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  1. I think they will not split the congregation because three congregations merged two years ago to two congregation and one of them has 17 elders. This congregation with 17 elders has about 70 publishers.
  2. In our congregation there are 7 elders and 8 ministerial servants, but the ministerial servants are in average 70 years old - the third-youngest is 77. In a congregation near mine there are 17 elders and 2 ministerial servants and in another congregation there are 8 elders and 0 ministerial servants because the last two ministerial servants got elders.
  3. No. They are rotating. In March there a member of the governing body, in April a helper in May a member of the governing body and so on.
  4. The book Insight on the Scriptures (it-1 [5411-1] / it-2 [5411-2]) is not available any more in English.
  5. The official picture will be there: https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/m/jwb/univ/201703/art/jwb_univ_201703_wsr_01_lg.jpg
  6. DVDs are special-request items and are not allowed to keep in stock. And there is a order to dispose VHS (S-60).
  7. Now this statistic is updated until the meetings in the week of 26ⁿᵈ December 2016. 2051 times we sung any song. Rank of the ten most-sung-songs: 1.: No. 92 (“Preach the Word”), 34 times 2.: No. 69 (Make Me Know Your Ways), 33 times 3.: No. 63 (Ever Loyal), 31 times 4.: No. 75 (Our Reasons for Joy), 30 times 5.: No. 109 (Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn!), 29 times 6.: No. 45 (Move Ahead!), 95 (“Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good”) and No. 116 (The Light Gets Brighter), each 28 times 9.: No. 61 (What Sort of Person I Should Be), No. 65 (“This Is the Way”) and No. 101 (Making Known the Kingdom Truth) each 27 times Rank of the ten less-sung-songs (except new ones): 1.: No. 19 (God’s Promise of Paradise) and No. 78 (Long-Suffering), each 5 times 3.: No. 12 (Life Everlasting Is Promised), No. 21 (Happy, the Merciful!) and No. 126 (Our Labor of Love), each 6 times 6.: No. 1 (Jehovah’s Attributes), No. 14 (All Things Made New), No. 28 (The New Song), No. 38 (Throw Your Burden on Jehovah), No. 46 (Jehovah Is Our King!), No. 55 (Life Without End—At Last!) and No. 127 (A Place Bearing Your Name), each 7 times The most sung new songs are No. 138 (Jehovah Is Your Name), 8 times and No. 137 (Grant Us Boldness), 5 times

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