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    My parents started studying in the early 60's

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    Retired as of 01/01/2015
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    Vincent Van Gogh was an artist because he didn't have an ear for music - Chuck Valorz (Retired DO)

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  1. I miss your colored sheep but I like your new profile picture. We otter pray every day...:D

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Oh I Like that - "We Otter Pray Every day" :D

  2. All Things LDC

    I worked at the AH today. I told the Maintenance Overseer that I ready to paint the town red so he handed me a bucket of red paint and had me paint the No Parking curbs...
  3. Yoda?

  4. We hope to hear from you soon...
  5. Should this topic be in the Games section?
  6. My off topic thread

    I wonder if a Brother Iron has ever married a Sister Clay.....
  7. Fast Facts—Dominica 73,000—Population 437—Ministers who teach the Bible 10—Congregations 1 to 167—Ratio of Jehovah’s Witnesses to population https://www.nbcnews.com/news/weather/dominica-grapples-total-destruction-after-hurricane-maria-n802931
  8. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Earthquakes, wars, reports of wars, storms, disasters, pushing and shoving... I feel like I'm doing my bible reading everytime I turn on the news...
  9. Fast Facts—Puerto Rico 3,680,772—Population 25,579—Ministers who teach the Bible 323—Congregations 1 to 144—Ratio of Jehovah’s Witnesses to population
  10. The latest news said 100% of Puerto Rico has lost power..
  11. The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

    It's funny that we use that expression a lot but it was hard for me to find in in the publications. It's not used as much as I thought. Glad you found it.

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