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  1. Lee49

    Who's Ya Daddy?

    We will see tomorrow if the pope shows his face at that meeting which includes a handful of those that were abused years ago!! 😠
  2. Could be why all the big three, Russia, China, USA are still reaching out to the last frontier, Space! 🚀
  3. Lee49

    Who's Ya Daddy?

    I knew an older Italian brother when I lived in Michigan who claimed when he was younger he use to date a nun.😉
  4. The teacher was a substitute that didn't know or understand about the right not to have to stand or salute the flag, she pushed the issue resulting in upsetting the youth and insulting him in front of the whole class, saying things like " if you don't like this country leave", he not being a witness youth, and black was probably raised up to stand his ground! Then it escalated further until in the school's eyes became uncontrolable.In my opinion the teacher instigated the problem, things like this can leave emotional scars that last for years on a young child, if not a lifetime. The mother has a lawyer, it will be interesting to see the final results, unless of course it's handled out of court. The teacher learned a great deal also, she's looking for other employment!
  5. "West Virginia vs Barnette 1943" that was mentioned in another article I read earlier however in this case the boy wasn't disciplined for not standing or saluting the flag, it was for being disruptive about it, the teacher was let go!😆
  6. The shooter Gary Martin 45, had prior arrest and convictions dating back to 1995, he was at a meeting with other co workers when told that he and others were being let go (fired) he worked there for 15 years! 3 of the victim's that had been at that meeting were killed.😞
  7. He vowed never to run by himself again! At least not in the mountains.He was glad it wasn't the mother cat!🐯
  8. Well, never cared for any insects inside my house, roaches, ants,spiders, mosquitos, centepedes! Ì spray inside and around outside, anything beyond my house is fair game for the birds, frogs, snakes and lizards!🐜
  9. in 2010 Nashville Tennessee had a 1000 year flood, billions of dollars and loss of life, many homes and businesses including the famous Opryland mall. Many of the friends homes were flooded, but were taken care of by the brothers and sisters who volunteered dispite working in the warm weather having to wear protective covering and mask.I was fortunate as the creek behind my home over filled and came within a foot of flooding my crawl space and then stopped.
  10. I just ordered his cd, always loved the song he sang with Michael McDonald, " Yah Mo Be There ",referring to " the Hebrew name of God, Yahweh " our God Jehovah! If you read why they chose Yah Mo instead of Yahweh it said they didn't want to scare anyone away! They didn't clarify what that meant but probably didn't want to upset the Jewish community.
  11. 1,2,3 whatever it takes! No more wasting time waiting on the police, a couple of minutes or seconds could mean the difference between life or death! I'm waiting for my chance to smash a few windows to rescue a baby / child 😃
  12. Here in Tennessee it is no longer against the law to break out a car window or pry open a door to save a child that is left alone especially in a heated car, it's called "a good faith belief" , you are not liable for damages.
  13. Lee49

    China Crackdown on Religion

    I had heard months ago from reports on tv that the Chinese government was putting Muslims in camps by the tens of thousands trying to brain wash them from practicing their religion.
  14. I knew pex was for water only, this from doityourself.com " Types of pipe for gas - different types of pipe can be used as natural gas pipe. This is dependent on the building codes in your area. Steel and copper are the most common materials. Both PVC and polyethylene (PE) pipes can be used for pipes that are buried in the ground outside a building. You'll also find ductile iron pipes, yellow brass pipes, and aluminum pipes that can be used in different situations. Approved flexible connectors are used for connecting gas lines to appliances." It's probably all about the cost and what the local codes allow and what they can safely get away with in any part of the world!
  15. The whole system is illegal, just waiting for the BIG spark. 😉

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