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  1. In this case I would not
  2. I know there are many movies who would be inappropriate to watch, and I wouldn't watch them. But some of them have a very nice music accompaniment/ soundtrack. I don't think it's generally wrong to listen to this soundtracks, as long as they don't feature wrong ideas in lyrics.
  3. No, I haven't seen the movie. Just found this song
  4. I found this song while surfing Apple Music. Benjamin Wallfisch is a very popular musicwriter (A cure for wellness, IT (2017), etc.). The lyrics of this song is very interesting . I realy like it.
  5. So, the 2017 RC are all over now?
  6. Norwegian is with subtitles only
  7. I wonder when they will release the songbook in German on jw.org and JW Library
  8. The Christopher Street Day (CSD) is an european Gay Festival/Parade. And now the best joke: The official evangelic church of Germany (EKD) is going to send their own truck to this parade. And what are they going to do there? They are going to throw condoms and lube to the people, to show their support for the gays. The packaging sais "For whores and saints, dare it!". Soooo, when I first read it, I had to check that this was not satire. But they are serious. How are they going to explain this? http://m.taz.de/!5423867;m/
  9. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/good-news-from-god/why-did-god-create-the-earth/video-gods-creation/
  10. A new collection of Kingdom Melodies would be great
  11. I can't chose it in germany. There are organizations like the red cross and so on. But not Watchtower or german coorperations.
  12. New scandal at Vatican

    A few years ago I saw a german documentary. And there a bishop told, that sometimes they had callboys (male prostitutes) for their "entertainment" on church property. In the next day there was a easter ceremony in the same room they had the callboys in.
  13. Oh right, the german times are also the ones we are used to

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