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  1. https://themoscowtimes.com/news/russia-convicts-danish-jehovahs-witness-6-years-for-extremism-reports-64417
  2. It's not an overuse. Until about three years ago, storms/quakes/floods/bushfires this bad only came once a century. Natural disasters were literally measured by how often one of such magnitude came along; and they only happened once a century. Now they come once a month. The AM talks about disaster relief and the sudden climb in recovery costs. It's not coming from nowhere. Anyone on the Forum from the Townsville area? We'r getting the news day and night, but I haven't heard about our people yet.
  3. A portable music player is no longer prohibitively expensive, has no moving parts; and use either USB or SD cards; both of which can store as much/more as a DVD and be a fraction of the size.
  4. Sure The Study edition of the Watchtowers are usually written months, or even years in advance. A special segment on JWB can be put out in a day or two if there's a rush. They did it for Russia in less than a week. Child Abuse in religious organisations is a boiling hot-topic right now; and one that has already been aimed at us. Since the Royal Commission happened in Australia, I was expecting something in response from the Governing Body, or the FDS. As the WT is our primary source of teaching material in the Cong, it is also the most widespread way to reach all JW's. JWB would have been faster, but the Watchtower is more authoritative. It can just take a while longer.
  5. When the Royal Commission in Australia happened; there was a story on the news here. Geoffrey Jackson was the one called to testify. The clip they put on the news: Interviewer: What would you tell a member of your church who believed there was child abuse going on? Jackson: Call the police. I was glad that was the point that made it on the air; at least for my local news. Our Elders aren't legal authorities of any kind. Their job is to handle all the things that the Law doesn't consider a problem. But when that point made it on the news; I had expected that the topic would come up at some point. I had hoped it would be a special announcement on JW Broadcasting; but the Watchtower is pretty close. more widespread and authoritative, if not as immediate.
  6. You wouldn't need multiple people. Just have a young voice play older. I admit, I'd like to see it; but I couldn't afford to set it up. If anyone out there wants a family study night project; having a Role Play of Paradise has to be worth a few ideas. Anyway, on to new business. After a lot of work; a few stupid and time consuming mistakes; and most of all, waiting for things to ship... The Undecided, Book 3 of the New Earth Series, is now available in paperback from Amazon. It'll take a day or two to show up on the Author Page, but the Link is good. Thank you all for your patience!
  7. Not a bible story exactly, but how about this? When we were studying the "Life- How Did It Get Here?' book, many years ago. (I was a kid at the time) we got the the description of the physical universe, and how ordered it was; with things such as motion and gravity. The scriptural reference for that point was 2 Kings 9:30-37. (The death of Jezebel). The conductor had us read that passage. It was a study about physics, so we were all quite confused. Nobody had a clue, so I remembered the moment. Some years later, I realised. The notation was referencing Gravity. Jezebel fell out the window. (Let's be honest, guys. God having a sense of humor explains so very much.)
  8. Working on it. "The Undecided" is less than seven weeks old, and thus the fourth one will be in the planning stages for a while yet. I have some ideas; and they all involve a change in the formula; and that's risky; so it has to be right. (Also, for those who are waiting, I'm expecting the second Proof Copy of "The Undecided" in paperback to arrive in a few days. If it's right, then Book 3 will be available in paperback soon.)
  9. There will be one more book. The structure is chewed meat. I can keep coming up with new people; but the character we really care about is Paradise itself; and we've done that for three books now. But there is still a few ideas I want to explore; and that will give the fourth book some room to move. I'm really glad you enjoyed them. The Undecided in paperback is coming. Had some trouble with the first test copy; and had to do that stage over again.
  10. Thomas Walker

    Jw Library

    Aren't the songs listed under 'video' now? The lyrics are seen line by line? Or is that an older method?
  11. Chapter Sixteen: Every Ninety Seconds Chapter Seventeen: Next Best Thing To Demons Chapter Eighteen: Amen Epilogue And that's all the chapters. The paperback edition will be available soon; and I'll let you know here first. If you've enjoyed the book; I'd ask you to post a review on Amazon (It helps more than I can say)
  12. Sorry, my bad. I meant 'since I started running this equation'. I don't actually remember which year that was. Interesting question. The missing element in the math is: How many are leaving? The totals never account for people who go inactive or who get given the hook. Could be that rate has gone up too. Heaven knows it hasn't gotten any easier to be a JW.
  13. Or, for that matter; visitors who see it as Communion, and take it on instinct. I'm not sure how they get counted. In any event, it makes no practical difference. For me, the important number is this: Total Number Baptized: 281,744 Divided by 365 days a year = 771.9 Divided by 24 hours a day = 32.16 Divided by 60 minutes an hour = 0.53 I run this equation every service year. A new brother/sister every two minutes.
  14. All things I could write a book around; but I don't want to make this a sci-fi series. I write those already. In this series, Paradise is essentially the Central Character.

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