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    My parents began to study in 1952. My father was baptized 1954.

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    I am retired from secular works (after 28 years as a college professor). I an a regular Pioneer and have only limited amount of time for interests outside of the Kingdom activities. I like Amateur Radio Communications and travel and fishing.
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    Beyond the Bible and books related to Theocratic research, I enjoy non-fiction history and science. I also read Western fiction.
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    Because my sight is failing, I like John Milton's poem "On His Blindness". The first and last lines say..."When I consider how my light is spent, They also serve who only stand and wait".

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  1. Even so, it could the the husband of a disfellowshipped wife, for example. The connections could be many. Lots of possibilities for a direct ling to JWs.
  2. jwhess

    JW Library

    Sr. Gloria, when you open the app and click on the Bible (holding it horizontally might help in "landscape mode). Do you see the language choices in the upper right corner? The language icon is a rectangle with the letter "A" and a foreign letter. It is between the "bookmark" ribbon icon and the "history" clock icon. Click on the language rectangle. It will show the versions of the Bible you have already loaded. Is the English Study Bible listed first? If it is, look to the right. Is there a "cloud" symbol shown? If there is, you need to click on theat "cloud" symbol to update your Bible. Then close the app and restart it.
  3. Was there a note or comment a while back that informed us that all the letters had to be in Russian The pictures and drawings could have greetings and signatures in other languages but not the letters? I think they wanted to check the content. Does anyone recall this notice?
  4. You were a "turtle" too...Does Tortuga know....😎
  5. Br. Neil, I hope any counselor using the BE book does so as a side reference or auxiliary advice and not as a point of counsel. The poor student would have no way of preparing for a critical point if he has no idea where the counselor will go or what point he would pick. It could be disheartening (especially to new students who have never used that book before).
  6. Look how long it took to arrest the Kingdom Hall bomber in Australia. I think it was something like 30 years. And he killed a brother and injured many. Jehovah looked down from heaven on them as well.
  7. Sr. Elizabeth, if they follow the pattern from last year (every 2 weeks), the release of part 2 would be 12/17/18 and part 3 would be 12/31/18. We don't know, of course. So keep on checking. Using the same pattern, part 1 of the Annual Meeting would be released on January 7, 2019.
  8. The sign in the IT department at work used to say, "A COBOL Programmer is a terrible thing to waste"....😎
  9. jwhess

    JW Library

    My Windows 10 and Apple Ipad Pro devices seem to work OK highlighting, at this time.
  10. Until next year then....
  11. The DVD Watchtower Library updated today. It is now 1712. It went pretty quick.
  12. I realize that no one can see everything, but I will add my praise to the comments about the tour of the Metropolitan Museum "Woman and her Offspring". the brothers and sisters at Oasis do a wonderful job of giving us a detailed perspective of the history of the "Woman", "Messiah" and God's chosen people down through the ages. As seen through the relics and objects of archaeology and tying them into the pictures, drawing and references in our publications, you get a beautiful understanding of Jehovah's protection of the ancestral line of Jesus. I would take this tour if I could add it to the schedule. Another thread here on the forum asks about "life changing", however. I would say this tour is "Faith Affirming" for sure.
  13. Br. Carlos, is this it? https://www.jw.org/download/?pub=jwb&issue=201812&langwritten=s Just change the "E" at the end of the link (for English) to an "S" (for Spanish).
  14. Last month it wasn't available in English till mid-morning on Monday. And it wasn't posted on JW.ORG until after 9PM.

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