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    Sister Rosanne...Ross, for short

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    Married to an unbeliever for the past 45 years.
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    Michigan's BEAUTIFUL Upper Peninsula
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    Yes. May 3rd, 1975

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    The story of how I found the Truth exceeds the space allowed. : ( So I have posted it on the "How Did You Get the Truth?" thread, instead.

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    Looking at Jehovah's creation that is visible to the naked eye and using my binocular microscope to view Jehovah's creation that is not visible to the naked eye. : D
    Writing short stories and poetry, jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, hiking, camping out in a tent and sitting around a campfire, calling in the owls, bird watching,star gazing...pretty much all outdoor activities--except when the blackflies and mosquitoes are bad. lol
  • My favorite books
    Jehovah's letter to mankind and all of the other books provided for us through the faithful and discreet slave.
    The Potlatch Family, an old Scholastic book that I enjoy rereading from time to time.
  • My favorite music
    All of the Kingdom Melodies.
    The Bee Gees, Michael Bolton, Foreigner, most all soft Rock. Good melodies and beats but bad lyrics= no listen.
    I love Douglas Spotted Eagle's flute music and Al Hirt and Herb Alpert's trumpets and Kenny G's alto sax. Rodrigo's Concert de Aranjuez, Pachelbel's Canon. If it's beautiful and it's soothing, I enjoy it.
  • My favorite quotes
    Being an avid ecologist, I find great comfort in Jehovah's promise at Revelation 11:18b "...and will bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

    I keep threatening to have a T-shirt printed up that says: Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy. I'm close enough to WALK. LOLOLOL Or, "Why FARM? When there are so many easier ways to NOT make a living." lol Or, "We have a lot of breakdowns on the farm. Some of them are even mechanical." lolol
    Being a writer, I also like this one by Stephen Leacock: "Writing is not difficult. Simply get paper and pencil and write as it occurs to you. Writing is EASY. It's the 'occurring' that's HARD." lolol

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  1. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    It was only 6 miles or so down, too. I was at the dentist's waiting for my hubby when it hit. Terrible time for Dutchsinse to be taking a break.
  2. Favorite movies

    I don't recall a witchcraft scene. I'll have to remember to fast forward that spurious part of the film.
  3. Favorite movies

    Love "The Secret Garden". There are three versions of it: The Secret Garden 1949 The Secret Garden 1987 The Secret Garden 1993 I've seen the last two but not the first one.
  4. Watchtower Library went "Kaboom"

    Thanks for the warning and thanks for the offer to keep my relic going. If I had money, I would have an updated computer to update.
  5. What's the Weather like where you live?

    Bricks blown down? So much for the three little pigs being safe. ; )
  6. Song no 132

    I sing the old lyrics to myself all the time, "Jehovah is a manly person of war..." The words to the original are taken right from the Bible. When the words are inspired by God, himself, how could they possibly be wrong?
  7. Song no 132

    I remember the first version of this song. It was played during an audio drama at the Divine Peace Convention I attended in Duluth, Minnesota. I recall thinking at the time that it could be the same melody the Israelites sang those words to, after Jehovah saved them from Pharaoh and his army. It will be interesting to find out.
  8. YouTube Classics (Post a video... any video!)

    The first few minutes of this video are positively priceless!
  9. Sister Shey posted on Facebook that a meteor flew over her city. Found this on NPR's Twitter when I Googled meteor over Michigan: https://twitter.com/NPR/status/953470605852102656
  10. Post a picture... Any picture

    Any artists on the board? I want my bedroom ceiling to look like this...without removing a section of the roof.
  11. Madam Secretary

    I don't usually watch "Madam Secretary", but I caught tonight's episode. The President was portrayed as having all of the characteristics of President Trump. The writers did everything short of having him Tweet. The TV President refused to seek medical help. To stop a nuclear war with the Russians, Sec. 4 of Article 25 of the Constitution was invoked. That removes the President from office. If he would consent to medical evaluation, Sec. 3 of Article 25 would be invoked, instead. That would allow him to return to office once he was deemed healthy. On TV, the President chose Sec. 3 and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. All in all, it was pretty...ehem...interesting, as in, ripped right from the headlines interesting. I still think the show's writers should have had the TV President tweeting.
  12. What does Cold look like?

    More of what Cold looks like... Cold enough to freeze a fountain in Bryant Park, NY, New York, USA Big Chill in Big Apple
  13. Post a picture... Any picture

    A recent CME (coronal mass ejection) has caused a G1 storm. Here is a pic taken in Norway:
  14. Officials mistakenly warn of inbound missile

    A whole lot of people must have been 'fain't out of fear'. Who knows? Maybe some will be so 'shaken', their spiritual side will awaken? Might make for some interesting calls...
  15. Pictures embedded in MP3s

    The part Balaam's Donkey Speaks has a picture that coincides with that part. Not more than one pic per part.

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