serves here as an Elder and Robert and his wife spend part of the year in Bulgaria where the need is great. Look forward to reading your posts. Bye for now.

    2. retroHelen


      Assa Marra - Glad to know you remember folks up the coast. Shame your not in our circuit any more. Miss the Barrovians - Don't miss Barrow though. hardly recognise it now, so much demolished  since we were there and all but 2 of Dad's sisters with my cousins left there now. All Mam's relations there have moved away or died now, so we are not there much these days. Grand ter here how thoo's garn on back at the auld yam.


      There's a sister in our congregation who attributes the fact she's a JW to being Witnessed to by your late Mam, It was while she was in hospital having her last daughter and your Mam was having her daughter at the same time and took the opportunity to chat/Witness to our Mags. Your Mam moved to Barrow, but left Mags address with 2 pioneers here and Mags and her Mam and sister became JW's. Mags' youngest daughter became a JW and she and her elder husband and 3 children are here in the congregation. Mags' sister is now in Jah Jireh Residential home at Maryport with her daughter (who works there) and another elderly sister from Barrow you will remember - Mary R. Small world.


      Mags lives in a big house with flats she used to let out to folk in the congregation - we lived there for a few years when we first married,  so when my husband's Mam & Dad died, she said she would 'adopt' him for a laugh - He was nearly 30!  My husband was adopted by his late parents. After their day, because they did say he had siblings, we spent 3 years and found most of them. Transpires he was the middle one of 11, so from being alone, he is Uncle and Grand Uncle to loads of folk - Good thing we don't celebrate various holidays -Would be expensive!!


      Enjoy yourself on this site - I have been on for years and it has helped my personal study and research immensly and been very encouraging when my old back injury rears up and I am housebound for weeks.

  12. Some of the Saturday morning field service group caught chatting together by a Google Street View car on Walney Island - part of our town separated from the mainland by a tidal channel crossed by a bridge. Big brother with his back to the car is one of my younger siblings; the tall brother in the white jacket is one of my nephews; the sister in the purplish coloured coat died recently after many years of faithful service; the brother with the bald spot has since left our town; and the third brother is an elder in our Cong.
  13. Were any of our bro and sis involved in the tower fire?
  14. Last Saturday afternoon I was doing an hours kiosk witnessing in the local market with a sister. Apart from my wife, it's rare for me to work with a sister. This was the second time in six months. Her usual partner had to cancel and I stood in. Reading today's text made me think about Saturday. This sister is nearing seventy years old and though classed as an older woman, I find I can't view her has a mother due to my own old age; though I do indeed see her has a sister. Never though of having to take a fresh look at this scripture until today. My own mother died a few years ago having lived to a good age. I guess she was the last sister I'll ever view as a mother.
  15. The Asus Transformer TF101 was released April 2011 with Chipset: Nvidia Tegra 2 T20. CPU: Dual-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A9. This tablet has been discontinued. In it's day it was highly rated by some reviewers, however it is now six year old technology that understandably will struggle with the latest versions of many apps. One of my nephews has a five year old Android tablet that has served him well. Alas recent app updates are proving too demanding for this older hardware. He has now obtained a previously owned two year old iPad Mini that copes well with the latest JW Library. I'm not saying there isn't a workaround for the Asus Transformer TF101's problem this time around. I am saying the day maybe fast approaching when obtaining a more recently made tablet maybe prudent. It's always sad when a piece of much loved hardworking equipment starts struggling. Even sadder when we have to say 'Good Bye' to it. Maybe it can be re-purposed. I have an old smart phone I use as a reference resource. I've loaded it with dictionaries and other reference works.

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