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    I didn't find it, it found me and for that I am eternally thankful that our great God Jehovah didn't throw in the towel for how many times I fell flat on my face...

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    Ph 3:8 Why, for that matter, I do indeed also consider all things to be loss on account of the excelling value of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. On account of him I have taken the loss of all things and I consider them as a lot of refuse, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in union with him, having, not my own righteousness, which results from law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness that issues from God on the basis of faith, 10 so as to know him and the power of his resurrection and a sharing in his sufferings, submitting myself to a death like his, 11 [to see] if I may by any means attain to the earlier resurrection from the dead.

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  1. Calling Jehovah 'Daddy'

    While I have never referred to Jehovah as Dad, Daddy etc, I have referred to him as Papa, even as recently as this evening. In reference to my jumping up on his lap like a little girl would, asking him to tell me a story or tell me something he wishes to convey to me personally, like a papa (father) and I would listen with love and affection. While I respect each of your opinions, I find it troublesome the attitudes coming from this thread. Saddening actually, because you are imputing a wrong motive. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2009247 I'm sure the jews would have said the same thing if they had heard Jesus using the word abba because it was mostly used by small children. Some of us aren't using a specific word to be disrespectful, but rather to speak on a personal and intimate level with Jehovah, someone whom we belong to, we aren't being casual or rude, rather we are expressing a heart felt feeling in a word which we feel describes that feeling. Motive matters. We aren't forgetting he is the most high, or not acknowledging who we are speaking to is also our Creator, Universal Sovereign AND Father. I could say a lot more, but frankly I'm so peeved at some of the comments I'd best just walk away.
  2. I can't read any other languages yet, but maybe soon. I can only contribute in English at this time
  3. I love this picture and the other recently depicted where Jesus leads his angels and the 144,000 into battle. I hate what they are doing to my brothers and sisters and I hate this system and all it stands for. I want to be patient, I want to wait for Jehovah but I am also crying out WHEN and how much longer will you make me witness this badness? I can imagine my grandchildren in the children above and how afraid they'd be, and it just makes my heart sick.
  4. Collaborative singing our songs

    I will join in too, just signed up. Any song is fine.
  5. Love this. Timely too, it's easy to get caught up in the competitive spirit of this world. I just love these videos, and I love being able to teach my grandchildren with them. I learn just as much as they do, because how the parents parent shows me things I can use. Plus I have to confess, always have loved cartoons. He sure is!
  6. Discord / group chat

    signed up, am Cerebral Ecstasy
  7. Safe Rollercoasting

    Yep LOL!
  8. Safe Rollercoasting

    There's research that shows the jarring motion of the coaster can cause serious issues in otherwise healthy individuals. I used to love riding them, but after finding that little tidbit out I haven't since. Give Google Scholar a search to read them for yourself.
  9. Dealing with Phone Scammers--HELP!!! Needed

    I'm one hundred percent serious about witnessing. They will either hang up quickly, or listen. Either way you win. I had a door to door salesman come in to our offices and he wouldn't shut up, so I directed the conversation toward the kingdom. I figured he'll either be interested or leave. Sadly, he left. I of course wasn't selling the kingdom, but I did think wouldn't it be something if the fellow came into the truth lol!
  10. Dealing with Phone Scammers--HELP!!! Needed

    Start witnessing to them.
  11. Extreme weather in Melbourne

    May Jah keep you all safe.
  12. Kiwi Test

    Not moving any time soon, unless someone is willing to tutor me in New Zealandnese... 2/11
  13. The book was really good, once I have a regular keyboard I will discuss more about my comments above. I read through the entire book just now. I quite enjoyed the dialogue, and it was a nice take on how you seen the future unfolding. I have to ask, who of the characters did you most closely identify with? I also have another question I'm going to message you over.
  14. My thought from chapter 6.....ignore if you wish. Tobacco plants will likely prove to be medicinal in some manner, and SOMEONE had doggone well better tell my mother she isn't smoking it, or they will get a gold embossed letter....with the words 'posted to Siberia' LOL 8000 years.... longer than man has been has been alive... my brain disconnected here, I switched from a plausible, enjoyable frame of mind to scientifically critical...I may have to revisit this as part of my personal study.
  15. Thomas (Matt?) Just wondering if you would mind if I shared this with other sisters I know? I was going to post on Facebook, but then deleted and sent it privately to her... because today is what would have been her 45th anniversary and I was thinking Chapter 4 would be such a lovely thought to focus on...what with the whole setting you've chosen. I just love it, and I think she will too. I just didn't want to share without your permission!

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