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    Sister Rosanne...Ross, for short

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    Married to an unbeliever for the past 45 years.
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    Michigan's BEAUTIFUL Upper Peninsula
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    Yes. May 3rd, 1975

How I Found the Truth

  • How I found the Truth
    The story of how I found the Truth exceeds the space allowed. : ( So I have posted it on the "How Did You Get the Truth?" thread, instead.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    Looking at Jehovah's creation that is visible to the naked eye and using my binocular microscope to view Jehovah's creation that is not visible to the naked eye. : D
    Writing short stories and poetry, jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, hiking, camping out in a tent and sitting around a campfire, calling in the owls, bird watching,star gazing...pretty much all outdoor activities--except when the blackflies and mosquitoes are bad. lol
  • My favorite books
    Jehovah's letter to mankind and all of the other books provided for us through the faithful and discreet slave.
    The Potlatch Family, an old Scholastic book that I enjoy rereading from time to time.
  • My favorite music
    All of the Kingdom Melodies.
    The Bee Gees, Michael Bolton, Foreigner, most all soft Rock. Good melodies and beats but bad lyrics= no listen.
    I love Douglas Spotted Eagle's flute music and Al Hirt and Herb Alpert's trumpets and Kenny G's alto sax. Rodrigo's Concert de Aranjuez, Pachelbel's Canon. If it's beautiful and it's soothing, I enjoy it.
  • My favorite quotes
    Being an avid ecologist, I find great comfort in Jehovah's promise at Revelation 11:18b "...and will bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

    I keep threatening to have a T-shirt printed up that says: Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy. I'm close enough to WALK. LOLOLOL Or, "Why FARM? When there are so many easier ways to NOT make a living." lol Or, "We have a lot of breakdowns on the farm. Some of them are even mechanical." lolol
    Being a writer, I also like this one by Stephen Leacock: "Writing is not difficult. Simply get paper and pencil and write as it occurs to you. Writing is EASY. It's the 'occurring' that's HARD." lolol

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  1. Friends just call me Ross

    British sense of humour stymies NYTimes

    Two words...
  2. NBC Nightly News showed the fire department cleaning up that factory's mess. I don't think scraping spilled chocolate off a city street is part of a firefighter's job description. Now, if the chocolate was burning...
  3. Friends just call me Ross

    Kilaua has an dangerous thing happening.

    Dutchsinse/Michael Janitch says that so much of the volcano's inner walls collapsed that the vent has been stopped up. When the pressure builds back up, the vent will blast all of the debris up out of the crater. He feels that, until that vent blast occurs, the volcano remains extremely dangerous and the public should be kept out of the area. He is keeping a close eye on all the micro-quakes. A sudden increase in size and numbers could signal the vent event is getting ready to happen.
  4. Friends just call me Ross

    "The Undecided" A Book By Thomas Walker

    I absolutely loved this: Made me laugh out loud.
  5. Friends just call me Ross

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    7.4 just hit. Dutch had forcasted this one and he nailed it: right place, right time and right magnitude.
  6. Friends just call me Ross


    Me...on December 16th, 1972. We are six days away from 46 loooooooooooooooooong years. The years wouldn't have been so unbearably loooooooooooooooooong if my hubby were in The Truth with me. I was baptized three years after we were married.
  7. Friends just call me Ross

    JW Library

    Highlighting on my Android phone gives me fits and conniptions, too. But it has always given me grief. I have a Motorola Droid Maxx II.
  8. Friends just call me Ross

    Post a picture... Any picture

    "Old Danish Tree" photo by Guyon Morée Wish he had taken a pic' of the entire tree. Imagine...living long enough to watch a tree grow from a tiny seedling into one of these ancient giants... Old Beech Tree
  9. Friends just call me Ross

    "The Undecided" A Book By Thomas Walker

    Just finished Chapter Four and anxious for more.
  10. Friends just call me Ross

    YouTube Classics (Post a video... any video!)

    Should this be in the beards' thread? "If you're out cloud watching and happen to see a horseshoe or a mustache shape, though, you might want to grab a camera. Chances are, you're looking at one of the rarest cloud formations around: a horseshoe vortex cloud." This one is captioned the "Hulk Hogan's Mustache" cloud.
  11. Friends just call me Ross

    Aurora Over Norway

    Last night, in Norway:
  12. Friends just call me Ross

    Geminids Meteor Shower

  13. Friends just call me Ross

    Geminids Meteor Shower

    What fun!!! Hope you will have clear skies for your viewing pleasure. Air mattresses, so you can lie down to vie the meteors, will save you from some bad kinks in your necks. I like to spread a sleeping bag over the air mattress to keep from being chilled, too. It is unlikely that we will have clear skies here but, if we do, I will be watching.
  14. Friends just call me Ross

    Canada, Eh

    Humph...never saw vertical money before. Leave it to Canada, eh?

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