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  1. Here is another link https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pennsylvania-clergy-sex-abuse-catholic-church-federal-subpoenas-department-of-justice-2018-10-18/ PHILADELPHIA — The Justice Department has issued subpoenas to at least seven of the eight dioceses in Pennsylvania as part of a federal probe into child sexual abuse inside the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Does your keyboard have a cold?
  3. Tortuga

    A good joke

    Did King Solomon really need to tell them to cut the baby in half? It sounds to me like he was just splitting heirs..
  4. I love a well organized and progressive congregation. <sigh>
  5. 2020 may be an interesting year..
  6. ..Oooohhh....let the conspiracy theories begin!
  7. Tortuga

    ...Pangs of Distress...

    True, probably in ways that we dont understand but Jehovah could foresee.
  8. Tortuga

    ...Pangs of Distress...

    The tornado weather pattern in the US is moving https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/tornadoes-are-spinning-up-farther-east-in-us-study-finds/ar-BBOuSYb?li=BBnb7Kz WASHINGTON — Over the past few decades tornadoes have been shifting — decreasing in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas but spinning up more in states along the Mississippi River and farther east, a new study shows. Scientists aren't quite certain why. I'm becoming convinced that Jesus wasn't talking about just earthquakes but used that to illustrate that the planet weather pattern would change and cause pangs of distress.
  9. Thanks. I talked to a brother that does damage assessment for Disaster Relief and he is being sent to Florida next week to set up a team to assess repairs.
  10. Tortuga

    California Fires

    The local power company has been blamed for several of the California fires and has decided to proactively shut off power to some areas of the state during high wind conditions... SAN FRANCISCO.— Due to expected extreme fire danger conditions including, the Red Flag Warning from the National Weather Service and several other weather factors, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced it may be proactively turning power off for safety and conducting a Public Safety Power Shutoff in several northern California cities within the next 24 hours. UPDATE: According to a company spokesperson, safety power shut offs in portions of several Northern California communities are expected as early as 5 p.m. Sunday and continuing throughout the evening, affecting a total of about 70,000 customers in Sierra Foothills communities in extreme fire risk areas. Officials stated the power shutoffs mark the first of two phases. Later tonight, as the weather continues to progress, PG&E plans to shut off power to communities in the North Bay affecting about 17,000 customers.
  11. Oh, I found it. It's at the end of the first sentence. I didn't see it earlier but I see it now. Thx.
  12. Hmmm... mine only has the thumbnail and it only opened the picture, no video..
  13. How do you access and play them within the WTL program?

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