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  1. Ah. Suddenly the huge crackdown on China's underground churches makes more sense...
  2. Thomas Walker

    Crackdown on Christians in China

  3. https://www.businessinsider.com/china-burning-bibles-to-make-everyone-loyal-to-communist-party-report-2018-9/?utm_source=reddit.com&r=AU&IR=T It's moving East. From Russia, through China... Two of the biggest powers in the world.
  4. Granted, but my point is, most of the people who hear her say it aren't going to care that much, unless they've already formed an opinion about us. We have that same double standard, because if she said 'I'm Jewish' or 'I'm Catholic', we wouldn't much care. We get annoyed or worried, because it's us. Exactly. Every single medical show I've ever seen has at least one episode where a Patient is a JW, refusing a blood transfusion. Without exception, they're way off base. Same with the news, the courts, documentaries... This world will never have a clear picture of us, because of who's running this world. I'm just saying that when it comes to that list, an athlete who's gone 'inactive' as her career takes off is low on the list of what I personally worry about.
  5. Of all the press stories about JW's, this is not one I lose sleep over. Micheal Jackson was born a witness. Nobody looked to him for spiritual guidance. Not even his most diehard fans. Madonna claims to be a practitioner of Kabbalah, Tom Cruise is front-and-centre to Scientology, but nobody looks to these people for an understanding of their religions. To the world in general, Serena and Venus Williams are the same. The question, is how does her faith affect her? John Travolta got half his film and TV roles by joining Scientology, in exchange for setting up new recruitment centers. When Prince became a JW, he famously set up a swear jar in his recording studio and stopped with explicit lyrics. But he still kept his career going, released more music, and gave a witness whenever the subject came up in interviews. See the difference?
  6. Thomas Walker

    a song that reminds you of the truth?

    Cancel that. Sorry gang.
  7. I don't mean the difficulty in living expenses. Those are becoming unlivable, but it's not the problem. In the last five years, many major charities have had embezzlement scandals, all the major banks have had corruption scandals, Peacekeeping forces have been caught pillaging and exploiting the helpless, the world leaders don't even bother trying to do anything but keep themselves in power; major religions have been hit with endless child abuse scandals; even Hollywood's lost any shine it had. And that's not even counting the endless natural disasters and climate change. All the institutions that the human race turned to for someone to fight the good fight, or offer a little hope; have been exposed as being unequal to the task. That's why the fight feels like it's over. I don't mean to depress anyone, because we knew it had to go this way; and in the meantime, our part of Matt 24 is ever-increasing, but deep down, everyone's expecting the end of the world at this point.
  8. I've been debating how to say this... When i was a kid, it felt like there was a war going on between good and evil. And I don't mean God and Satan, I mean in the world; there was a battle raging for everything. Raise awareness for the environment, legal challenges to the politics, marches for human rights, famine vs charity, technology vs humanity... There were questions being asked, there were petitions being started, there was a battle being waged to try and keep greed and evil from overpowering hope and help. I don't know if I just got jaded, or if it just got worse; but the last five years, it feels like the war is over; and the bad guys won. Every decade has it's own identity. The 1920's, the 1930's... you can tell from the architecture, the language, the clothing, the music; the world reinvented itself every decade of the Modern Era. It feels like the world now has been a non-stop epilogue to 9/11, and that happened in 2001. We have a whole generation of adults who will never remember a time before all this. That's why it's dialed up so suddenly. The world is on the brink in a way it hasn't been since the Cold War, but there's no 'all in this together' feeling. The only thing left to hold onto, is the fact that it has to get this bad, and then worse, before it can get fixed completely.
  9. Thomas Walker

    Saw an article on PR death tolls

    What's the latest news about our brothers in PR, by the way?
  10. https://guardian.ng/opinion/jehovahs-witnesses-what-law-abiding-citizens/
  11. Thomas Walker

    Arrests of believers across Russia

  12. Third book in progress, but not set at the end of the Thousand Years. I have some thoughts on an 'end' book, but that would be a later volume. Truth is, after reading the program, I want to wait on the Regional Convention to start putting that together seriously. Sunday's Symposium might give me a few ideas. 😁 I avoided Africa and Asia because I know very little about life there now. Part of these books is to create contrast between our world and the next one, and that's difficult to do from a position of total ignorance. I'm not saying 'no', but I've got a lot to learn before i can centre a book there. If I ever get to the 'end of thousand years' book, you can be assured that I will indeed give everyone a 'sequel'. The next book will be set over the course of a single lifetime, also around the 200-300 year mark. Truth is, I'm scared to go further than 500 years. I made the point once that it took 66 years to go from the Wright Brothers flying for twelve seconds at Kitty Hawk, to Armstrong putting footprints on the moon. I have already been caught out by technology evolving a lot faster than I expected. I have very little idea what 500 years into paradise looks like, and even less of a thousand. Also, there were a few other books I had to finish. I write secular books too, under a different name (I didn't want Paradise Books and Sci-Fi on the same list over at Amazon) and I was neglecting them. I hate leaving a story half-finished. With them done, I can now focus more on the next New System book. But I'll get there. As long as people keep reading; I'll keep writing.
  13. Hard to be sure, but it's a massive help to the 900 or so Brothers currently at various stages of defending themselves in court.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/stanley_jw/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/28/world/asia/south-korea-military-service-conscientious-objectors.html This is good news. I expect JW.ORG will confirm soon.
  15. Thomas Walker

    Arrests of believers across Russia


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