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    My parents began to study in 1952. My father was baptized 1954.

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    I am retired from secular works (after 28 years as a college professor). I an a regular Pioneer and have only limited amount of time for interests outside of the Kingdom activities. I like Amateur Radio Communications and travel and fishing.
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    Beyond the Bible and books related to Theocratic research, I enjoy non-fiction history and science. I also read Western fiction.
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    Because my sight is failing, I like John Milton's poem "On His Blindness". The first and last lines say..."When I consider how my light is spent, They also serve who only stand and wait".

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  1. Can you borrow a copy of the 2017 DVD (say from a friend or at the Kingdom Hall library)? That would bypass any problem directly associated with the 2016 disk. If the 2017 version installs, it will update immediately. You will know if the problem is associated with your device or the install disk. This has worked a couple of times for me.
  2. I have Windows 10 PC and a Windows 10 tablet. I have 2 Ipads and an Android tablet. I use an Android phone. It has taken several days to get them all to update and show the convention release tab. All is OK now, but it was a struggle.
  3. jwhess

    RVS don't give up

    See my PM. Thanks.
  4. jwhess

    RVS don't give up

    I enjoy a great experience also. As an elder and Pioneer, however, I feel the need to point out that "Home Bible Studies" are a part of the organized worship of the congregation. These activities fall under the auspices of the Service Committee (especially the Service Overseer). When a study is about to be stopped, a publisher should consult the SO. If it is agreed that it should stop, the SO makes a note of this in the records. No one is supposed to restart a "stopped" study without consulting the SO for directions (not even the person who stopped it). We have had different ones place literature in the territory and want to help the householder progress to a study. Someone will point out that it used to be Sister X's study some time before. Our new publisher feels that if she isn't studying now, it is OK for the study to begin again. But we need to check with the brothers having oversight of this. This was stressed very strongly in our Pioneer School, everything by arrangement and respecting God's Organization. Since these are congregational meeting, they need direction. Just a reminder....☺️
  5. Correct. The point I was making is that it is not referenced in the newer years index. The "Truth book" was printed in 1968 but it shows in the 1986-2017 index in many places. The latest being the 2015 Watchtower. So the "cj" book is not being discussed in our literature (at present).
  6. How about giving up the clay tablets for "papyrus" sheets in scrolls. Much to fragile, what if they tear at the meetings (you know how children are)....☺️
  7. I am not exactly sure what you mean. There are only 4 gospels completed at this point. And how do you print the videos and such linked material? The Bible text is just the 2013 RNWT Bible which is in print already. Can you help me understand what it is that you did?
  8. Br. Oliver, you are correct (in English or otherwise). Searching with just the publication abbreviation [cj] you can find over 250-300 references listed. Not all of the letters CJ mean the Commentary on James. But all of these are limited to just the 1930-1985 index (except one KM from 2003). Since the book is not available, you can't reference it anyway. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. If you are planning any other upgrades to the sound equipment, the LDC (branch) has a recommended list and installation procedure.
  10. My research use of the Watchtower Society's material goes back to the DOS days with "Q-verse" and "Folios" diskette based tools. So I am content with the current DVD and updates. However, for those of the brotherhood who are not MS-PC based followers, I can see that this improvement to the WOL is going to be a great asset to them, especially.
  11. We added the Organized book and the links work now.
  12. So true Br. Richard. Plus we get additional updates between letters notifying us about special concerns and "near misses" alerts. Despite our best intentions, we are still killing brothers and sisters on some of our projects (including Kingdom Halls). As Br. Gary Breaux said...this is not acceptable. Zero incidents is our goal, zero injuries is our expectation but zero deaths is mandatory. Our God treasures life.
  13. Some of these operations work in the Library app in the search feature. This app also have an "exact" statement reference.
  14. Version 1704 is available now in English. My WT Library updated yesterday. Yay....
  15. Years ago, I visited the congregation at Frank, Alberta (in Canada). Located near the famous Frank Slide disaster of the early 1900s they had a small congregation of about 15-20 (at that time). A congregation is still listed on our JW.ORG website for the town but I do not know its current size.

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