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  1. The blue panel in the back of the platform is made of straw. And in the third picture, you can see the camera control unit. The camera recording can be live streamed to all auditoriums and rooms in the hall. It's practical for larger events e.g. the dedication program.
  2. We have a jw.org sign in monument design at the street
  3. Yes, it is. Many brothers and sisters use their bike
  4. I'm here with a new update. To everyone's surprise, we got chairs with armrests . And there is a central literature counter on every floor. The third auditorium is equipped with modern camera technology to support the german sign language group.
  5. Most traditional KHs here have some kind of a reception in the back of the hall, where you can get your literature etc. Also the sound system is located there. It is a new concept that the sound desk is in the center of the hall
  6. They used large carpet rolls. And the sound console is staying as in the picture
  7. Dedication will be in the end of February
  8. 8 Congregations + 7 Groups and 2 appartements for special full-time servants This hall also owns an elevator
  9. Our KH will be finished at 29th of Decmber 2018. I want to provide a few pictures
  10. The russian NWT was originally released in 2007. Before the NWT we used the "Synodal Bible"
  11. juliansan

    Visiting Greece

    Thank you, I tried to send you a PM but I couldnā€˜t. Did you deactivate the function to recieve PMs?
  12. I would like to visit Greece and all the important bible places there in November. Do you know any brothers who are tourguides or something like that who could show me around?

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