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    Well, my mother found the truth first, and well, mothers know best!

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    What a nerd! I like reference books like Atlas' and dictionaries. Well, I also like historical novels such as A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, which I've just finished reading.
    But my top priority, of course, is trying to keep up with the spiritual material and Bible reading.
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    Stuck in the eighties, Brit new age, and some vocaloid from Japan at the moment.
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    Great Gatsby, Far from the Madding Crowd
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    "No life before coffee."

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  1. hatcheckgirl

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I too think that's marvellous. How right down to the last dregs of this system we are still able to function with much of our abilities is a testament to our wonderful Creator.
  2. Yes, so did I. I can't really give any further info since I don't know exactly the circumstances. But, like Tony said, that MediaID.bin is needed with any backup, so if you do move the backup file, move that also with it. Similar info says: MediaID.bin is a file created as a result of your backup. If you move your backup files to any other location, make sure you copy mediaID.bin along with it. If you've already backed up, you should be able to safely delete it. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/what-is-mediaidbin-and-why-is-it-hogging-up-all/2fa1675d-fc5d-466c-9c97-3d795c254570 When a backup is created on a volume on a hard disk, a file called mediaid.bin is added to the root of the volume. Your backup folder is there as well. If you move your backup folder but forget to move the mediaid.bin file, Windows Vista won’t recognize your backup. Our advice is to not move backups, and if you do, be sure to copy the mediaid.bin file. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2007/05/24/confused-about-restoring-a-file-from-a-backup-in-windows-vista-read-this/
  3. Mais, c'est différent s'il y a du fromage! Je viens! (Excusez-moi - my Frenglish is quite elementary).
  4. Well, invite me and I'll come! J'aime beaucoup Paris et mon frères et soeurs! But unfortunately, Australia is not invited, malheureusement! 😥
  5. I'm finding harder and harder to feel encouraged in my day to day living - going to work with worldly people and living in a divided household is just so sapping. There's just too much to bring us down in the world. It is no wonder we feel refreshed and encouraged at our meetings. No wonder we need to pull together more, now that these last days are close to finishing. Jehovah knew we'd need each other. Please stay kind to each other, friends. 💕
  6. hatcheckgirl

    Social Credit - China, who's next?

    You can see how awful this is going to be for the brothers there. You can’t escape such intrusive surveillance.
  7. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-18/china-social-credit-a-model-citizen-in-a-digital-dictatorship/10200278 With cameras everywhere, all it takes is for countries to follow China's example and control its citizens by awarding social points for good social behaviours, or punishing citizens with reducing their social credit score. This will deny them access to travel, jobs and good schools etc. Big Brother actually has come true! China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, “social credit” will bring privileges — for others, punishment. My goodness, doesn't Rev 13:16, 17 sound eerily true now. It puts under compulsion all people—the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves—that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead, and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.
  8. hatcheckgirl

    Needles in strawberries

    Apples now.... 😫 https://www.sbs.com.au/news/woman-reportedly-finds-needle-inside-apple-sold-at-sydney-supermarket?cx_cid=edm:newspm:2019
  9. hatcheckgirl

    Needles in strawberries

    https://www.sbs.com.au/news/strawberry-crisis-can-food-sabotage-be-stopped?cx_cid=edm:newsam:2019 The ongoing scare around needles in strawberries will force the local food industry to rethink how they prevent "food sabotage", according to a food science and agribusiness expert.... Consequently, the businesses will now have to consider and plan for "intentional attacks". "It's a shock and it means we are going to see fresh produce [in particular] start to look at vulnerabilities [within their chain]." They can't guarantee anything in this world. I know I took it for granted our food was safe(ish). But you can't stop deliberate sabotage - such evilness only Jehovah can stop.
  10. hatcheckgirl

    Needles in strawberries

    That's what they've said to do - cut them up before eating. Still, I walked sadly passed the reduced price strawberries.... like most consumers.
  11. hatcheckgirl

    Needles in strawberries

    The Adelaide ones came from Gingin. So something’s not right. I’ve noticed too strawberry prices are very low.
  12. hatcheckgirl

    Needles in strawberries

    Absolutely. The worrying thing is that the nature of the strawberry industry means they must still be picked, or the vines will stop producing. Farmers have no income to pay for pickers. Next year there won’t be many strawberries. So damaging to the industry. Apart from that, copy-cat needles are appearing in other states. What fruit is safe?
  13. In Queensland last week, a sewing needle was found in a strawberry punnet sold in supermarkets. Police are treating this as a disgruntled ex-worker's revenge. They recalled several brands of strawberries and that has left farmers in the lurch in the peak strawberry growing season. They are destroying and dumping all the fruit. The sweetest strawberries are now! Copy cat needles in strawberries were found in other cities, including Sydney. Now Adelaide has also had a sewing needle found in a punnet of strawberries which were grown in Western Australia. How very sickening to think people are so demented to injure others with needles in our food. Strawberries now, but what next? There is understandably a large reward offered. But with the copy-cat idiots, how does one stop this? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-16/contaminated-strawberries-in-punnet-bought-in-adelaide-hills/10253528
  14. hatcheckgirl

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Now this is unusual. Magnitude 5.6 earthquake has hit the South Western Australian town of Walpole, about 430km south of Perth at around 1pm today. Apparently it was felt as far away as Perth, but not by me . Others close to the epicentre reported noise "like a huge underground explosion". Thankfully only minor damage to some homesteads as it is a very sparsely populated area. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-16/earth-tremor-rocks-southern-wa-town-of-walpole/10253364
  15. hatcheckgirl

    Post a picture... Any picture

    That's quite spectacular, Greg! (Welcome back, btw). I never saw such depth of colour when I was there. Are you on the Rialto bridge?

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