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  1. Barry McGuires "Eve of Destruction" over 50 years later and it doesn't feel like anything has changed... https://binged.it/2HLLcAz
  2. If you 'Create a Backup' from JWLibrary on both devices, then use JWLMerge to merge the two file, you end up with a backup file that you can 'Restore" to any device and it will contain the all the info each backup file had. I dragged and dropped two files into JWLMerge, this is what it looks like before merging them.
  3. If you have made notes on several devices, the JWLmerge will merge the backup files into a single file, then you use that as the restore file so you have the combined notes in each device that you restore. Then you can manage the back up and restore as you describe or periodically use the merge.
  4. You notice how much it looks like me...
  5. Here is my new Navajo tie!
  6. Wow, in the NS you can play with one and not get hurt, right?
  7. Do they have to officially end the current war before they make new articles of war for the next one? Maybe NK just didn't like the old rules of war...
  8. I just experimented with the program and it was very simple to use. A very kind brother did the first merge for me and he was able to merge the notes from a PC, 2 newer Android devices and 1 older Android. Now all 4 devices have the same notes, highlights and tags. I'll be able to do the merge next time.
  9. How much do you charge to do that for me?
  10. How would we know? We wouldn't be here...
  11. It's in love but not in hate It's in our body but not our heart It's in our soul but not our mind It's in congregation but not family
  12. Mom use to call me a smart...uh...nevermind, but I know where some neurons are hiding...

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