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  1. So very sad. No wonder out spiritual food is so urgent. Just hang in there! Look at the big picture! Stay close to Jehovah. Many prayers will be said for out sister's family and congregation to not be overwrought with sadness, and keep our hope alive.
  2. Gut wrenching to hear this random violence happening, anywhere it is occurring throughout Europe and spreading elsewhere. May our brothers in Spain help those who need comfort at this time, to find real answers and hope for future without craziness and in peace.
  3. The level of utter violence is unbelievable, and even though we know why (because it was prophesied to be the worst of times as marking the last days of this system), it is still so shocking. Mentally it is hard to manage this on a almost daily basis. Keeping close to our Father is the only way through this. We just don't know when this sort of random violence will happen in our neighbourhoods too, and it hits closer to home or even personally. No wonder people are getting faint out of fear, without hope. Even if we grieve over loss, we can gain deep comfort in knowing why it's happening and that Jehovah will undo all the harm and fulfil Rev 21:4, 5.
  4. Actually no, and good question Sheyz. We have some members here from Philippines ( Alexa) who might know. You might want to start a separate thread about this. We are going off-topic about that here in this thread.
  5. Nah, felt nothing. Do you know where in Western Australia? It's a big state.
  6. I'm so sad seeing it on the news now, because we know now that the mainstream has picked it up it means it is really bad and "newsworthy". But hearing from our brother Daniel how Jehovah has been sustaining all our faithful brothers and sisters all this time, I know that our family will come through this. Praying always for your endurance to continue and for strength and comfort from Jehovah.
  7. Thank you Bro Neil. May Jehovah give you a "well-done" sticker for always encouraging us! You remind me about Job, who even though he was suffering said this about helping others who were down: "I would strengthen you with the words of my mouth and the consolation of my lips would bring relief" Job 16:5. Your posts bring relief. It is true that there is much to be said in helping others find comfort, for that helps us too. In our WT this week in par 14, it even describes our ministry as "therapy", because we are reaching out to help others. It said "when we show loving personal interest in others, we may actually let go of some of our own negative feelings". Nice one, Neil
  8. Interesting bio here: http://russia-ic.com/people/general/c/608 "Chistyakov spent about a year in prison and then was sent for compulsory treatment in psychiatric clinic, where spent one more year. In 1995 Fyodor Chistyakov joined the religious organization of Jehovah Witnesses, which literally rescued him, according to the musician himself. In 1997 Fyodor Chistyakov started his solo career." They can say Jehovah's Witnesses "brainwashed" him, but hey, if that's what it takes to turn your life around.... Good on you brother! I like his music.
  9. Ross, I've always thought of you as the gif Queen of JWTalk
  10. My dearest brother Daniel, it is with great sadness I am reading your posts. But also with much admiration for the faith you are showing in keeping close to Jehovah, attending your meetings and going witnessing despite deplorable conditions. You brothers and sisters there in Venezuela show us how to do it. Thank you for your updates. We worry about our brothers and sisters there, so we welcome your news. I know our dearest Father is showing tender protection for you, and hope soon we will be at the end of this. My prayers are added to all who join in petitioning Jehovah for your sakes. Much love, brother.
  11. These are from my recent trip to Singapore:
  12. Can't do egg. From a bad experience as a child being forced to eat coddled egg... But I can eat egg as an ingredient, like on crumbed meats, in cakes etc. Can't do snails either. Though I've eaten a large sea snail in Japan as part of the Kaiseki meal one has at Ryokans.
  13. My wonderful trip to Singapore has ended, but the endearing memories of visiting the brothers there as well as experiencing amazing sights and food will linger fondly.  Thank you brother! :D

    1. Gregexplore


      Now, photos please :)

    2. hatcheckgirl


      It's a fiddle to put up photos, as mine are all over the upload limit.  But I've put up a few to show the divergence this lovely city has - modern, historical, tropical.

      In this thread: http://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/18529-so-thats-where-you-went-tell-us-about-your-travels/?do=findComment&comment=489053


  14. I'd like to add on top of all these great ideas, the idea to travel and explore all earth's wondrous landscapes - really marvel at Jehovah's creation.