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  1. Obviously his first haircut will be a Crew cut....😁
  2. Tortuga

    My off topic thread

    ...at a RC after Armageddon... "The next talk will be given by The First Man Adam" ...the audience gasps...
  3. They have an opportunity for some unusual names. Illegal Gaines Untaxed Gaines Weight Gaines
  4. If they have another child they could call it Cast so they could spend more time with the Cast and Crew...
  5. Tortuga

    My off topic thread

    If a man wears the right tie,.. he can eat anything he wants...
  6. I am not a hunter but based on what you say, I assume he wants to set up a camera before hunting season to determine if there are deer in the area. Once he confirms there are deer there, I would assume he would try to make arrangements to hunt in that area as soon as deer season opens. That is assuming he is being honest....
  7. I'm related to two members and I have met several members. My brother (tekmantwo) and I are meeting Carlos for dinner tonight.
  8. I didn't want to hijack your thread but since you asked... Yes, the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty is still valid. I registered with Honda today.
  9. I love it. I bought it yesterday so we are still on our honeymoon but it is a very nice, comfortable truck.
  10. I just bought a 2017 Honda Ridgeline, does that count?
  11. I helped to install carpet squares today at an AH with the lokdot system. It is really nice!
  12. It's the bill, are they splitting the tip?

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