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  1. I was going to say that was acute sign, but it isn't...
  2. It's not usually swimsuit weather in the middle of December in our area...
  3. There is no time limit on German chocolate!
  4. Tortuga

    Daily Bacon

    Chicken scented fire log. I wonder if there is a bacon fire log..
  5. Tortuga

    California Fires

    Still investigating, I think it will be interesting if they discover the wire was damaged by gunfire or if that's just a red herring thrown on the table...
  6. Tortuga

    California Fires

    Update: SACRAMENTO, Calif. — PG&E has acknowledged to regulators that it found bullet holes, a broken transmission-tower hook and other flaws with equipment at sites where the catastrophic Camp Fire is believed to have started last month. In its most detailed accounting yet of the problems that might have led to the Nov. 8 wildfire that consumed most of Paradise, the beleaguered utility told state officials that its inspectors have found a "broken C-hook" on a high-voltage tower near the community of Pulga, northeast of Paradise. Lawyers for Camp Fire survivors suing PG&E have suggested the broken hook might have allowed a live "jumper" cable to make contact with the tower itself, showering the dry ground below with sparks. Separately, at a power pole in the Big Bend area of Concow several miles away, PG&E employees found that "the pole and other equipment was on the ground with bullets and bullet holes at the break point of the pole and on the equipment," PG&E senior director of regulatory relations Meredith Allen wrote in a letter to the Public Utilities Commission.
  7. Tortuga

    Canada, Eh

    I've seen yellow snow but I've never seen flowers....
  8. I checked our 4 Android devices and the oldest device was the only one with that version of Chrome. Weird...
  9. Tortuga


    I agree. I think that Lost really lost it's way as it aged...
  10. Tortuga

    Porch pirates

    That would probably happen most of the time. OTOH, there are videos of a single person just walking away with a package, so a tracker may work some of the time. It would also boost consumer confidence and possibly generate additional income.
  11. Tortuga

    Porch pirates

    There are inexpensive GPS trackers available online so the equipment wouldn't be that expensive. The consumer would be renting the tracker so it seems it would pay for itself very quickly. If the tracker isn't returned or is stolen, then the cost of tracker is charged to the consumer. $5 may not be the right price, it was just an example.
  12. Tortuga


    I haven't seen it since it originally aired so I don't remember all of the episodes.
  13. Tortuga


    Have you seen the last 2 seasons? There are 5 seasons...
  14. Spiders run courses? What are they training for

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