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    21st July 1990

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    I was brought up in the truth, but realised from a very early age that the Faithful & Discreet Slave answered the questions that I had about the Bible, the organisation, life etc. What continually impresses me is their humility to when they cannot provide an answer or it is not their business to provide one i.e. conscience matter or Jehovah has not revealed it yet.

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    I enjoy reading, playing the guitar (yes, I really do love the new Kingdom songs!!!) and watching soccer (especially Liverpool FC)
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    The books I enjoy reading are soccer, history, economics and current affairs (heavy I know!)

    Current book: Basic Economics (Thomas Sowell)
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    The Beatles, 1960 & 70's British pop/rock, 1990's Brit-pop, Indian sitar music, classical music. I have quite eclectic tastes...
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    Yet again, difficult to say!? However, films based on historical events usually go down well.
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    What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.... (William Henry Davies) - Nothing beats watching the world go by!
    You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality (Ayn Rand) - It's not worth burying your head in the sand!
    Wisdom is proved righteous by its works (Jesus) - No wonder he is wisdom-personified
    In the most corrupt state are the most laws (Tacitus) - How many laws has Jehovah ever needed?

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  1. Suppose that Trump creates or increases steel tariffs with Canada, the losers are Canadians. On the other hand, the beneficiaries will be American steelworkers and potential Trump voters. The main reasons for tariffs are political and not economical. Ultimately, the reduction of choice within a market damages the end user through higher prices and reduced quality. I would imagine the reason for announcing these tariff is to wind up the Chinese in the run up to their party conference and engage in a bit of currency and commodities/stock market warfare. One example of this is to say, “we are not buying your goods”, theoretical demand drops and its price. You then swoop in and buy!
  2. Is protectionism a bad thing? Well that depends on your aims, remember there are no votes in Canada for Trump or any other political party. The one thing you must remember is that China doesn't pay its workers like the Western world does nor do they have any intention to do so and this makes it 'unfair' to the world economy. It also steals intellectual rights and mass produces them. In Europe, the EU is not as innocent at it likes to make out. Protectionism - Definition
  3. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    The epicentre of the earthquake was a village called Cwmllynfell. Have a look at it on Google Satellite, you cannot help but notice one of the deepest man made holes in Europe right next to it!
  4. What IsAn Audiophile?

    Firstly, I love the thread and listening to some of your backgrounds! I would consider myself an audiophile but not having the means to buy the gear. I love listening to a radio station called ClassicFM. Very often I will excuse myself to the bedroom, lay down in the dark and just listen. No lights or sounds, just allowing the radio to take me places. Just recently, Sinfonia Antarctica by Vaughan Williams had an unnerving effect on me.
  5. Brilliant story! The sister of the 'treason, treachery' fame appeared on one of our videos. Which one, I am sure you will ask me next? To which I will reply, "not a clue"!
  6. My home congregation was Ammanford, before moving to the big smoke in Cardiff. I got married and am now in a congregation just outside Cardiff called Dinas Powys. Now I’ll assume you mean Richard Burton and not Dai ‘the Baker’ Burton that is Richard’s uncle’s second cousin removed on his mothers side after her scandalous third marriage to Morgan ‘The Milk’ Evans! If I remember correctly, Richard didn’t do too badly out of his smouldering Welsh accent?
  7. Interesting topic from start to finish! Like some fellow Brits, I find the expression ‘the friends’ unusual, corny and/or very American. Is that because we are a bit more formal than our cousins from across the pond? As for accents, I find it difficult detecting the various nuances of American accents except if they are very strong. So I have no problem with primarily American accents on JW Broadcasting. On the flip side, it would be like saying you didn’t like the Jewish dialect of the apostles in the first century. I remember there was a sister in my home congregation who came from London. I grew up with her accent, so she sound like her. Years later, I was told she was a right ol’ Cockney through and through. I still couldn’t detect it in her accent, because I got so used of this sister sounding like herself! My dad taught me never to be ashamed of my Welsh accent when growing up, just learn to enunciate your words properly. I generally find accents interesting and a good precursor to a conversation.
  8. John Denver, just started listening to him.
  9. I read the list and thought that some of the word pairings weren't that difficult to spot the pronunciation difference.
  10. Thanks all, I managed to fix the problem by...... .....turning the sound up! Apparently, we like to say Jehovah very often, good job you don't get stoned for that anymore....
  11. I cannot get the sound to work, what are some of the main points please?
  12. Clotted Cream

    In Britain, this is a popular brand: If you are going for a cream tea, please use the following method: We're British, not barbarians!
  13. We have at present one of the most Anglophile Presidents in history and that can only be a good thing for the Anglo-American World Power. Britain as a mnor world power was going done the pan being associated to the EU, Brexit has opened up a world of opportunities that only existed before 1973 at the latest. Militarily, the UK has re-entered the game with 2no new aircraft carriers (nb: I am not commenting on their current readiness). The USA military seems to be genuinely excited that their old sparing partner appears to be back. The first AC will primarily be operating east of the Suez, which seems to be getting politically hotter. I remember a convention a few years ago that reminded us that the Anglo-American Power will still be operating/dominant by the GT. Russia's hardware still dates from the Cold War (e.g. Admiral Kuznetsov AC has to be escorted by tug boats for the Syrian War due to mechanical problems) and they do not have the money to replace her and China doesn't want more than a regional hegemony and neither do the rest of the world.

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