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  1. Curb feelers for low doors?
  2. I can play the videos when I put my Android device in Airplane mode. When I put my PC in Airplane mode and started to play the video from chapter 2, it initially showed that it was trying to stream but then started playing the video.
  3. Update: https://jw-russia.org/en/index.html The UN is denouncing the verdict and other news...
  4. Wow! 5000 posts! :thumbsup:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Um, thanks. I have mixed feelings about it, but I do enjoy this site. It has actually  add a difference in my life. Love you all💕💕💕💕

    2. rocket


      Ask Tortuga how duct tape feels. :lol1:Congratulations !

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I was a bit concerned, then I checked you know who’s status. Mr. Almost 20,000! I relaxed!😂😂😂😂

  5. I have deleted and reinstalled individual publications many times and I haven't lost any of my notes for the publication. You can experiment with a recent magazine and see if it works.
  6. Tortuga

    Do You Roku?

    We haven't considered buying a Roku because we didn't think we needed one, however my wife recently told me she would be interested in watching JWB on the TV. I usually load the JWB videos on a USB and use the smart TV media app to play them but that's a little clunky. The Roku Express is currently on sale for $25 and it appears to do just what I want. Does anyone here use the Roku Express?
  7. Good thought, I wonder if that explains the problem some of us had updating some of the publications.
  8. Nice picture...

    1. cricket246


      Thank you. I figured it was time for an update, Im really bad about never changing profile statuses/images. I was hoping to find one not so blurry 😂

    2. hatcheckgirl


      Lovely to see you, Natasha 💕

    3. ivy
  9. Tortuga

    Streaming Ezekiel

    That's odd, the announcement said they were embedded in the document.
  10. Tortuga

    Streaming Ezekiel

    It was recently announced on jw.org there is an update to the Good News brochure. The easiest way to get the update is delete the brochure and download it again. The videos will be in the media section of each chapter.
  11. Tortuga

    Streaming Ezekiel

    Yes, however I like to hear it as I read it and still be able to pause it. Streaming works great.
  12. As Jack brought out, they may want you to clean your spiritual plate before you get more...
  13. Compare the list of the 2018 Convention videos to the list of previous Conventions videos, I think we will get them but they may possibly release them a few at a time.
  14. If the brochure hasn't been updated or replaced then it will just show pictures. I haven't seen any updates for the brochure on JWL so I did as the other brothers did, I deleted the brochure and then downloaded it again. The videos were included in the Media on the new brochure.
  15. When you open a chapter, is there a spot you can go to to look at the Media for that chapter?

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