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    My parents began to study in 1952. My father was baptized 1954.

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    I am retired from secular works (after 28 years as a college professor). I an a regular Pioneer and have only limited amount of time for interests outside of the Kingdom activities. I like Amateur Radio Communications and travel and fishing.
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    Beyond the Bible and books related to Theocratic research, I enjoy non-fiction history and science. I also read Western fiction.
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    I like 40s and 50s easy listening (swing & Big Band)
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    Because my sight is failing, I like John Milton's poem "On His Blindness". The first and last lines say..."When I consider how my light is spent, They also serve who only stand and wait".

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  1. jwhess

    Bold print?

    Is this in the JW Library app? Can you change the text size (larger)? Does the "Bold" headings show in the Meeting Workbook publication?
  2. In our training video (using JW.ORG), we were encouraged to say that one of the most commonly asked questions on our website is, "What is the bible's view of tattoos?" The comments in this thread help explain why that is so...😉
  3. Back in the early days, Digital Research Inc (DRI) was founded and incorporated with the name Intergalactic Digital Research. Prudence taught them to shorten the name. Maybe you can expand it again in the New World...😉
  4. Fortunately, we have the "share" button now online to transfer these publications to anyone in any quantity, in digital format (if they have means of using digital copies). There are much older (historical) publications that are out of copyright that are occasionally available to fill out your digital library. Most brothers are reasonably careful in their use of the material published by our organization. Those that are opposed to us will find whatever means necessary to take liberties with our publications. If they are not altered (and some are) it is still a distribution of God's word regardless of intent, like the Russian prosecutor reading Br. Knorr's letter for all to hear.
  5. In the original instructions there were ways to legally transfer the disk or its contents but it was not really a problem. EDIT: it took me a minute to find the license. *** wtlib-help License Agreement *** You may transfer the Product to another party who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
  6. There was a time (in the past) when some would argue or disagree if you gave someone your DVD (or CD) copy to use for installation. Or if you put the files on a flash drive from the DVD. They felt the action was the "indiscriminate distribution" of copyrighted material that was not for public use. Well, now the organization puts these same files on its publicly accessible website for anyone to download and activate. Just having the program installed can allow anyone the opportunity to have regular updates of these same files. So the question of sharing the files has been put to bed.
  7. I do not know where he got the color of his Bible, but listen to the words he reads. They are from our newly revised edition (2013). In the reading of Luke 12:20 he reads "life" not "soul" as we said in the 1984 Ref Bible. Similar difference can be heard in James. He is reading the 2013 edition (maybe he had someone put a maroon binding on it, they still were binding in maroon last year for countries who did not have 2013 ed).
  8. Our organization has been making this Microsoft-based program in various forms for more than 30 years. It hasn't been ported to Android or IOS yet. But publishers can hope...I guess...😉
  9. There is a current commercial app for Bible study called QuickVerse (used to be sold by Parsons). It was a pretty good program and you could add our NWT to their program search. The published education program (inserts?) for Hebrew and Greek studies.
  10. Jerry, I can't find my diskettes to check, but I think the name of the DOS program was Qsearch (maybe QuickSearch).I started using it around 1984. It was a great search engine if you could find the publications in scanned format (I had a lot of friends who shared).
  11. That is too bad. My external player loaded fine. Could it have been your USB connection? Other tablets I have used have been loaded by copying the DVD onto a USB flash drive and installing. This would require the same USB cable or connection that the external player used. Perhaps you will find success in the ISO download.
  12. It offers older publications (back to 1950) for research and a linked index to these.
  13. Wow. Points for quoting yourself. And a correction,too.. 😎
  14. Br. Jack, this is the kindness thing I was discussing. If you were just standing there and some brother comes up and says, “I heard you went vegan, how are you going to get enough protein?”... then that is surely insensitive on his part. Is he starting a “carnivores forever” club? On the other hand, if he was just suggesting a stop at McDonalds for a service break and you lectured him on the evils of red meat, it would be same insensitivity on your part. We all need to mind our own business and be respectful of others. I know some irritating folks who ask questions like that (about protein) who are genuinely concerned about my health. Likewise, some who see me eat a hamburger are worried that I will die from clogged arteries unless I mend my ways, I know they want to hep. So in both cases, if I have done nothing directly that led to the confrontation(in either direction) I just credit the opposite side with Christian love and concern with my welfare and let it go at that. if I have directly caused the outburst, then I tell myself, “Stop that”!
  15. We always need to treat our friends with respect. If I had a friend in the truth who was raised in a Jewish home and did not like to eat pork, I would not invite him to a meal of pork chops, bacon or ham. It would be unkind. Are we, as Christians allowed such food to eat, Yes of course. Do we HAVE to eat it, No of course not. I would want him to feel the kindness and love of the occasion not the discomfort or embarrassment. It it is a little different when we are hosting a public speaker after a Sunday meeting. We try to find out if they have any preferences, allergies or aversions. If possible, we arrange to accommodate the differences. On rare occasions, the demand is too great and we just take them to a restaurant and let them choose. It lacks the intimacy of the home cooked meal and company but it is the best we can do. One of our elders is a “pescatarian” and when invited to his home, we have to calculate the dietary restrictions his family will impose on us if we accept. Usually, we are willing to adjust (but not always). I have worried about times they hosted. One of the elders in the next congregation has been a speaker on more than one occasion. His family has developed a serious allergy to any fish product or it’s odor (even steam rising from any boiling water (in which fish are cooked). In the wife’s case, it can be fatal. My daughter (she is a pioneer and husband an elder) cooks a lot of fish as opposed to red meat. She goes for a lot of vegetables also. Her daughter (my granddaughter) comes out to our house just to enjoy a roast beef dinner or a hamburger. But when her family hosts a speaker, they arrange a standard dinner for our area that includes meat as well. Love for one another takes many forms. Not just refraining from criticism about eating styles, or countering scripture citations, but a geNuine respect for our friends wishes. They hard part is not taking up a cause and championing it to the irritation of those around us. If we went to Bethel to a meal, we would choose from the offered foods so that our physical needs were met and any conscience matters were clear. We would not take the Bethel culinary stuff to task for serving ribs (which I did enjoy). Anyone not wanting ribs would just refrain from eating them and be thankful for dining with the Governing Body in person.

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