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  1. Funfact: The russian orthodox bible "Синодальныи перевод" also features the Name Jehovah in the old testament. It was printed and published by the organisation and used in meetings before we recieved the NWT in 2007.
  2. I feel you. But look at the advantages. Here in Germany for example, we got the 142 Gilead Graduation a few weeks ago. More than a half year later than the English speaking brothers. Also, if there are 3 broadcasts less, they have more time to produce high-quality content
  3. Now I got an animation how our new KH is going to look
  4. Yes, they did. I can't find the article at the moment. But I will post the link if I find it.
  5. Once I read a newspaper article about a man who hit a person with his car and the victim died. The driver was a brother. The article stated he was disfellowshiped because of bloodguiltiness later
  6. In Germany it is illegal to take your phone in your hands when your car engine is running. The fine is 100€ and one point inyour drivers file. You lose your driverslicense with 8 points you will lose your license.
  7. And now for the Good News

    In Germany we have a third gender since last week... "Trans". It can be registerd for the ID if a person feels he/she/"it" does not belong to a certain gender
  8. They are not . These chairs are often used in conference rooms here in Germany
  9. I like how they included the wood in the design
  10. As in the US, we will get standardised KH's in Europe. This is how one of the first finished KH looks: BTW: It is not my picture.
  11. Today or tomorrow should be the release of a new song
  12. In this case I would not

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