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    Well, my mother found the truth first, and well, mothers know best!

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    What a nerd! I like reference books like Atlas' and dictionaries. Well, I also like historical novels such as A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, which I've just finished reading.
    But my top priority, of course, is trying to keep up with the spiritual material and Bible reading.
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  1. hatcheckgirl

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Sick though, isnt it? This world is set up so the only way to get compensation is for victims to sue if no one is responsible. And the shooter is dead.
  2. hatcheckgirl

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    Are the victims also suing The Mandalay Bay hotel, I wonder....
  3. hatcheckgirl

    Northern Territory

    That reaction was for the snake. And the wonders of creation.
  4. hatcheckgirl

    What's the economy like where you live?

    The Australian economy is quite fragile underneath, just as all are in this system. We get buffeted by the Asian markets, dominated by China - since we are heavily reliant on trade with them. China sneezes, we catch the cold. And then we are also strongly influenced by US markets. Europe less so. Australia missed the worst of the GFC back in 2008 because of her mining industry, and savings by the government during the good years. But since then, personal debt - credit cards and home loans - and rampant government spending, are higher than they safely should be. It will really hurt when the next economic disturbance lurches the world as there is no "fat" left in the economy. Redundancies from well-paid jobs is a common thing now. Unlike our brothers, who have a simpler, more flexible approach, worldly people with good job credentials who are unemployed find it harder than ever to find work again.
  5. hatcheckgirl

    Northern Territory

    Really great pics, Gabe! What a bonza of a trip!
  6. hatcheckgirl

    Fur Babies

    Yeah, haa haa! ☕
  7. hatcheckgirl

    Fur Babies

    @GeordieGirl I’ll buy them next time I’m in Cannington. Chances are, she'll balk at the good stuff too 😹. So then I can at least pass it on to you with your less fussy moggies 😻😸. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  8. hatcheckgirl

    Fur Babies

    I know I should be doing this...... naughty me 😪.
  9. hatcheckgirl

    Fur Babies

    Bit more background regarding Stella - she's 13 yrs old, has been an indoor cat only for 7 years now, is fragile psychologically (she was a dumped kitten from a feral mother and I rescued her). I have to be super gentle with this one, and she is very affectionate with me only, scared to death of everything and everyone else. The wet food and mince is usually tasted, and then rejected. Sometimes she'll even eat it, so I get excited and buy her more of that brand, only to have it left on the plate. She is happy eating dry, it doesn’t want to be out of her comfort zone (my bedroom) for too long, so eats a bit and then retreats back to her “bunker”. That is why I feed her wet food at night when the house is quiet. Thanks for your comments. They’ve been helpful. I’ve been slack with the cat grass since it died off. Best get another pot or two.
  10. hatcheckgirl


    Well, how good is that? Thanks for sharing! I never knew about this.
  11. hatcheckgirl

    Who on here programs?

    Oh yes, I remember learning to code using punch cards on a PDP/11. I was pretty hopeless, and they only gave us three chances to get the programs right (computer time was valuable at the data centre). I really hated getting the syntax wrong when the logic was correct. It was so disheartening.
  12. hatcheckgirl

    Who on here programs?

    Me too. I studied programming after I left High School, thinking it would be a good fit for pioneering. So I skipped Uni and did a TAFE course and learned BASIC and COBOL. I finished that in a year instead of 4 years at Uni. My first job was at IBM, where I learned assembler and was a service rep for DOS, including Series/1, and VM. Back then, as was already mentioned, the machines were mainframes, the disk drives were housed in aircond rooms, and the tape decks were used to ship our code fixes (we call them updates now). But then, I decided to pioneer, and IBM did not have part-time work (career jobs do not do part time). They invented a part-time position for me as the technical librarian, and so I pioneered until I married and babies came along. Around this time the PCs came in, and I never went back to programming or anything techie.
  13. Wide open fields. I didn't know Oregon was like this. Here is Gooseberry Hill KH in the Perth Hills. Two congs meet here - Kalamunda and Wattle Grove. https://goo.gl/maps/aGm2uYjPYYE2 (it's in there somewhere). https://goo.gl/maps/MSmhJngUUAH2 (the gum trees out the front, with a verandah all around, still hard to google map pic it)
  14. hatcheckgirl

    Fur Babies

    Any hints for fussy eaters? Mine prefers only dry food, which is not good for her deteriorating kidneys. But if I didn't give her a small bit per day, she would prefer to starve. Tried all sorts of cons to help her eat wet food, but she just licks it. A bit. Then walks away. Mince is her preferred meal after dry food. I don't think she likes fish much. I waste a lot of cat food on her. No idea how she keeps living with the small amount she eats.
  15. What could be more natural than feeding your baby as Jehovah intended? I know it isn’t possible at times, but we all know that if possible, that is the best way to feed your baby. According to to this article https://www.sbs.com.au/news/us-stuns-world-health-officials-by-opposing-breastfeeding the US feels corporate interest come first. It threatened weaker nations who were sponsoring the UN resolution on the benefits of breastfeeding. Eventually the resolution passed with Russian backing. “The confrontation was the latest example of the Trump administration siding with corporate interests on numerous public health and environmental issues.... It's making everyone very nervous, because if you can't agree on health multilateralism, what kind of multilateralism can you agree on?"

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