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  1. Back from visiting Warwick, Wallkill, and Patterson for the last 5 days. I was in complete awe. What a mighty God we serve!!!❤️

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    2. nanceebgd46


      Sister Kaye...:confused: ?

        What was it that gave you the

      most awe/appreciation as you

      toured Warwick?  

        It sounds like you had a wonderful


    3. Spechellekaye


      I did have a wonderful trip. I've been baptized for about 7 years and this was my first time touring Bethel. I was in awe at how imaculate and manicured every inch of the branch facility is. I didn't expect anything less, because our great God Jehovah's holy spirit was there, but I was not prepared. The amazing facts (I will not spoil it for others) about the how so many things were preserved when they built on the property and the extra steps they went through to make sure the wildlife was protected. I really enjoyed The Bible and the Divine Name and all the history and A People for Jehovah's Name gallery. I took so many pictures. 

    4. hatcheckgirl


      That's wonderful!  So that means you were able to give a meaningful comment in the WT today since you have actually visited the Bible Museum!  Happy for you :)


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