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    Married to an unbeliever for the past 45 years.
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    Michigan's BEAUTIFUL Upper Peninsula
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    Yes. May 3rd, 1975

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  • How I found the Truth
    The story of how I found the Truth exceeds the space allowed. : ( So I have posted it on the "How Did You Get the Truth?" thread, instead.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    Looking at Jehovah's creation that is visible to the naked eye and using my binocular microscope to view Jehovah's creation that is not visible to the naked eye. : D
    Writing short stories and poetry, jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, hiking, camping out in a tent and sitting around a campfire, calling in the owls, bird watching,star gazing...pretty much all outdoor activities--except when the blackflies and mosquitoes are bad. lol
  • My favorite books
    Jehovah's letter to mankind and all of the other books provided for us through the faithful and discreet slave.
    The Potlatch Family, an old Scholastic book that I enjoy rereading from time to time.
  • My favorite music
    All of the Kingdom Melodies.
    The Bee Gees, Michael Bolton, Foreigner, most all soft Rock. Good melodies and beats but bad lyrics= no listen.
    I love Douglas Spotted Eagle's flute music and Al Hirt and Herb Alpert's trumpets and Kenny G's alto sax. Rodrigo's Concert de Aranjuez, Pachelbel's Canon. If it's beautiful and it's soothing, I enjoy it.
  • My favorite quotes
    Being an avid ecologist, I find great comfort in Jehovah's promise at Revelation 11:18b "...and will bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

    I keep threatening to have a T-shirt printed up that says: Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy. I'm close enough to WALK. LOLOLOL Or, "Why FARM? When there are so many easier ways to NOT make a living." lol Or, "We have a lot of breakdowns on the farm. Some of them are even mechanical." lolol
    Being a writer, I also like this one by Stephen Leacock: "Writing is not difficult. Simply get paper and pencil and write as it occurs to you. Writing is EASY. It's the 'occurring' that's HARD." lolol

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  1. Friends just call me Ross

    What's the Weather like where you live?

    Ground was covered with snow this morning but it has since melted. Seems weird to see snow on the ground when the leaves are still all on the trees.
  2. Friends just call me Ross

    Regional convention preparation

    I am only an alley away from our R.C. : Stayed here two years ago with my Mom, my Sister/sister and my Brother/brother.
  3. Friends just call me Ross

    Regional convention preparation

    Okay. Total insanity trying to get a room. First, I tried phoning places--fifty, sixty times. Next, I gave up trying to ever get through on the phone and I went to the recommended lodgings' websites. When I would punch in the dates, all the places on the list would say: "There are no rooms available for the dates you have chosen." So, I call back to one of hotels and FINALLY get a person instead of a busy signal. I said, "I know you have no rooms available for the JW Convention, but I would like to be placed on a cancellation list." The desk clerk says: "We are NOT booked up for your convention. We do have rooms available. Give me your phone number and I will call you back to complete your reservation." Whaaaaaa-aaaat??? Just heard back from the hotel clerk. I was able to get a convention room and a confirmation number. Not the way I expected things to work out, but hey, it's all good in the end.
  4. Friends just call me Ross

    Regional convention preparation

    Did you by-pass the JW rooming site? It isn't 9 am Central time here yet.
  5. Friends just call me Ross

    Regional convention preparation

    I cannot access the convention reservation site. All I get is a Bad Gateway message.
  6. Friends just call me Ross

    Regional convention preparation

    Setting my alarm so I can be ready to access the site and reserve a room.
  7. TV News tonight said that hundreds are still missing. Hope it's because they moved out of harm's way and they just can't contact their friends and families with their whereabouts.
  8. Friends just call me Ross

    Grenades and a Mine???

    They are obviously evolving into a nuke.
  9. NBC News tonight said the death toll was 13 and it is expected to keep rising. The news also said that 95% of the city of Mexico Beach has been wiped out. It was ground zero for the hurricane.
  10. Friends just call me Ross

    2nd Bible Family Feud (please help!)

    1. Benjamin 2. Leviathan 3. Mannah 4. Water of the Nile turned to blood 5. Ruth and Naomi 6. Fire from heaven 7. Parting of the Red Sea 8. Judas 9. Joseph (Jacob's son, not Mary's husband) 10.Carpenter
  11. NPR radio reported this morning that it is the first time in recorded history that the Panhandle of Florida has taken a direct hurricane hit. Praying all our family members survive Micheal as they all survived William.💙
  12. Friends just call me Ross

    YouTube Classics (Post a video... any video!)

    This is wàaaaaaaaaaay cool!!!😎
  13. My MRI is scheduled for next Tuesday.

    That is the day I was going to meet up with my Mom

    and my Brother, brother, so I won't have to make two trips.^_^

    My Mom has an appointment with her cardiologist in the same city.

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    2. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Wasn't so bad.  Just looooong.

      Took over an hour.

      I just kept singing "Give Me Courage" and repeating next year's Year Text over and over and over, "Do not be anxious, for I am your God."


      It worked.  I wasn't anxious.^_^

    3. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Thats great Ross, I have had more than I like to count MRI's I have it down to a science....pray, cover my eyes with a cloth and music . When will you know the results? Hopefully all is well and this is just a precautionary test. :) 

    4. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Nothing significant was seen on my MRI.  I have another test scheduled for the end of this month that will test my brain waves, an EEG?  I think.


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