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  1. Post a picture... Any picture

    I don't see many snakes either. They tend not to like us, so they keep out of our way. Still have to be alert, of course, when bushwalking. I like it when the wildlife joins us on witnessing. We have rural blocks as part of our territory, and bandicoots scurry past when we are at the doors. They are also known as quendas. Like a rat, but cuter! http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/quendas-battling-bandicoots-hang-on-in-perth-suburbs-20141225-12dub2.html
  2. Security certificates being out of date can be the cause of the problem on the above devices, as Vern noted in post #17. It will affect the devices, from ipad minis to smart tvs for jw.org and broadcasting, and therefore explains why other sites on the internet work fine.
  3. Just in case this is related to issues in this thread, Rocket posted this solution in another thread. (Worth a try!)
  4. Different, but possibly related problem with mum’s smart tv too. She suddenly couldn’t use tv.jw.org, though she could load YouTube and other websites. Hope this fixes it too.
  5. Western Victoria Bushfires

    Do you know anymore from the brothers and sisters affected in Western Victoria?
  6. Trying it out in Perth too! https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/passengers-give-thumbs-up-for-driverless-bus-ng-23861a4c2156a46452f1674d036c853d
  7. Western Victoria Bushfires

    I should add that NSW also suffered a very destructive bushfire over the weekend too. A bushfire in Tathra, near the southern coast town of Bega was badly affected - 69 homes at least lost. No one so far has died from either state, thank goodness. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-19/nsw-bushfire-eases-at-tathra-firefighters-count-homes-lost/9561734 (the worst cyclone to hit Darwin in 30 years also happened - that's for another thread - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-19/tropical-cyclone-marcus-clean-up-continues/9561930). Been a bad weekend.
  8. That was a very interesting article, and a good explanation of what happens to our DNA throughout our lives. I know the article only touches on telomeres to explain the process, but I found this part interesting: Normally, telomeres shrink with age, the idea being that each time a chromosome is copied during cell division, the process chips away at that cap. Shortened or frayed telomeres are largely thought to be responsible for age-related cellular breakdown. But Kelly’s telomeres elongated in space … and then quickly shrank to their original lengths after he returned to Earth. That these structures exhibit such flexibility is intriguing and potentially quite consequential, says Bailey, whose lab studied Kelly’s telomeres. Just shows the complexity and marvel of our bodies, how Jehovah has created us. Whatever the consequences of the flexibility of our telomeres have on extending our lives, we will one day have the privilege of finding out when Jehovah explain it all to us. Unlike potential pseudo news, like Thesauron mentioned, sending us all into outer space to live longer.
  9. From the article: On March 8, Incheon District Court sentenced a Jehovah's Witnesses conscientious objector to 18 months in jail.On the same day, an Ulsan district court gave a not guilty ruling.The first acquittal of a religious conscientious objector came in 2004 and 17 had been found not guilty by 2016. However, last year 45 objectors were acquitted, putting more pressure on higher courts for a final ruling. The brothers have organised a petition addressing this. From jw.org: After the highly publicized meeting, Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Korea organized a campaign to collect signatures on petitions addressed to the president. The government’s policy of punishing conscientious objectors with imprisonment has deeply affected generations of Witnesses. Since President Moon has directed his administration to respond to petitions from the country’s citizens, the petitions request the president’s help to find a solution to the problem that conscientious objectors have faced for some 70 years. https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/south-korea/petition-president-resolve-conscientious-objection-issue/ The brothers have been so faithful for so long. Praying that the petition may result in relief for them.
  10. Native animals where you live.

    Kangas live down the road from me, about 2 km away in the hills. I've seen them on my walks, but you have to be very early/late in the day as they come out at dawn/dusk. Here are some on the property I stayed on at Margaret River, southern WA. And the kookaburras wake me up in the morning. Very nice! No pics tho.
  11. Western Victoria Bushfires

    Yes, just reading the latest on abc.net. Pictures really look eerie! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-18/victoria-bushfire-evacuation-alert/9560098 Started by lightning strike...fanned by high winds....
  12. Western Victoria Bushfires

    I'm just trying to get my head around how big the area is. Those winds will whip it up and send it far and wide. Hate that about summer, bushfires.
  13. Western Victoria Bushfires

    Oh dear! It's such a big area affected, I knew our brothers would have to be affected. What area was your friend? Shame That's such a lovely part of Vic to visit. I just never get to go out of Melbourne when I head that way. You ok?
  14. Looks like a very bad bushfire has flared up in Western Victoria. Houses are lost and many properties have been impacted. Locations that may be affected include Warrnambool, Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne, Traralgon, Moe, Bairnsdale, Mt Buller and Mt Hotham. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-18/victoria-bushfire-evacuation-alert/9560098 Stay safe brothers and sisters!
  15. Post a picture... Any picture

    How clever are they! Wow! Instinctively clever and sneaky.

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