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  1. Fire started by 2 teens who are now under arrest, I recalled how my 2 young sons were playing with a survival knife that they found that contained matches inside the handle (didn't know they had it) behind our house was wooded property, they came running in yelling fire! fire! yep the whole area was ablaze, took 3 fire trucks to put it out, fortunately no one was hurt, I didn't find out until years later that they had caused it! I had my suspicions but they both covered it up, play with fire your gonna get burned! Sad that so much destruction and loss of lives caused by children who now may be tried as adults!
  2. No! They can't reach us here in middle tn. (Nashville) can they? we don't have basements here! should've stayed in Michigan, sorry, saving the spare rooms for the local friends & relatives - ha ha ha!
  3. N Korea now has a sub capable of launching a big one! Doesn't matter where O moves !
  4. Oh yeah! With a sub he can attack anywhere! Whoa!
  5. Maybe they like growing there own, ya know, practacing for future growth! ha ha ha! reminds me of the commercial where the alligator sitting at the restaurant dinner table, who has very short arms, tries to reach the food bill to pay but can't so the human sitting with him does the courtesy thing to pick up the tab as the sly alligator finishes gobbling down the left overs! :-)
  6. Have you read the July Watchtower study edition? " seek the kingdom not things " it states " it seems many cannot see the difference between material needs and wants " also " herein lies the real danger - becoming ensnared by materialism, wanting more and more things, whether we need them or not and whether we can AFFORD them or not " ouch ! it would seem that's going to burn a lot of ears ! but what am I going to do with all of my disposable income? maybe being a little frugal isn't so bad vs retail therapy, an outlet for all of the stresses in life, the pleasure of buying something new, which is short term, and often leads to depression, frivolous spending, then not having enough money for needs (bills) which can make stress worse, lesson - spend less than you earn! Great Watchtower, timely!
  7. One way we can draw close to God is by seeking first the Kingdom and not things as is pointed out in the July Watctower study article 2016. One of Satan's traps he uses to get our minds off of spiritual things ! Gotta have all that this world offers, bigger, nicer home, fancier automobile, updated cell phone/tablet/computer, clothes, TV's, RV's , etc. , great article to read for all to help us keep our perspective of what we really need vs what we want! Time is too short to be worrying about "things" concentrate on the spiritual things and move forward, Jehovah will take care of our material "needs"
  8. Exactly why JB Broadcasting is not being offered on DVD , most now have a roku or internet connection, or it's being shown at the Kingdom Halls, some Halls , like ours has stopped showing (not enough publishers showing up ) it can also be recorded on your own DVD recorder by using a roku 1 with RCA jacks or through your computer to recorder to share with family members that don't have internet! I record ever month to share it with family members living in area with no internet, they love it, nothing like viewing on a big screen, and being able to view it together! My cost is very inexpensive, no cost to the society! :-) Also why not invite friends over to watch together?
  9. I think they will use dirty bombs before going nuclear, since they don't have the technology yet, or use some kind of germ warfare, ugly either way!

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