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  1. Maybe Br. Jamie meant it is available to order from JW.ORG through the literature Dept. I currently have several copies on "pending" status (back-order).
  2. I have PDF copies of all the old material. Some of these I have made myself. You take a copy and either cut out the pages or fold them open very carefully, then place them on my scanner and scan them as a JPG photo. Then I convert them to PDF pages. Then I stitch them together with an app that combines PDFs. Other copies I have received from others. It varies. I have selected the best copies to keep (clearest, brightest, most readable). All of the Society's publications fit in a file of about 60 GB in size. I have a copy on my desktop computer and on my tablet for safekeeping. I have stored them by topic (books, brochures, tracts, etc.) I have categorized them by date (splitting them up into decades). I use the Publications Index to locate the correct material (1944 Watchtower, July 15, page page 410). It is not as easy as using the JW Library app or even the Watchtower Library DVD, but it includes items that are not reproduced in those formats.
  3. The "Word" booklet link. https://db.tt/w7A3PyYhri
  4. Welcome Leo. Does your congregation library keep a copy of the 2016 disk. Our congregation just received the 2017 DVD last week and I put a copy on our library.
  5. I try to remind myself and others that we will not be disheartened is there are 3 more or.....? We do not serve God because this might be the last Memorial Celebration, we celebrate the occasion because God sent his Son and we love him and we are his servants. If there is one more, ten more or not in my lifetime, I will still be a cheerful dispenser of the good news. I have attended 64 memorial celebrations (I think). I am not unhappy because there is one more in a couple of weeks. When I started a third to half of the audience were partakers. Now our congregation has none. It will be a great time of joy on the 31st.
  6. You might enjoy reading an older booklet we produced called, "The Word - Who Is He According to John". It is 64 pages but kind of old. I could put a copy in my Drop=Box for you.
  7. If your DC-50 was accepted, they should have given you a number to fill in your skills profile on Builder Assistant (BA). Click on your picture and your profile should be one of the options. Click on your profile and one of the tabs at the top is "Skills". Click on "Skills" and all sorts of choices should appear. If you are interested in one of these (I would do a little research on the variations beforehand) click on that skill and fill in the answers to the questions (to the best of your ability). The second (or maybe third) box is "assessment. This is your personal assessment of your skill level. there are five levels to click on. The very first level is "No training or experience". Choose that one. If you know a little bit, choose level two "I can assist" bracket. I was told by one of the interviewers that the need is for able volunteers, not necessarily ones with licenses or formal training. Reach out intensely and pray for guidance. I wish you well.
  8. How about top left column, 7th row down, middle of the line?
  9. I always ask, "Is your form DC-50 submitted and up to date?" They can't ask you if you don't apply. If it is in order then the next step is "earnest prayer". I wish you success...
  10. Br. Dan, My apologies. I meant to say...start in JW Library, Go to Media, Go to Meetings and Ministry and look under Essential Teachings at the bottom. Or, Go to JW Broadcasting, Go to Video on Demand, Go to Our Meetings & Ministry, ...it is featured on that page (or scroll through the selections). My senior moment as well. You can't have ALLS-heimers until you have HALF-heimers first.
  11. The Branch did away entirely with the literature dept at the convention. There is no one to receive or distribute printed literature at the RC. The "Convention Releases tab will appear on the bottom of the Publications page on JW.ORG when they are ready for release.
  12. I had the same feeling in 1958 when Br. Knorr spoke in New York at the Yankee Stadium to 250,000 people. It ended with these words... GOD’S Kingdom Rules – Is the World’s End Near? Oh, therefore, let all men of good will turn now to God for Earth’s government! All hail to God’s kingdom that now rules! May it bring the old world’s end…May his kingdom usher in the everlasting new world to man’s eternal salvation and to God’s unfading glory by Jesus Christ! Thrilling times indeed.
  13. I noticed a chart from 2017 that showed the distribution of Windows OS users. (these are approximate numbers and rounded) Windows XP is more than 15 years old. Win XP = 7% Win Vista = 2% Win v.7 = 48% Win v.8 = 7% Win v.10 = 26% It was mentioned in this thread, that the JW Library (not the DVD) states that it requires Windows 10 and the new release today states that future upgrades will require Windows 10 Build 1607 (Creators Version).
  14. It is also updated in Windows and in Android (as of today)....
  15. Sr. Alexa, as Sr. Ross said it is the Greek word used in the original writings of the apostles. Greek "Logos" is translated into English as the title "Word" meaning that he spoke for or transmitted the message of God. Jesus is God's 'spokesman'. Incidentally, we use the word "logo" today to mean a 'word' or 'symbol' that represents a company or product. That symbol or Logo speaks for the company and tells us who they are (like the letters "IBM" tells us that it is the International Business Machine company).

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