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  1. A good joke

    We had chili for lunch at the AH today, I'm glad the sister that cooked lunch wasn't from New Mexico!
  2. A good joke

    The city maintenance crew is working on a main road in town and they must be pretty proud of their work, I saw several signs that said "Double Fine Zone"
  3. John 17:2 Everlasting Life to all
  4. I think I might use the RSG as part of our FW. We can pick a subject and look at all of the reference material for that subject, it will be a good way to get familiar with the RSG.
  5. 'Hollywood' news

    There are so many people doing strange and stupid things lately that it is hard to see the news without seeing something stupid. Personally I like to minimize how much stupidity I am exposed to so I would like to thank the forum members for not dragging it into this forum.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._C._Escher
  7. Oh yes, but I don't have the Index folder. It shows up the Downloads as Other. BTW: Sorry for being off topic, I think this thread is about the JWL app and not the publications.
  8. I was wondering if this is part of a new Toolbox..
  9. You explained it fine, the Index folder just hasn't shown up on my Android device yet but it did show up on my PC.
  10. Index? My JWL doesn't have an Index folder...yet...

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