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  1. Except for the first question (and perhaps Manfred's post #6) all of the answers developed around WTL not WOL...sorry
  2. We decided to go with just the White Text on the black background also. It shows automatically on all of the monitors / video displays throughout the hall (including the second school room).
  3. The screenshot Br. Leleu posted is from the Watchtower Library (formerly from DVD) and updated in October 2018.
  4. It is a nice addition to the WT Library as well as the other places.
  5. Only about 6000 to go (17 to get to the first 1000)...😉
  6. Sr. Carole, I use my old Canon MP830 to print the invitations also. We do about 3600-4000 of the Memorial and RC invitations each time. I use up a complete set of black and color to do the entire batch (the print is set to 80% black so it won't bleed through to the other side of the invite. I just checked my price...I paid about $16.00 for four sets of 5 cartridges and $6.00 for a single set of four of the same color. The shipping was free. So depending on quantity it was 75 cents to a dollar and a half for a single ink cartridge (on average). I have only had two fail in the last 3 years. If you are interested in the supplier, send me a PM.
  7. For a while, it seemed that only elders and MS who logged in on JW.ORG could access the JWPUB version of S-38. Now everyone has easy access.
  8. I always used HP Printers, for the most part. But a couple of years ago, they sent out an electronic "update" to the firmware that caused all of the non-HP in cartridges to become inoperative. They claimed it was preventive maintenance and warranty protection and so on. It was a preemptive strike to clear out other vendors. It rendered about twenty of my previously purchased cartridges useless. What was worse, it even made my older genuine HP cartridges not function. I finally gave the printer away and donated my ink to the Kingdom Hall which had a printer that could use them. Later (under threat of lawsuit) they issued an electronic firmware adjustment to return the printer to usefulness with a warning when non-HP ink was used. It sort of soured my relations with that formerly fine company. I had many good experiences with the brand and its reliability. My last unit was an 8600.
  9. It improves muscle tone and print quality....😉
  10. Br. Richard, when you open a chapter in the Pure Worship book, there is a "thumbnail" picture on the right margin. An inch or two below that is a small icon (I can't really see what it is). If you click on that icon the video plays.
  11. jwhess

    Fifty Abduls!

    Br. Tom. What are you counting or listing? Attendance? Participants? Why are you assigning letters? For your own use or is this some new form? I can see the problem with your "spell-check" but what is it for?
  12. Br. David, do you have to select "offline" somehow to get them (the videos) to stop streaming? Or does the WT Library always select the downloaded video? I can't seem to get the JW Library app to stop streaming even with the video files loaded on the tablet. EDIT: Nevermind, I tried it with and without the internet and the WT Library plays the videos correctly. So they are being selected from the downloaded files (not streaming). Why can't I get that to work with downloaded files on my JW Library app? I need to do more investigating. thanks Br. David.
  13. It was large and it was slow loading on my rural internet. It also took some time to install after downloading. Works well now.
  14. I buy my ink cartridges on line from a reputable dealer. I get a set of five for my printer for about $7 with free shipping. The toner can be purchased in this way also, but according to my calculations over the last 30 years (I began in the computer business in 1984), the cost for ink is still cheaper than toner per page printed. As to the chips, they are set for the number of pages that the manufacturer states is the average run length. If a cartridge is advertised to last 700 pages, that is what the chip is set for. If you do not use as much ink per page the "ink out" notice will still appear. It is not based on volume in the cartridge, it is based on page count. I usually run my ink cartridge many pages past the notice with fine results. I do own an electronic "chip-resetter" but with my ink being only a $1 or so per cartridge, I am not worried about whether the total pages are 700 or 900. I just replace them Laser printers are much nicer in output, but cost more to start and cost more to repair or replace. You can buy less expensive refilled toner cartridges as well. I have a local business that makes very reliable replacements for less than half the price of new ones. One dealer will refill you own (basically you drop off a couple of empties and pick them up in a couple of days). That is even cheaper. There is a limit to laser refills, the photo-sensitive drum will wear and become damaged after 15,000 pages or so. I got new ones after 5 or 6 refills.
  15. The On-Line registration opens Monday 15th at 8 am. The letter assigned an On-Line username (like 18ToledaAL...not real). It tells you your password for you specific convention that your congregation is assigned to attend. IF your hotel requires a "group code" that will be listed in the On-Line registration page when you get there. The other references to the Midweek Meeting refer to a "printed" list that will be made available. The On-Line version usually takes you directly to the individual hotel's booking site. Does this help or are there any questions? We all look forward to another great RC in 2019.

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