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    Short version: My mum started studying when I was 8 or 9 - she was met in the house to house ministry. I was still living with my dad then but I would meet the sisters my mum studied with when I went to visit her. I went to my first meeting during that time. I then found out that one of the students in secondary school was a JW. So we started studying the My Book of Bible Stories book once a week. For some years the relationship with my dad wasn't great so when I was 13 I decided to move back in with my mum. At that time she had stopped studying but would still receive the magazines and be in touch with the sisters. I wanted to start studying properly so that's what I did, with a sister from the same hall. It wasn't easy to begin with as I come from a dysfunctional family background with not much parental guidance - So I loved to learn about the truth but putting it into practice was a whole different ball game. But looking back I realise that Jehovah really helped me to get my life on track - I don' t know where I would be now without him. Don't let your family background determine your life course and your personality.

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    Walking in the Peak District and other beautiful landscapes - Enjoying Jehovah's creation. Singing. Fixing things. Be with good friends with good food. I love cooking.
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    The Bible (of course)
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    Anything Period/Costume Drama related
    The secret life of Walter Mitty
    Napoleon Dynamite
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    By this we will know that we originate with the truth, and we will assure* our hearts before him regarding whatever our hearts may condemn us in, because God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.+ 1 John 3:19, 20

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  1. Wasn't there a reason why "smaller" languages are being released first? Think it has something to do with the printing volume for the major language groups.... But can't quite remember.
  2. Things You Shouldn't Say!

    Sorry but if you need a lift to the airport we need to finish the territory first. Things you should not say to a someone who keeps asking you and your husband when you are planning on having children.
  3. Things You Shouldn't Say!

    Things you shouldnt say in a lift
  4. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    Isn't that interesting how different tastes can be? I loooove spicy food and eggplant - but have to admit not many people and restaurants can cook it well. It's often undercooked and rubbery. I am often surprised why people put up with the bland food in the UK. Coming from mainland Europe and being exposed to so many different cuisines I am very adventurous with my food and love to try new things. When my husband told me that his favourite childhood food was spaghetti hoops on toast I nearly lost the will to live On the other hand Britain is very multi-cultural and has a lot of restaurants that serve the most delicious food if you know where to look - way more choice than my home town in Germany.
  5. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    Yes, I occasionally enjoy that as a special starter but some people buy pots of them and they just get thrown out. And Falafel are fried, that's different haha. I also forgot I don't like beetroot!
  6. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    Chopped very small and boiled with Kassler which is a piece of smoked pork loin. The whole thing is served with potatoes and sausage and looks like this : https://www.thespruce.com/gruenkohl-pinkel-kale-kale-sausage-recipe-1447074 And I don't like Hummus either :-) only on a Falafel Sandwich.
  7. Things You Shouldn't Say!

    Have you lost something? Things you shouldn't say to a householder you just disturbed during a shower.
  8. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    I am a bit complex with my food. There are certain things I don't like that much but it depends how it is prepared. I a. also very adventurous and am happy to try almost anything before I totally ditch it. So here is my list: Mussels Brussels Sprouts (unless it's covered in butter and walnuts) Chickpeas (Don't mind them hidden in a curry) Durianfruit (I tried and principally it's not as bad as people make out but in the end it just reminds me of pineapple covered with cheese and onion spread the more I eat) Dried Fruit Carrots and orange/yellow/sweet root vegetables in general Kale (unless it's done the German way) Hard Candy Sweets and desserts with mint flavour Kaviar Pickles or anything else drowned in vinegar
  9. Healthy Eating

    "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants" This statement from Michael Pollon was in the Awake a few years back. I liked it. Generally I eat healthy and home cooked. But my downfall is chocolate. I would eat way too much sugar if I wasn't careful. Recently I started to eat less often but larger meals. It works better for me. I really try to listen to my body and especially whether I am really hungry or just feeling like topping up.. :-)

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