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    21st July 1990

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    I was brought up in the truth, but realised from a very early age that the Faithful & Discreet Slave answered the questions that I had about the Bible, the organisation, life etc. What continually impresses me is their humility to when they cannot provide an answer or it is not their business to provide one i.e. conscience matter or Jehovah has not revealed it yet.

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    I enjoy reading, playing the guitar (yes, I really do love the new Kingdom songs!!!) and watching soccer (especially Liverpool FC)
  • My favorite books
    The books I enjoy reading are soccer, history, economics and current affairs (heavy I know!)
  • My favorite music
    The Beatles, 1960 & 70's British pop/rock, 1990's Brit-pop, Indian sitar music, classical music. I have quite eclectic tastes...
  • My favorite movies
    Yet again, difficult to say!? However, films based on historical events usually go down well.
  • My favorite quotes
    What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.... (William Henry Davies) - Nothing beats watching the world go by!
    You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality (Ayn Rand) - It's not worth burying your head in the sand!
    Wisdom is proved righteous by its works (Jesus) - No wonder he is wisdom-personified
    In the most corrupt state are the most laws (Tacitus) - How many laws has Jehovah ever needed?

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  1. thebluebaron

    Bible Teachings

    Thanks mate, a good reminder for the ministry. Maybe saving some of the articles onto an electronic device if you haven’t got internet signal?
  2. The Greatest Man book and Jesus-The Way that we are currently studying. It blows my mind that someone walked the planet who was as wise and who enjoyed such intimate association with Jehovah. Come to think of it, not even the angels had Jesus in an earthly role before. It must have blown their minds seeing Jehovah’s mind in a human body. Jehovah didn’t send anyone, he sent the best!
  3. My work colleague did a tour of duty in Northern Ireland and is one of life’s most helpful people. But sadly his cynicism about what was the point of fighting for what he believed in has led to a closed door of whether the Bible has any worth. He’s too stubborn to commit suicide, so I have time.... Funny how they all feel the same no matter what national armed forces they have served in 😔
  4. The crazy thing about all this was Clinton signed this into Law and every President since has enforced it including Obama. Double standards!
  5. thebluebaron

    Climate Change News

    I am a little disappointed in how you used the scriptures to back up your arguments. In Matt 24, Jesus used the days of Noah as a spiritual warning that had nothing to do with denying climate change. Additionally, his signs of the times didn’t include global climate change. I seem to recall wars, earthquakes, pestilence, food shortages only. From the outset, I am a climate change denier. Whilst I do not attribute all negative (as seen from whose perspective???) changes in climate as originating from human sources, I readily agree with cause and effect. Pollution damages the environment, but does it really cause earthquakes, hurricanes, ice caps melting, rising sea levels? I believe that there are far bigger natural cycles at play here. Why should I listen to charities that seek to prolong mans stupidity in fighting vast natural forces that only Jehovah can manage? For instance, who is to blame that the people of low laying sandy islands stay on these islands at risk from enormous oceanic currents? They do not have a divine right to stay. In Britain, we suffer coastal erosion from the aggressive North Sea. We don’t fight it, we simply move when we need to or do not live near it. It would be stupidity to do anything else. Or how about building sky reaching metropolis on or near dangerous tectonic fault lines. On the subject of melting ice caps, there is a increasing alternate consensus that they are expanding!? Who do we believe, the person that shouts loudest and is emotionally threatening in order to get more government funding for his pet projects? Whilst I may disagree with you on current scientific interpretation. I hope we agree that when living in the Paradise, we will sustainably consume earths resources and treat our natural environments with the respect and appreciation that Jehovah expects.
  6. Nothing to do with it having the highest debt for any State? Sounds more like a debt refinancing solution to me. Make the banks smaller, make the states smaller. Allocate bad debt into bad banks and good debt to good banks.
  7. The article should be read with a pinch of salt especially when written by a member of Christendom who has a vested interest. However, what has not been lost on me is the lies he writes about Jehovah’s people in the article. Lies that I would have preferred not to read. When someone is disfellowshipped, they are not ostracised or persecuted. They are free to carry on with their lives and means of employment without fear of repraisals and recriminations from us.
  8. Its funny how a couple of weeks ago I commented at the WT Study how people had turned away from organised religion. They still want spirituality, but confuse it with spiritism. On the point of young girls being naively ensnared like Eve, Satan is the biggest pervert.
  9. thebluebaron

    The Royal Wedding

    Bloomin’ Republicans!
  10. Ultimately, “it’s the economy stupid” Nuclear technology is is an indulgence that only the super rich nations can afford.
  11. Is anyone still having problems downloading it on the app?
  12. thebluebaron


    In the 2013 yearbook, we averaged 224.7hrs per publisher. Whereas our 2017 totals revealed, 241.9hrs per publisher. Around 10% increase, Jehovah is speeding it up!
  13. Traditionally, the KotN has been more dictatorial and aggressive than the liberal KotS, so why not both of them? The last KotN was the communist bloc and they were both part of it....

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