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  1. https://guardian.ng/opinion/jehovahs-witnesses-what-law-abiding-citizens/
  2. Thomas Walker

    Arrests of believers across Russia

  3. Third book in progress, but not set at the end of the Thousand Years. I have some thoughts on an 'end' book, but that would be a later volume. Truth is, after reading the program, I want to wait on the Regional Convention to start putting that together seriously. Sunday's Symposium might give me a few ideas. 😁 I avoided Africa and Asia because I know very little about life there now. Part of these books is to create contrast between our world and the next one, and that's difficult to do from a position of total ignorance. I'm not saying 'no', but I've got a lot to learn before i can centre a book there. If I ever get to the 'end of thousand years' book, you can be assured that I will indeed give everyone a 'sequel'. The next book will be set over the course of a single lifetime, also around the 200-300 year mark. Truth is, I'm scared to go further than 500 years. I made the point once that it took 66 years to go from the Wright Brothers flying for twelve seconds at Kitty Hawk, to Armstrong putting footprints on the moon. I have already been caught out by technology evolving a lot faster than I expected. I have very little idea what 500 years into paradise looks like, and even less of a thousand. Also, there were a few other books I had to finish. I write secular books too, under a different name (I didn't want Paradise Books and Sci-Fi on the same list over at Amazon) and I was neglecting them. I hate leaving a story half-finished. With them done, I can now focus more on the next New System book. But I'll get there. As long as people keep reading; I'll keep writing.
  4. Hard to be sure, but it's a massive help to the 900 or so Brothers currently at various stages of defending themselves in court.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/stanley_jw/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/28/world/asia/south-korea-military-service-conscientious-objectors.html This is good news. I expect JW.ORG will confirm soon.
  6. Thomas Walker

    Arrests of believers across Russia

  7. A sister in my Cong has an ipad, and is having an issue with some of the videos on the JW Library app. She's getting videos in a few languages for a study, and for some reason when she follows the link in the English version, it plays in the alternate language. The setting is English, the title of the video is english, the clip plays in Myanmar. The app has been straight up un-installed, then reinstalled, but comes back with the same problem. Any thoughts?
  8. Thomas Walker

    Newsweek coverage continues

    Satan has no loyalty to any particular government either. So one is destroyed? Fine, there's a million more where that came from. From his perspective, he's winning. There are people suffering, and there are billions more not caring. It's 2018. The number of people who hate everything has increased by two or three billion since WW2. More and more numbers, stacking up against JW's. From Satan's perspective, it's a tactic that just keeps working.
  9. There are one or two places that the Anglican congregations are trying to save, holding fundraisers to keep them from closing. There was a story a month or two back, which talked about how the Churches dramatically undervalued their properties and resources during the Royal Commission into Child Abuse; so that when they were ordered to pay; they'd be able to say they didn't have the cash. So, you can imagine, there's a strong feeling that the Anglican Church is selling off properties that they can barely afford to keep maintained anymore. The waters have been drying up a fair bit.
  10. While I've got everyone here, you mind if I ask for feedback on something? In JSY, I had unmarried pairs spending time together unsupervised. At first it was purely as a storytelling device. I find that male/female interactions have good rhythm; even platonically. But after that, it became a useful plot point. I made a reference to the fact that in the New World we're never 'unsupervised', ever; but it wasn't a major deal. In one or two cases, it was a prelude to a romance, in some cases it was to ask a question, like Rachel and Kevin asking 'what about when a marriage mate comes back from the dead centuries later'; and in some cases; it was to close the gender gap, and the generation gap simultaneously; like when a man from the 1300's has trouble with the idea of a woman professor. I'm currently writing the third book, and I seem to have fallen into the same pattern; but based on personality conflicts rather than academic or social ones. I wanted to let you guys know not to read anything into it. Nobody behaves inappropriately in the books, but if it was happening today; it would raise a few eyebrows. In the New World Series according to my books, a person is met and taught by whoever has the best chance of getting through to them, for any reason; totally independent of gender or marital status. I'm not pairing up my characters; I'm building mentor/ee relationships that don't fit into the rules of a world that doesn't exist anymore. I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay with this point. Because if it's going to cause some consternation, I'd have to make a few alterations.
  11. Strictly speaking, we probably wouldn't, but that's also kind of the point. When Toasting was a custom, it was a way to offer tribute to someone. A toast in the 1600's was a pledge to a royal, or a leader. It's 400 years later today, and it's become part of the vernacular. Not a pledge or tribute, or an offer of any kind; merely an action to commemorate the moment by drawing attention to it. In the New World, will it still exist? In the book, I made the point that the Pyramids were gone. To us, they're tourist attractions, but they started as Temple/Tombs to honor a Pharaoh. So they went. Even if we all agree there's no significance to it beyond saying a kind word, would toasting still happen? I don't know, but the whole point of NOE is to ask the question: How much do we keep, and how much do we throw away? A question that is focused on when talking about the names of planets in the Solar System, and the months on the calendar.
  12. Thomas Walker

    Newsweek Cover

    Very likely, but not a guarantee. Scientology was personal for her. This is about keeping the show going another season. That said, she is almost certainly going to track down 'former members, who escaped' and give them a megaphone. We've seen it before, and we'll see it again. This is true of most of the internet. People are 40x more likely to post negative comments online than positive. And that's not even considering the odds on 'factual' and 'just made up this second'. The more time I spend online, the more convinced I am that the only reason people are polite, is because in person, they have to risk some consequences.
  13. Thomas Walker

    Newsweek Cover

    You're in the USA, so be careful. Time and Newsweek, National Geographic... They're famous for having different covers and articles for USA audiences than the rest of the world. https://www.buzzfeed.com/hunterschwarz/time-magazine-covers-in-the-us-vs-the-rest-of-the-world
  14. Thomas Walker

    "Stay" by E.K. Jonathan

    I've been looking for a place to bring this up. This is as good a place as any. (Some spoilers) There's been an undeniable change in the message from the GB over the past year. Not just the repeated warnings of 'so close', but a change in policy. See, we've always been told about the New World, but dwell less so on the details of the GT, save for the broad points. This year's Regional, has a whole session dedicated not only to Tribulation, but the thousand years after it. Think about that for a second. We're getting prepped for life AFTER A-Day. That's a first. That's never happened before. At the same time, the Preaching Work has shifted. Things can't 'take time' anymore. After decades of warning us not to judge by appearances and not to let anything prejudice us in the witnessing work; we're now told to make a decision after one or two conversations. if there's no interest, move along. They're not trying to increase numbers; and the idea of 'planting a seed and letting it grow' is now matched with a straight up 'search and rescue' triage scenario. I wonder if the reason is because the brothers are preparing us to say goodbye. My mom has a few calls that have shown no interest beyond having someone to chat to at their door once a month, but she keeps taking them mags, month after month. Pretty soon she won't be able to anymore, since they'll be rotating the same magazines over and over. And EK Jonathan did a good job of explaining why in this book, with a sister who left the safety of the group, not out of stubbornness, or greed, or anything bad at all. Compassion can be used to lead us into a trap too. This? This period we're in right now is giving us a chance to get right about the people we know, once and for all. Yes, this book is heavy. It has to be, given the subject matter; but bear in mind that the author has already given us two books about Paradise. 'And Then the end will come.'. We've been hanging onto the 'and then' for a long time, but now's the time we've got to start getting our heads around the immediate next step. Because it's going to be worse than anything that's come before.
  15. Does anyone know which islands this is?

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