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  1. And some congregations were streaming videos at the midweek meeting programs.
  2. Br. Leonardo, this is fine. I look for ways to save the dedicated funds for other important uses. To download a video once and to stream it once costs the same amount. After the second time it costs more to stream but the video quality is the same. In my area, we have poor internet service so to show the video at the door or on a Bible Study requires the downloaded version anyway. 8-9 million witnesses showing videos several times a day for weeks on end eventually adds up. Son't worry about it if the streaming works best for you in all situations...😉
  3. Sr. Shey, this is the last third of a really great program at the Jackson Center. Our representatives had a part in most of the program and even the parts we did not present were very favorable and showed us in good light. The part here is just the ending summation by Br. Brumley. but it is a good summary. EDIT: the post at the top of the page has the whole 2 1/2 hour presentation. https://youtu.be/B2lo18RKV0k
  4. Sorry, It is my mistake. The brothers have not adjusted the video display in the Ezekiel book yet. Only the Good News brochure works. The error is mine. I have downloaded all of the videos just as Br. Tony shows above. I play them separately with each chapter. The "show media" does not bring them up. Since they have fixed that in the Good News brochure, maybe they will make the adjustment in the Ezekiel book soon. Disregard my insstructions above. They only work for the GN brochure. Again, my apologies. My mistake. Please read my latest post.
  5. Br. Richard, I downloaded all of the available videos for the brochure. When I have internet available it always default to "streaming". When I have no internet available the chapter picture will not play any video. I have to "choose" the downloaded version manually every time. It always works but it is a manual intervention. Maybe I have missed some setting to change it but I can't find one.
  6. Br. Jerry, you should not play the video inside the chapter with the picture and the "play" arrow. To play the downloaded version, go to the chapter (like Lesson 2), then click on the '3-dots' in the upper right corner of the page. It brings down the menu with "show media". When you choose that it shows the videos and pictures in the chapter. If you have downloaded the video before, just click on it and it will play. If you have not downloaded it before, it will show the little "cloud" icon to download (must have internet then). After it is loaded it will always play. Note, if you forget and press the "arrow" in the chapter it will stream over the internet even if you have a copy downloaded for that chapter.
  7. If you stream an audio or video file (like in the Good News brochure, more than once, it cost the organization more than if you simply download and play your copy as man times as you like. Just a reminder to all to count the costs (and the donations...😉)
  8. Br. Chris, are you talking about individual publications not updating or are you talking about the entire JW Library app?
  9. Sr. Linda, if you do not have the updated Good News brochure and there is no "pending update" waiting for you, just delete the brochure from your list in the JW Library app then wait a minute and reload it in the same place. The reloaded version will have the videos in the "show media" list along with the pictures in the book. It worked on all of my devices in all three operating systems. Whem you first click on the "show media" and the page opens the videos will be at the top. If you have not already downloaded them for use on that device, you will have to do so. There are only 10 videos for the 14 Lessons plus the conclusion. So to test it out use Lesson 2 (Lesson 1 does not have a viseo).
  10. You can download the audio and play it back from your device with no streaming connection. That is correct, yes?
  11. Welcome Br. Jacques, this is good advice. I also noted that the process works a little better sometimes if you open the JW.ORG site from the options at the bottom of the page in JW Library app. I don't know if it is because the Library has already been opened or not. At the bottom of the home page in the Library app there are 4 (or 5 if you count the [?] mark) boxes or links. Choose the first one to go to JW.ORG and my chrome seems to work better. It also works on my Apple Ipad.
  12. Br. Richard, I wasn't able to get any of my tablets or phones or computers to show "pending update" for this publication. I tried two work-arounds. First one: I went to the JW.ORG website, went to "Publications", and selected the brochure to download in "jwpub" file format. When I opened it in JW Library everything was OK. Second one: I just deleted the brochure from mys JW Library and re-installed it. It came up with the updated version. Neither system showed the exact display as noted in the published instructions (this was IOS, Android and Win10). If you open the newly updated brochure, you have to select a lesson with a video (no videos in lesson #1, #9, #11, #13 and #14 or the concluding #15). Choose Lesson 2 for example. If you see the picture with the video "play" arrow in the middle and click on it the video will play. BUT it is in wifi "straming" mode. You need a constant internet connection to make this work. Go back the beginning of the lesson, look at the top menu bar on the right. Choose the 3 dots and click on them. Another menu opens and the choice of "show Media" or something like that is usually 2nd or 3r on the list. Click on that and a page appears with all of the media choices on you device. The ones marked "picture" are already loaded in the brochure. Chatpter two has a video. If you have already downloaded it at another time it will show as ready to play. If you have not it will show the little "cloud" symbol for you to download. When you have gone through each cahpeter and made sure the vidoes are installed they are ready for your use. The default method is still streaming over the internet. To play your downloaded and installed video, you have to go to the top, choose the 3 dots and select "show media". then just choose the video you want to see (without an internet or streaming data connection. If you show the video more than once it is cheaper for the organization if you play from the download.
  13. The Watchtower Library updated today. It is interesting that the Build numbering system has changed. In previous editions the number was incremented upwards from the Published DVD based on the year of the material covered. So our latest DVD (which we haven't received yet) is the 2018 version. So January was Build 1801, even though we are now in the year 2019. But the update today shows the Build number of 1901 identifying it as the first build of 2019.
  14. Br. David, I started mine back in the 1950s. It is a lot like the "Doomsday Clock" of the nuclear scientists. Sometimes I advance it a little and sometimes I set is back a little. Like their clock, mine is set in the "last hour"...😉
  15. Our organization takes the scriptures to heart. To the best of our ability we will reach the hearts of all humans in the language of their birth. To read of God’s love in the language of the ruling party in your country is not the same as God appealing to you in the language and thoughts of your heart. We will try our best. 99% is good but we strive for better. Rev 14:6…”…and he had everlasting good news to declare to those who dwell on the earth, to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.”

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