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    Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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    I was serving a 10 year sentence and in my second year I had the privilege of overhearing a conversation where God had a name. I never knew that. I spoke to the young man and that day borrowed every Jehovah's Witness publication he had and read. July 2002 heard Jehovah's name, January 10, 2003 personal dedication, and on September 4th, 2003 I was again privileged, to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses....

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    Studying, any wholesome association with Jehovah's Family, puzzles, hippos, (used to be cartoons), nature, wanting to travel, would love to witness in other countries (areas), eating (restaurants), experiencing adventures.... (I do enjoy my (our)ministry.)
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    Bible :) Before learning the truth I was not a reader.
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    (Dance.) Both victory songs, the best life ever, myriads of brothers, Jehovah is your name....
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    Decency is the boundary for tolerance.

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  1. Agreed!!! Just shared that exact sentiment with the Wife and a Sister this morning. Overwhelmingly loved the theme. I have "happily" cried on every one, and I want to believe that there will be ONE that I will not cry on or have my chest get all tight --- or not.
  2. The wife and I just watched using American Sign Language....
  3. Love it like always. The wife and I just got done with part 1. Every talk was inticing, thought provoking and enjoyably uplifting. Have to watch again (without wife ) because we talked through every talk . Spiritual gems - wonderful appetizer.
  4. I am so sorry. And, yes, I have yet to have experienced (what I believe to be) such a big test (or I may be wrong). But, I do know that I always, constantly fail the smaller test.... For some reason I do feel so sad.
  5. I agree! Even though I have stated the same sentiments twice - YOU have up built me. About to go to work now. Thank you.
  6. I down loaded this and the wife and I listened to it this morning while getting ready for service (visited the old congregation because they have circuit overseer). The wife said "I need to here that again. Someone needs to do that talk now, people need to hear that because he was so direct." Then we just started talking about how the times are different because we are encouraged to be more tactful now. Back then they had to be more direct, forceful. But she truly feels some (most) people today need to be hit with that tornado of a talk.
  7. The Brotherhood (the Governing Body, Bethalites, Elders, PIONEERS, (new) Publishers - the entire association of brothers). For someone who sticks and depends ONLY on himself the greatest gift that our God Jehovah has given (other than his first born) is what his son Christ Jesus gave, THE CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION - JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. Mr 10:29, 30 I may not speak much but I continually thank Jehovah for y'alls expressions of LOVE. This Organization is in CONTRAST to EVERY aspect of Satan's world AND that is AMAZING to me. ...AND WHY DID JEHOVAH DRAW ME TO HIS SON??? AMAZING - If only I could see what Jehovah SEES!

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